Observation Poem – Hannah

I enter the restaurant with an empty stomach and my mind set on Quesadillas

Two ladies sit at a table near mine

I can hear a man at another table talking loudly

I can’t understand his words

People sit at the bar

There are two women who turn slowly and begin talking

A man sits with his head low, sipping his drink slowly

People move in and out of the kitchen carrying food that smells like happiness

All the voices mumble until I choose one and zone in on it

The voices make me feel confined while they surround me

My food comes smelling like heaven and warming me

I savor every piece I taste

I eat the small slices first saving the big ones for last

The two girls talk like they haven’t seen each other in a while

They catch up on all the details of their lives

They look closely at their food as they eat

A couple, a man and woman, arrive

Sitting diagonally from each other

The movement from the kitchen stays consistent

They move in and out, some move fast and others look determined to get to the destination

The people at the bar still chatter and the girls still talk as I leave the restaurant

My belly full and my heart happy

I feel fantabulous