Sarah’s Identity Story- by Lexi

The 1920’s- by Lexi

I have always believed that I was born in the wrong generation. From the stories I’ve heard, the 1920’s was the age to live in. I love everything about that decade, everything was new, every one had a open mind about new ideas, new standards, the cities roared and the world just seemed to be one big party. It was the age of flappers and the beginning of Jazz music. Rona, my great grandma had been a flapper when she was younger and she always told fascinating and hilarious stories. I remember this time when I was four or five and I visited her. I was very excited to hear another story of hers. Whenever she told me stories it gave me a warm feeling inside, and I would always say to my parents “When I’m older, I want to have stories like great grandma Rona’s” they would always laugh in response. Now that I am the age that my great grandma was when she told me stories, I cant wait to tell my great grandchildren the stories that I have.

The last time I remember seeing my great grandma was around 2007. My family and I were going to visit her in her nursing home. On the way my sister and I would ways count the stop lights to pass time. I remember arriving at the nursing home. I ran all the way to her room only stopping to get a strawberry candy from the front desk and ask what room she is in. “Ms. Lewit is in room 20” the lady at the desk had replied. I was beyond happy that I got to see her that day. I ran so fast, that I passed her room and had to backtrack and find room 20. I burst into the room with a big smile on my face. She was sleeping, which is what she had done most of the time. I stole some chocolate from her sock drawer before I woke her and got one for my sister. I woke her up and her eyes opened very slowly. She turned her head and said “Sarah” she got out of her bed and gave me hug “Oh Sarah, you’ve grown” the door behind me opened as she said this. I turned around to see my family walking in. At the time, I had not wanted my family there because I wanted my great grandma all to myself, I remember feeling that so clearly. “Hello” my family hugged my great grandma. We all talked for a little bit until Rona said, “I have a story to tell you” my sister and I leaned toward her and waited in suspense for her to start.

“I was around 20, and girls as you know at this time I was considered a flapper. Drinking was also illegal, so the people who wanted to have a little bit of fun, would go to something called a speakeasy. At a speakeasy people would go, drink, and usually go home without getting caught. This night, was different. It was late at night, we were all drunk and we suddenly heard loud sirens and saw flashing lights. I heard someone call out ‘Its he fuzz! Lets go!’ I ran toward the bar and ducked down right as the police rammed through the door. I hoped they didn’t see me hiding behind the bar. I took a peek into the room and saw some getting arrested and other fleeing quickly out the door. I looked around and saw a door behind the bar. I slowly crept toward the door and then quickly opened it and ran out”

“Tell us more!” Rebecca, my older sister had said.

“Okay” said my great grandma. “Just give me one second, my memories aren’t as fresh as they used to be.”

“So, i’m outside, and i’m drunk, tired and I feel horrible. I started to run down the street in the direction I had thought my house was. After hours of searching for my house I still couldn’t find it, I had no idea what to do. I ended up calling some friends at a phone booth and they came to pick me up. Anyway girls, the lesson is you shouldn’t go to a speakeasy and hide behind a bar when the police come.”

“Very funny grandma” I said in a sarcastic tone, I was that age I tended to be very sarcastic about everything.

“It a very valuable lesson Sarah.” she said trying to act serious but still having a slight smile on her face.

“Yeah sure it is grandma” I smiled at her and chuckled a little bit.

After her story was over we chatted for awhile and eventually it was time to leave. We all said goodbye and hugged her. This was my favorite memory with her. Awhile after that visit she died, ever since then I have always kept a picture of her in my room to remind me of her at all times. Even today, in my nursing home in Scarsdale I still have the picture of her. I hear my great grandchildren running down the hall right now.

“Mom what room is great grandma Sarah in!?” I hear my youngest great grandchild say.

“I’m pretty sure she is in room 20” his mom replied. The door to my room opened and in came in my two great grandchildren and their parents.

“Hi grandma Sarah!” the older girl said.

“Hi Rona, Hi Jonas” I said to my great grandchildren. My child and her husband has named their daughter after my great grandma Rona, after a request from me. We all talked for a little bit until I said, “I have a story to tell you” Rona and Jonas leaned toward me and waited in suspense for me to start.

One for the Murphys Heroes-Lexi

I think that there are 3 main heroes in the book so far. One is Mrs. Murphy, because she is really helping Carley through this tough time. Another is Toni, because she is accepting Carley and being her friend. The last one is Mr.Murphy, because while it wasn’t much of his doing he showed Carley, that there is no need to be afraid of him.

Mrs.Murphy was a hero to Carley in many ways. She took her into her home from a bad situation and gave her a steady roof to live under. She treated her like Carley had never been treated before and showed her love. Some examples are that she bought her easter presents and, protected her from the police officer. I think that Mrs. Murphy really like Carley and would love to adopt her.

Tori is also a hero in the story. She is Carley only friend right now, and is the only one at school being nice to her. Tori is really helping Carley through this tough time. I hope that if Carley goes back to her mom, she will stay friends with Tori. I also hope that Tori forgives Carley and they become friends again.

The last hero is Mr. Murphy, he showed Carley that not all men will hurt her. Mr.Murphy hasn’t been so nice to Carley throughout the book, but he taught her a lesson. When Mr.Murphy was yelling at Carley for skipping school, she said that she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. While Mr.Murphy didn’t intentionally show Carley this, he still proved it to her. I think that later in the book Carley and Mr.Murphy will become closer.

All of those people are making difference in Carley’s current everyday life. Mrs. Murphy is really nice to her and makes her feel special, Toni is her only friend and her best friend, and Mr. Murphy taught her a valuable lesson. I predict that Carley’s relationship with all of these characters will grow.

Lexi’s Week 5-Activity 3



I found this picture on a website called Pixabay, and the owner, did not require attribution.


The eyes glow in the dark

The fur blends into the white blanket

The pink nose is wet and brushes you

The teeth, like a vampire

The whiskers are usually invisible but on occasion you can see them

The ears twitch when they get touched

The purr makes you pet their soft fur

The cat looks straight at you

And you feel scrutinized

Week 4- Activity 3

I downloaded Ghostery on my Google Chrome and I found many companies were tracking my activity online. I visited my 5 favorite sites, Amazon, Bebe, Bcbg, Instagram and Twitter and found the number of companies tracking my activity ranged from 1-15. I realized that on sites like Bcbg and Bebe, which are both websites for clothing shopping there were many more companies tracking me. I had 15 companies on Bcbg and Bebe, 2 companies on Amazon and Twitter and 1 company on Instagram. I think I found less on social media sites because companies don’t want to know your personal business that you post on social media sites. I think there were more on shopping sites because companies want to know where you shop so they can put ads up when you are on the web for those shops. This won’t change the fact that I go on these sites a lot, and I was not that shocked about all the companies that were following my activities. I mostly found that some Google sites, Facebook sites and a site called DoubleClick  were following my activity.

Lexi’s Challenge 2-Activity 1

Week #2

Blogging is something you have to work at to get good at. When you read someone’s piece of work you have many thoughts running through your head, but they need to be organized. If you just take all of your thoughts and write them down, your post may not make any sense, nor have correct grammar and many other things. When you are reading something you want to make a comment on, a good way to organize is if you take notes on the main things you want to make comments about so you don’t forget them. Another way to organize your comments is to read the post piece by piece and make sections of comments for each piece of the post. Other than organizing there are many other elements to a good blog post, such as grammar, and the content of the comment. Examples:

Good Comment:

Hi (persons name) !

I really enjoyed reading your blog post about your vacation. I wish I could go there. It sounds like lots of fun. One detail that I wish you had included was your favorite thing about the vacation.  Thanks, good writing. -Lexi, 7th Grade, PDS (link to my blog)

Not so good Comment:

Wow well that didn’t include one main thing you could have put in there!  What was your favorite thing??????????? Other then that it was good, I like it.

As you can see above in the example of the good comment, it has proper spelling, punctuation and overall grammar. It also has questions, good things and things that could have been improved upon. It also includes my name, grade and school at the end which is always something I like to include in a blog comment. In the example of the bad comment there is not proper punctuation, or spelling and did not say my name, or grade. Clearly, you want you comments to look more like the example of the good comment.

Choice Post-Hitchhikers – By Lexie

You always hear from everyone that hitchhikers are dangerous and to never pick them up. I am usually to person to stay as far away from hitchhikers as possible.  So why had I just picked up a man off the side of the road that was most definitely a hitchhiker? I guess it was all in the moment, he looked nice and he also looked me straight in the eye and made me feel bad. So now a man, who I dont even know is sitting in my back seat.

When I saw him sitting on the side of the road he was asleep on his feet. He looked like he could have fallen asleep right there. So, of course, when he got in my car he was right to sleep. I’ve been driving for around 30 minutes with him sleeping in the back, and i’m not really sure where he wants to go so i’m just driving to where I’m going, that is Montana. I live in Wyoming and I’m visiting my mom in Montana.

He slept for about an hour then woke up and didn’t talk much. I asked him his name and he said it was Andrew. Then I asked him where he was going and he said wherever I was going and that he didn’t care. He didn’t talk much for awhile. Then I song came on the radio and he started singing along. He told me that was his favorite song. He told me when the song was over that the song reminded him he needed to go to Sonora, Mexico. We were in the US, and I wasn’t about the drive to Mexico. “How do you plan to cross the border” I asked him.

“We can illegally cross, I’ve done it before.” He thought he was convincing me. Illegally crossing was not going to happen with me here, so I told him that I was not going to drive him to Mexico. He agreed and said it was a stupid idea to ask me to do that.

“Then I’ll do i,t” he said and quickly climbed into the seat next to me. I was confused what he was talking about, but I decided not to ask.

“Get out!” he said.

“Excuse me?” I asked very confused and scared now.

“Get out or I will shoot you.” He pulled a gun out of his bag that he brought into the car with him. I was panicking now. I will just tell him that driving to Mexico is fine.

“I’ll drive you to Mexico, I promise just get back into the back seat,” I said panicking.

“No,” he said and pulled the hammer of the gun. “Ok fine I’ll make it a little easier. Open your door, he said,” so I did.

“Now drive a little.”

“With my door open?” I asked him, not planning to do that.

“Yes, and unbuckle your seat belt, or we’ll…die.”

“Okay!” I did exactly what he said, my door was open, my seat belt was off and I drove for maybe two seconds before getting pushed out my door.

I tumbled on the road then sat up, nothing really hurt that much but I had a few scrapes and bruises. I watched as Andrew climbed into the drivers seat, and kept on driving to wherever he is going. This is why you should never pick up hitchhikers.


Lexi’s Challenge 1-Activity 1

Week #1

I looked at all of the student, class and teacher blogs and personally my favorite is Nicole R’s “All About Me” blog. There are many different reasons for me liking her blog the best. First of all, she has writing and visuals to teach the reader about her. Another thing is that she keeps the writing short and sweet and doesn’t go on and on. Some of the other about me blogs tended to be very long pieces that took awhile to read and got a little boring. I also liked Nicole’s blog because, while an “All About me” Blog is supposed to let the reader know about you, it doesn’t need every single detail about you. In Nicole’s blog she managed to add just enough detail and facts about herself but not too many.


The Blindfold – Scary Story – By Lexie


I’m in a dark room right now, it’s pitch black and I can’t see a thing. I’m not really sure how I got here, everything happened really fast. I was in my room when someone came behind me and covered my mouth. Then they tied my hands, put a blindfold on me and drove me somewhere. They took me out of the car and they led me into a room, then left.

Now I’m sitting in a hard, cold, plastic chair. Why am I here? I didn’t do anything to upset anyone, at least nothing bad enough to kidnap me. My emotions are going to an extreme where they’ve never been before. I just hope that I get out of here soon and safe. Kidnapping has always been my worst fear.

I realize I hear talking from somewhere outside the room, then I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder. I scream, and they whisper to me to be quiet. My hands are untied, my blindfold is taken off and I get up. Whoever untied me is gone and they opened the window. It’s at least a 15 feet drop, so I brace myself, and jump.

I land on my feet, but immediately fall on my side from the impact. I look up and the window, it’s being closed by someone. Who would help me? I try to get up, but I realize my leg is really hurting,  I think the jump broke it. I try to get up once more. I am standing now, so I bear the pain and run as fast as my legs can move me. I look back at the building they were holding me in, only it’s a building I’ve seen before. It’s my house.