Once in a lifetime – About Will by Diego

Once in a lifetime

 People, the more people the line seemed to go on forever. The sign that said hour long wait should have said, “life long wait.” I felt so happy to have passes that let us skip all the lines, but the hundred or so people on my left didn’t think it was that great. I started running

“Finally,” I said very abruptly, as I skidded to a stop

We walked through a clown’s mouth into a back room. On the wall there was a TV with some sort of movie thing playing. I watched it while we waited in line.  I heard screams from the back, then more screams. We were first in line and I was getting impatient, excitement and anxiety were bubbling up inside me. I was about to burst when we were let in, we all ran to a roller coaster cart in the center. Screens came down around us from all sides. Looking around I saw my brother and my dad on one side of me, and my friend Aydin on my left. I felt a jolt in the cart and I looked up, only to realize I was falling.

 I was falling fast, but I wasn’t falling. My heart was beating 100 miles a minute. It seemed so real, but it wasn’t I knew that. Up, down, around we went. Whenever there was a bump in the projected ride, the real court would jolt with it, making it seem even more real. If we went through water, water would be splashed on us. I had doubted this ride at first, after all I’d never even dreamed of this kind of ride coming to life. I looked at my dad who seem to be enjoying himself, he smiled at me. After an epic finish, we all decided to go to lunch.

The rest of the day was action packed fun. I went on the transformers ride, the Jurassic park, and the mummy ride. It was awesome and I was so exhausted at the end of the day. I was driving back to the hotel when I fell asleep

 It was late summer, the warm breeze was perfect, with just a small touch of chill the air. I was on this trip of a lifetime, and it was the perfect time to be at the Beverly Hills Hotel. My room had an amazing view of the pool outside. Downstairs there was a big room where people could gather to eat and talk. The first time I went in that room, I looked around and saw a few celebrities. Every time I went into that room, I would need to be calmed down because of all the cool celebrities.

 As we boarded the plane. I thought I only came on this trip because my dad has his movie coming out, but it turned out to be the ultimate L.A experience. Between screaming for my life on the rides at Universal Studios. Meeting a bunch of cool celebrities. Seeing all the cool new movie premiers. I found my love for rides….. movies…… Acting….. And a whole lot more. I may have changed during this trip, but I changed for the better.


Week 4 – part 2 – Diego

Treating people with disabilities is a big problem impacting the world today. First imagine yourself with a broken foot, now imagine your self with a broken foot for life rolling around in a wheelchair, not being able to play your favorite sport, or do the dance that you use to do every day. That’s pretty close to what people with disabilities feel like, and that’s why we as a community, as a society, as the world need to stand up (if you can), or sit up, and make a change.

 It can start with the simplest thing, such as inviting someone with a disability to sit with your friends at lunch time, that can start something, next thing you know that person is walking (or rolling) around from table to table every day, making new friends. That is how things change, not from a rich guy saying i’ll give you money, to have this person sit at your table. Because that isn’t from the heart, you have to make the choose to invite that person to the table, because that will really mean something, thats how it should be. You should know that this does not only allay to people or kids with disabilities, it applies to everyone, a lonely kid in the corner, a kid of a different color skin, you can make any sort of difference as you chose, just be sure to chose right.


Challenge 1 Activity 7 – Diego

Challenge 1 Activity 7 – Write a post describing your avatar.

My avatar kind of looks like me. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes (under the mask, of course). He’s a superhero unlike me, but in every other way he a perfect copy. He has a crazy sense of humor, and a wild mind. He wears red, white and blue the colors of the American flag, and my personal favorites as well. He leads two lives, one as me, and the other one, as….. Dbest. Dbest is my nickname, but no one’s been able to decipher that Diego is secretly Dbest. I always have to be on guard, keep my identity safe. As they say “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer….


Challenge 2: Activity 1 – Diego

Challenge 2: Activity 1

 Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting.

 Commenting is not something to joke about. It is very important that when you make any sort of comment about a piece of work, a video, or other, that you follow these guidelines. First you should say hi, or hello, some sort or greeting. Next you must say something positive, one or two nice notes about how much you liked it, or how well it was written. Finally you should say something about the piece of work in general, it’s called constructive criticism. It’s means to give the writer some helpful advice on how to improve their piece of work, like this doesn’t really make sense, maybe you could add some detail, or explain how this happened. Those are just three easy steps on how to make a good comment.


The Countdown – Diego

The Countdown

 It was 7:00am when Darrel, Josh, and Ryan got on the bus. Oddly there was no one there except the bus driver who sat in his seat not moving. He had a blood red hoodie with 10 in bold black letters right across the back. They got to school late, and when they got to class Mr. Almondo told them to stay after school for detention, and sent them to the back of the class. There was also another kid there who wore a blood red hoodie with 8 on the back.

 In detention that afternoon the monitor sat in the corner of the room, he had on a bright red hoodie that said 7. After detention, they walked home and talked about the strangeness of seeing all those numbers. Food was out when each boy got home, but where their parents usually sat, there was just two blood red hoodies. One, said 6 the other 5. Trembling they all ran for the door, but tripped and fell hard on the floor. When they regained consciousness there were three pools of blood each one was crafted into a 4. They gave up, and slowly walked upstairs to go to bed.

 As soon as they fell asleep, all they could see was red. Ryan saw the number 3, Darrel saw the number 2, and Josh saw the number 1. They couldn’t take it, and they all ran outside in front of Ryan’s house. Before anything was said, the sky turned red and there was lightning and thunder. They looked at each other then up at the terrifying sky. The number 0 was there in bold black letters, everything flashed, and their worlds went black.