How Dance Changed Striana’s Life- By Corinna

I wrote an identity memoir about my classmate, Striana and her story of dance.

I used to not dance. That was 3 years ago. Now all I want to do is dance. I have to thank my best friend Bella. She showed me dance as a way to help our failing friendship. She convinced me to go to a dance week. I was so skeptical. I’d always wanted to dance but I never got around to it. One week though, I had the perfect opportunity. I went and had the best class of my life (of course compared to my academic classes). Today, I have friends from my dance class, one night of dance a week, and lots of fun. It all started 3 years ago on January 17th.

Ever since the beginning of my dance classes, I’ve loved dance. That one week of dancing changed my life. Originally, I wanted to try every single type of dance. My mom said I was only allowed to do one. I wanted to compromise and do hip hop and jazz like Bella. Once again my mom said I could only do one so I just decided to do hip hop. I was so excited since the bring a friend classes were so fun. My first classes were lively and full of brand-new dance moves. I was so inexperienced with the interesting dance moves so I had a bunch of learning in the classes I had.

In 4th grade Bella and I were drifting away from each other. She was making other friends and was drifting away from me. We weren’t talking and weren’t hanging out as much. Of course I was worried. Worried about losing her. I was afraid she would move on and our great friendship would be gone. Luckily, I was worrying for nothing. When she asked me to go to the bring a friend dance week we both knew why. One reason was since I secretly always wanted to dance. The other was so we could become closer again. We both knew we were drifting and after that week, we knew that the drifting was over. I continued to do dance ever since that and our friendship has only gotten better. Now she’s one of the closest friends from my dance class and from my old school. I do have other friends from dance, but no one very close to me.

My first recital was so fun. I turned over to Bella,

“So this is a fancy practice.” I said pretty nervous.

“What do you mean? This is a recital!” Bella said.

I stood there in shock not knowing what to do. Everyone else was so prepared, ready for the recital to start. We walked onstage ready to preform. We were performing a remixed version of Diamonds by Rihanna. I wasn’t prepared at all as the curtains went up. Everyone else was so much better than me and unfortunately I knew that. I had that thought in mind. Luckily, it didn’t stop me from trying as hard as possible. I wasn’t very good and everyone else was but I did fine. I didn’t mess up too badly and no one noticed how bad I was. Of course I was completely unprepared. I had been dancing around 6 months but I still felt sloppy. I  didn’t really care since I tried and had a fun time dancing anyway.

In the end, I’m so thankful Bella showed me dance. Now shes one of my best friends. If anyone had said that in 4th grade I would disagree and say that we weren’t close. Not only do I now have an amazing best friend but I also have an amazing dance studio. Dance Expression has changed my life. Ever since I had that one week of classes, everything changed. One second I wouldn’t even think of dancing and the next all I want to do is keep dancing. I’ve now been dancing for 3 years and I’ve loved every single time. I used to not dance. That was 3 years ago.

One For The Murphys Heros- By Corinna

In One For The Murphys by Lynda Mullaly there are many main characters that also double as heros. Some heros help people in their town. Other heros might help around the world. In One For The Murphys, most of their heros are in the town. Jack is a local fireman and Mrs. Murphy is a hero in her own way. Even though some people aren’t technically heros, they can be heroic in their own special ways.

For example, Mrs. Murphy could be considered a hero in certain ways. When Carley needed a home, Mrs. Murphy was able to give her one. She cared so much for Carley when she was in such a bad time. When Carley needed a caring and loving family, Mrs. Murphy gave her one. Jack is also a hero. He hasn’t really personally helped the Murphys, but he is a fireman. Firemen help crazy amount of people everyday since he is risking his life for other peoples.

Many people are heroes whether they are being heros for the world, or for small amounts of people. People like Jack Murphy are definitely heros since firemen like him help people all over. They put out fires and help save peoples lives. People like Mrs. Murphy are also kind of heroes since they help people in smaller amounts. She was almost like a hero for Carley and for her family. So people like the Murphys are heroes and other people around the world are too.

Don’t Trust Your Websites Week #4 By: Corinna

This week, I decided to do activity 3 which was where I had install a program that showed me how many things were inspecting what I was on. I chose 5 websites that I spend a lot of time on. I chose, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and Student Blogging Challenge. The website with the most tackers is Target. It has 45 trackers! Shopping online there now makes me feel so unsafe. It has Twitter, Facebook, and something called Double Click. So does Student Blogging Challenge but that only has 14 trackers. It has Twitter, Facebook, and Google. After that, there is Instagram with only 2 trackers. Facebook Connect, and Google Analytics which the other sites have. Facebook and Gmail surprisingly have 0. I doubt that though because on the other sites, it showed that both companies had trackers on other web sites. Since I am on those sites, the trackers might not show up. I’m surprised since they are very big companies and would obviously track my stuff.

I am very surprised about this result. Facebook, Instagram, Gmail are all big companies and I thought that they would all have the most trackers. Surprisingly enough, they had the lowest with Student Blogging as the second highest, and Target as the highest. Comment which company surprised you the most, mine was Facebook. There was 5 websites that have tracking on them! See you next time!

Today Wasn’t Normal- By Corinna

For a free write, I decided to write a story called, “Today Wasn’t Normal”.

Today wasn’t a normal day. It all started awhile ago. I woke up late like always and of course missed my bus. I grabbed my bike and biked to school. Once I got there, I saw I only had 5 minutes so I ran up to the top floor and to my homeroom, sliding into my chair as soon as the bell rang. I continued through the school day half asleep. I definitely remembered everything all my teachers said… not. Once it came to lunch, I sat with my friends and ate without realizing. They talked and gossiped while I just sat there. Tired. Bored. Stressed. It wasn’t like me at all. I was usually the happy one or the one that talked more than I ate. They all kept saying, “Jessica, are you dead?” and of course I responded to every comment but that was all. I wasn’t feeling well or like myself.

I had photography and science after lunch and recess. After taking stupid photos of clouds and flowers, the day was over. I had a few encounters with my friends but then I was off to my wonderful fridge and bed. But something came over me.

I took a left when I was supposed to take a right. I knew where I was and where the road would take me but I tried taking the right route home but I felt like someone was controlling me. Once I was about a block away I got off my bike and walked home. I dropped my bag off, grabbed a bowl of cheerios and went upstairs into my room.

I did my homework, talked to my friends, and of course practiced my dance for the spring talent show. It’s about 3 months away, but I’m a slow learner. I came down for dinner and then my parents went out for date night. Being 14 I could finally stay home alone. I bundled up with my phone and my laptop in the living room. I then got a call, when a smash came from the kitchen. I ran in while telling my mom that I was fine. A vase fell, but something was inside of it. I picked up the piece of paper, and saw 3 words.

“Look behind you.”

I then thought I would die. I got knocked out and was barely awake in the car, but I heard 2 scary men talking.

“What do we do to her?” said the driver.

“I don’t know Dennis! I feel horrible!” said the passenger. Well I knew one thing. The driver was named Dennis. Not a very scary name.

“Let’s put her in the park. I honestly feel bad. She’ll be close to home.”

I then fell asleep and woke up on a park bench.

“Hey! HEY! Little girl!”

“Um excuse me, I’m 14.”

“Okay 14 year old girl, were very sorry. You’re not too far from home. We’re just leaving you here. Bye!”

And that was the end of it. They were gone. I walked home and never spoke of it again to anyone.


Well I hope you enjoyed!

My Avatar- Week #1 – Corinna

         My Avatar Week #1

Hi, I’m Corinna and I made an avatar of myself! My avatar kinda yet kinda doesn’t look like me. I do have blond hair and blue eyes but the other features don’t exactly match. Not only is my avatar’s eyes WAY bigger than mine but she also has no teeth. Knowing how horrible my teeth are and how my colored braces show all the time, having no teeth is obviously a bit awkward. Something that might make me like this avatar is how I love music and I love singing. A lot of people know that about me since during my Skype calls, everyone can hear me singing very clearly. I also have earrings and although I wear little silver hoops instead of the blue studs I’m wearing, I’m one of the only girls in my class, who ALWAYS wear the same earrings. Not only do the other extra things match me, but the converse looking sneakers are perfect since my favorite shoes, are my black and white Simpsons converse.

I’d say this avatar doesn’t really look like me, but if it had a personality, it would be exactly like me. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Comment Conversation- Week#2 – Corinna

Week #2

Hi, it’s me Corinna again! This week I’m making a blog post to start a conversation in the comments. My question is, how has the school year been so far for you? Have you enjoyed it more than last year or is it worse?

For me, I’m enjoying it more than last year. We’re getting better projects and everyone is so close now. I thought last year was pretty awkward for me since I was new and felt so uncomfortable with everyone and everything. This year has been fine so far and I’m excited to see how school will be later in the year.

So how is your school year so far? Comment with your response, and talk with other people about your response!

Where Are The Monsters In My Closet? – Corinna

When did you stop believing about the monsters in your closet? Do they ever really leave? Were they ever there in the first place? Once I turned 6, I stopped believing in them. Eight years later, after school one day, my best friend Haley was talking about her little sister being scared of that monster.

 “Melanie came running into my room last night saying she saw a “monster in her closet”! Jason I can’t believe we were scared before!” Haley said.

“I know right! Well I hope Melanie gets over that!”

 I came home from school thinking about the monster. Monsters are fake. How does Haley remember that we were scared? My parents got home late so I was home alone in the quiet house. It felt like someone was there trying to be extra quiet with me. Once my parents came home and my mom said, “JASON! GO TO BED!” I got into bed at 11:00pm.

 Once I was in bed, I heard something strange. The hum of my fan was interrupted by a slam. It sounded like a door. After sitting up to look, I lay back down. There was so much quietness, that if I moved, I would disturb it. The silence then broke when a loud scratch came from my floor. I sat up panicked as I looked around. No it couldn’t be… That’s so stupid just sleep already. I then nearly drifted off, but there was one last noise. Although it now sounded like it was under me, I stood up and looked around my room, scared to death. It was about midnight and I was exhausted so I collapsed on my bed.

 Before I was asleep, I thought I saw my closet open, but I ignored it. I heard a raspy voice behind me.

“Hello… Jason.”