Edublogs Challenge Week#4 – By Cole

Week #4

When I Google my full name, Cole Vincent Fagan Turner, the results include only an obituary for my great uncle, Frederick Fagan. Searching Google for images of myself shows nothing that includes me whatsoever. These results show that as a person, I don’t leave much of a “Trail” on the internet. The fact that I have a small digital footprint shows that my mark on the world that I’ve left right now is very very small. For example, if you look up Barack Obama it’ll show many many results. And when you look up my name the only thing that comes up barely involves me. I think that the fact that I have a small digital footprint is a good thing, and I hope that when my digital footprint grows, it doesn’t do so in a negative way.


Challenge 2, Activity 1 – Comments.

Challenge 2, Activity 1 – Comments.

Comments are important. They show that people have read and enjoyed your blog or website enough to comment on it and give you feedback on how you are doing. Sometimes you don’t get many comments on a post if it isn’t something that’s popular at the time that you post it. So if you want more comments on your blog you should probably post about something that’s popular at the time that you post about it. For example posting about Celebrities would get many comments while talking about dirt may not attract as many comments. Sometimes comments that people make aren’t positive. Sometimes people come on your blog and dislike a post and comment that they didn’t like it showing that you have to improve on your blog. If you get many negative comments you have the choice to delete them if you want to. So in all comments can sometimes have a negative effect on your blog but often they help and are a good tool to improve your blog or website or whatever people are commenting on.

Activity 1 – About me Differences By Cole

Activity 1 – About me Differences.

Felix talked about his life story, where he came from. I feel that in Felix’s post he talked more about his early childhood than the other ones. He talked minimally about his interests. He included his friends in his post. He also included what he wanted to do when he became older and how he wanted to be a prosecutor.

Kat included more fun facts and little things about interests and some about her family and where she lived. She also included many visuals so that it was easier to understand her life and her interests, however her post centered around her interests.

Nicole’s post was shorter than Felix and Kat. She introduced herself by saying her age and school and then left it to a picture to introduce the rest of her. She then went over all of her pictures and explained why those were important to her and why she was interested in them.

Kendall had the shortest post. She talked about her age and mentioned that despite her school sounded like a catholic school, it wasn’t. She said that she likes soccer. She also mentioned that she likes going to the city, and that she had a HUMONGOUS family.

Tina explains where she is from and where her parents are from. She says that she lives in China but she prefers Canada. She also has many interests and hobbies. She then, like Kat included many of her favorite colors, movies and some of her best friends.