My Winter Poem- Alex

A cold morning awakens.

The snow falls off the trees,

into piles on the ground.

Behind a cloud,

is a warm, bright sun.

Not making the air warmer.

Wind blows through the air,

making a whistling sound.

A river, nearby.

Rushing cool water,

that never has an end.

Snow everywhere.

It makes the air cold.

Every second it gets colder.

The breeze becomes faster.

The river water rushes faster,

turning to ice slowly.

A girl stands alone,

waiting for who knows what.

The snow softly touches her hair.

Every second she moves one step forward.

No one knows,

no one cares.

Only a shadow left of her.

A short, dark shadow,

moves away from you.

Taking the last step,

Going home.

She was the only one to know where home is,

but everyone knows where she’s going.

Far but close.

You watch.

The girl stops,

looks around,

and sees one thing.




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