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Welcome to our new 7th grade blog. We blogged last year as Shirley’s 6th grade and hope you will check out that blog that our new 6th graders are using. This year we will post our stories, poetry and events from English class to this blog. We invite you to comment on our posts and give us feedback. We also love to share globally, tweeting as @pds7th, Skyping and Mystery Skyping with other classes.


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People think I’m crazy when I tell them this, but you have to believe me. There’s a monster in my tummy. This monster can be very cranky when he gets hungry; so I always have to feed him. When he gets hungry he starts to growl. Last Halloween he made the loudest growl ever. It made my whole stomach rumble and shake.   halloween-doll12

I remember Halloween because I was five and wanted to be Cinderella. I went with my dad and cousin trick or treating. My cousin and I planned on getting lots of candy for our monsters. We knocked at the first door and said, “Trick or Treat”. The lady at the door got a big bowl of candy and said “Take two”. I made sure I got a Kit-Kat and a milky way because that’s what my monster wanted. I fed the monster the Kit-Kat and we were off to the next house. When we got there we said “Trick or treat”. My monster growled again, so I knew he was still hungry. This time the man said take three! I took nerds, a crunch bar and a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. I fed my little monster again and then we were running to the next house. This continued for a while longer until we finished all the houses.

I emptied my bag that I had all my candy in and looked at all I got. My monster was still growling so I fed it five more pieces of candy. After another five more pieces, I realized my monster wasn’t hungry anymore, as he was getting sick and didn’t feel good. That’s when the loudest growl he’s ever made happened. I ate no more candy and my monster went to bed.   By Eden


One Halloween, three girls were trick or treating together. The first one, Liana was terrified of anything. When it came to Halloween or scary movies she was out. This year the other two dragged her to go. The next girl, Peyton was a very outgoing and spirited girl. She was the most excited person for any holiday especially Halloween. The last girl, Autumn was on everybody’s side. She isn’t the most spirited like Peyton and isn’t a Halloween downer like Liana. Autumn was in the middle of this whole Halloween debate.

The night they were getting ready together, they heard a strange noise. The creaking of a door opening. Even though they were all terrified they tried to stay calm and just ignore it. After a while of getting ready they heard another creepy sound. The sound of a blender turning on and off. Even more terrified than before, they carefully walk towards the kitchen and there is a huge crash. Nothing is there…except a broken blender on the floor with red juice or maybe even blood.

Still an hour left until they go trick or treating, all three of them in the corner of the bathroom more scared than ever before. They hear one last noise, a knock on the bathroom door. No one moves. They all hear someone attempting to unlock the door. As the door creaks open, they see a shadow of a person with a knife. All of them with their eyes tightly closed. The door swings all the way open and see… Peyton’s little brother, Devin dressed in a devil costume with a knife.

Payton had a knife because he was attempting to open the door. He was trying to make a smoothie with strawberries and raspberries to make it look like blood but the blender fell on the floor. The only thing Devin didn’t do was open the creaking door.

By Alex


You wait the whole month     happyhalloween2

It is only one night

You will have a fright

By Leah


halloween-doll9H alloween, the spookiest holiday of all

O ctober, the month to celebrate

R IP all the ghosts of Halloween

R ave about witches and goblins

I nhuman creatures roam around the streets

F ear of the spine-chilling ideas that vampires and others are real

Y ou better watch out, not for Santa, but for the Demons

I want candy this Halloween

N ight full of fun, but watch out out because

G oblins, graveyards and ghouls, you will see much on Halloween night

By Lexi


One year poor Richard was stuck in his house and he had the flu. It was Halloween night and he could not go trick or treating. Think back to how excited it was in kindergarten to go trick or treating and then a fever gets so high and you pass out at the doctor’s office. It all started when Richard was in Kenyon in a Halloween parade and he almost threw up and someone had to carry him to the nurse.  halloween54

Richard did not get any candy that was not his only problem. He had to sit in the house and watch people take the candy out of his dad’s hands. The only thing that he ate was a banana. It was very depressing to be home. His sister went to the houses next door and they gave Richard some candy because they felt bad and he couldn’t even it it. That was one of the most depressing days of my life.

By Richard


Warmth bounced against the walls of my mask looking for an escape. However, the clown mask positioned on my face did not have one. The warmth against my head translated to my hands causing them to sweat. The sweat poured of my hand and onto the pillowcase I was using to collect delicious goods. Which consisted of mostly ultra-sugary candy. Of those my favorite was the brand called a Kit-Kat. The chocolate, wafer taste mmm, so good.  halloween

While my mind was lost in my fantasies I tripped over a root growing across the sidewalk. I sat up and grabbed a stray Butterfinger that had fallen out of my bag.
“Ow!” I muttered.

I continued walking. My mother had warned me half an hour ago to keep away from dangerous situations. There had been an array of kidnappings and murders across the news lately, and Halloween was supposed to be the most crime-filled day of the year. I stepped up onto my friend Matt’s doorstep. He handed me a Babe Ruth and sent me on my way. As I rounded the next corner on my candy-harvesting route I noticed a man dressed in an all black skinsuit standing only one-hundred feet away. I turned around deciding to head back to Matt’s house. However, as I rounded the corner I saw another man in a black skinsuit on the sidewalk in front of me. My sweat started pooling in my mask.

I decided my one escape route was to cross the street, so that’s what I do, illegally but it doesn’t matter right now. I run to the next person’s house. I knock quickly and wait for them to come to the door. My heart seems to die as my worst nightmare is becoming a reality. The man who comes to the door is dressed in a black skinsuit. He looks at me and asks if something is wrong. I tell him that I think I’m being followed by a couple of people in black skinsuits. He asks me if my name is Cole. I tell him it is and he assures me it’s just his sons trying to give me candy.

I thank him and walk around the corner. Sure enough, there they are offering me candy. I gladly accept and start to walk away. That’s when I see the five men in red skinsuits.

By Cole


Sweet Deceit      By Nachman






our sun shines down

upon us

each night



pale light


guides us

One night

one moonlit

one sunless


we remember

the past

days of lore

and just yesterday

Our fear


This is Halloween       halloween53-1

The time that’s dark and scary

Costumes and candy

Fun with friends at night

Dark sky, a bit of moonlight

Can’t wait ‘till next year

Carved pumpkins on lawns

Tons of kids trick-or-treating

Very fun parties

 By Aydin


Last Halloween for me was very, very spooky. Full of blood, gore, and pumpkins. The pumpkins weren’t scary but the thing that was scary… was my finger. I hadn’t carved a pumpkin in years and I was so excited. I also was using a real knife and not some store bought low-quality carving tool. I was skeptical since the last thing I wanted was to hurt myself. I walked downstairs excited to carve a pumpkin. My mom already started so I just came over, ready to carve. Little did I know that I would regret even coming downstairs.

I got the pumpkin as I was ready to make my masterpiece. I got the knife and made my first cut into it, picturing the wonderful mess it would turn out to be. After a few minutes, I was very scared. I cut it and I made a mistake. I wasn’t ready to use the sharp batskitchen knives as the knife accidentally slid off the pumpkin, cutting my finger. I screamed as my mother stood there, confused. After watching a Roseanne Halloween marathon, she thought it was a prank. That there was too much blood for it to be real. I freaked out as my mom stayed as calm as possible. She ran upstairs to grab some bandages.

I sat down with an ice pack and bandages all over my pointer finger. I saw there not shivering from the ice packs, but from the experience. I was so surprised and scared. My face was red and stained from tears and my finger hurt… a lot.

“I didn’t think it would hurt so much!” I said trying to smile.

After a little while I was fine and I even went to a PUMPKIN CARVING PARTY this year. My finger does have a little scar on it just to remind me to stay careful. Hopefully if I carve anymore pumpkins this year, I won’t cut my other finger!

By Corinna


2014 Student Blogging Challenge

All 7th graders are taking part in the Edublogs Challenge this year. We are given a variety of new challenges to try each week and can choose which activity to complete. They are very different challenges from last year, which we like as it helps us improve our blogging skills.   Our Blogging Challenge Posts


Global Read Aloud is going well in our middle school and it is fun to read in different classes every day. We are Tweeting about the book, One For The Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt using Edmodo and Skype to collaborate with other students around the world.

OnefortheMurphys_low-Res     Our One for the Murphys blog posts


Every year our 6th and 7th grades enter for the Poughkeepsie Journal, Scary Story competition. We all write stories that must be under three hundred words in length. We hope we have some winners but will have to wait until almost Halloween before we find out.   Our Scary Stories   IMG_4812

Great News! Nachman, our classmate won the scary story competition – here is a link to his story on video.



Our first few English Classes..


Today we had our first Skype and TodaysMeet on The Global Read Aloud project – Out of My Mind. We collaborated with our new friends from St Valentine’s School in Ontario, Canada.


7th graders discussing “Out of My Mind” for Global Read Aloud


All 6th and 7th graders wrote stories for The Poughkeepsie Journal scary story competition. They had to be no more than 300 words and we could also illustrate them with covers. We will know by Halloween if any of our students’ stories won. Here is the link to our scary stories. We would love comments…

NEWS FLASH – We have two winners and two honorary mentions in the competition – Here is a link to the winner’s page and interactive games

Congratulations to…

Maddie – First Place Winner

Ava – Runner Up

Ali – Honorable Mention

Alex – Honorable Member






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  1. Wow! What a GREAT blog site you guys have & what wonderful work you are doing!! Love your global read aloud and the fantastic way you use technology for learning and communicating. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  2. You’ve done amazing work here….and I like that you’ve not only written things and read books…but you were able to make these clips.

    That is hard work.

    What are you hoping you’ll learn from being in the Global read aloud? I’d love to hear more.

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