Challenge #1 Activity 4 By Will


Challenge #1 Activity 4 Will Avatar jpeg  Hey there My name is Will! I like basketball as you can see, I like tennis and many other sports. I have blondish/brownish hair and I love the color red ( on everything )… I was born in Antibes, France and I lived there until I was 9 years old. I am twelve now and I have gone to Poughkeepsie Day School for two years, and I love it. I have made so many friends here. Thanks for reading my first post and I look forward to posting again =) 

Beginning of my New Story

I love the feel of a soft muzzle on a warm, summer day. It is one of the best feelings a person could have. Sometimes I pretend that Reflection and I are the only living things on this earth, and we spend hours and hours in the field breathing and moving in sync. We connect in a way impossible to most.

Her gray-brown coat sparkles in the sun as we lay in the dew covered grass. My hair and clothes grow damp, but I don’t mind. We lie there and stare at the clouds as they dance across the sky. I try to imagine them as a herd of fluffy sheep. A sheep floats past us, and Reflection jumps to her feet. I know what this means. I stand up, take a couple steps back and start running. I plop onto her withers and swing my leg over her filthy back. She definitely needs a grooming. I clutch her mane, and she picks up a gallop. Once Reflection starts going, you can’t stop her. She races around the field, weaving in and out of trees and bushes. We approach a fallen log. I nudge her forward as she gracefully lifts her front feet, landing perfectly on the other side of the log. I squeeze my legs tight as I lift my arms straight up. I absolutely love it!

Global Read Aloud

Our school is doing something spectacular! You may even be doing the same thing at your school. We are reading “Out of my Mind” by Sharon Draper along with many other middle schools around the world. I already read the book over the summer, so it’s hard not to give anything away. “Out of my Mind” is a book that you can’t put down, and it is very unrelatable to most people. Of course that’s why I like it.


Melody is a very special girl. Her life is much harder than most people’s. Why? Because she has never spoken a word in her life. She can not make any noise that is more than a shriek, and as you may guess, this is hard to live with. Imagine not being able to speak your mind to anyone. Here’s one more thing. SHE CAN’T MOVE. She has a disorder called Cerebral Palsy. It limits her body from talking and walking. If she tries hard enough, she can just barely knock something over. Her thumbs work perfectly, and she can move her head slightly. She moves around in a little pink wheelchair, but Melody has her ways of doing things.

Global read aloud is a really fun thing to do with your school! You can skype with different schools and share your opinions, and you can collaborate with people everywhere. After reading “Out of my Mind” I will probably treat people like Melody much differently.

Chains Sonnet – Sister – Sam H.


I wake up and see no one beside me

A little scared, and way too many cares

I open up my eyes and start to see

With my brittle legs I go down the stairs

My gut thinks she went out to the privy

Then Becky kneels at me with depressed eyes

She tells me, just like i’m a poor skivvy

I cover my mouth, no one hears my cries

My sister was gone, GONE and it’s her fault

I heard someone come down the stairs, I dart

The blistering on my heart would not hault

I ran and ran, from the house, from my heart

I went to the shore, I wanted to swim

To go after her; Spirit I did not lack

The grim soldiers pushed me back, limb by limb

Just like giant boulders they kept me back

Goodbye my sister, it is hard to cope.

Hello new blister and goodbye my hope.

GRAOOM- Charlie

Global Read Aloud:

For the global read aloud, where schools from around the world discuss a book, we are reading a book called Out of My Mind. Out of my Mind is a book about a little disabled girl named Melody. Melody can not walk, or talk. Life like that can be pretty hard, and Melody, is no exception. Even though she is disabled, she finds a way to live when she meets a nice Lady named Mrs. V who is willing to take care of her and help her.

Overall, I thought that the book was good, however, very depressing. The book showed some aspects of life that are unimaginable. Although, it also has some parts that are heartwarming, and sweet.

Free Write

My dog Dude is very energetic and fun. He’s always running around in circles and only stops after three days. His favorite thing to do is go up on the roof with me and either run circles around me (literally) or steal something and run away so I have to chase him. After we do that for about two and a half hours he takes a five minute power nap then runs laps around the house. He really likes car rides and sticking his head out of the window and running around the back seat chasing cars. When he sticks his head out the window he also makes a really good speedometer whenever we hit fifty miles an hour he puts his head back inside.

My other dog Pepper is the exact opposite, he’s lazy and and kind of chubby. The only time he moves in the day is when we either take him for a walk or he wants to change where he sits and he’s only four years old! He hates the car and even when he does go in, I’ve never seen him stick his head out the window. The only thing he and Dude have in common is they’ll both eat anything. Sometimes I can’t believe the things they eat.

Google Glass – My Opinion – Sam H

Google has created a new type of technology called Google Glass. Google Glass is like an iPhone, but it sits on top of your eyes, like glasses. It’s an amazing technology that runs under voice commands. There are some things about it that could affect people. Google Glass is like a computer, but closer to your face, but can it give radiation? Google Glass emits Electromagnetic Radiation. No one is sure if this type of radiation is harmful to humans, because Google Glass is still being tested.

Google Glass Detail–  From Wikipedia Commons


Google Glass is one of the first hands-free type of system that can call friends, take videos, take pictures, like a smart phone. Now why would anyone be reading this if everyone can search for it on google? My opinion: When I think of the reason people would buy this product is for entertainment reasons… to take pictures and talk to friends. Google Glass could be a distraction in my eyes. What if you’re driving or doing work? This is what Google Glass is trying to fix. I wouldn’t buy Google Glass, because I don’t need it.


Google is definitely going to get people to buy their product, because of how cool it is, but I predict it will cause problems. I hope that it will be used productively. This seems like an amazing creation and I definitely want to try it, but I definitely would not want to buy it.

Definitely Check Out this Video


The boat- Scary story- By Molly Gillman

The Boat

By Molly Gillman

The boat rocked in the water as the gray fog became even grayer; the dark night became even darker and the September evening had a cool breeze.

“Night Nina,” My father whispered to me.

“Night dad,” I whispered back.

Soon my dad was snoring, but thoughts still jumped through my mind. The low moaning of the wind scared me. I got up to close the cabin door, but it was stuck. I pulled harder and it came right off! I started to panic. I turned around to wake my father but he wasn’t in the bed. I thought maybe I was dreaming.

I went to the deck and looked up to find my father, hunched over with a fishing pole in his hands. I tiptoed to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t move. I walked to face him and there was a red glow in his eyes. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out.

I jumped out of the boat to the public phone and I called  911. A woman answered and yelled at me for prank calling. I wish I could be wrapped in my mother’s arms but she had committed suicide when I was young. As I was thinking, I started to hear the sweet lullaby she used to sing to me. Then I looked up to see my mother with her arms wrapped around my neck. Her grasp became tighter. My father stood in front of me with the red glow in his eyes.

I felt a sharp pang in my side and I let out a scream as I dropped to the dock. In my last moment, I watched as my mother and father disintegrated into the water and I whispered, “I love you.”