Week 4 Challenge 2

Week #4

When I Googled myself not much came up. I was really surprised that it told me I apparently spelled my last name wrong even though I didn’t. I was even more surprised when there was a link to my you tube account. I haven’t posted any you tube videos or anything but when I made a gmail account I also made a google+ account and a YouTube account. Other stuff that came up was a few prezis that I made a while ago but I was okay with that because the prezis were about schoolwork and they weren’t able to be edited by anyone except me. Everything else that came up was about other people who had the same first name as me but my last name was different. On images it came up with 2 pictures of my teacher and a picture of an agents of change thing I did when I was in 5th grade. The results don’t show any of my private information which is good. I am pretty okay with the results and I want to keep them the same.

Challenge 2- Activity 1- By Sobia

Challenge 1- Activity 4

Challenge 1- Activity 4Lots of people know that getting people to come to your blog is a lot less harder than getting people to comment on your blog. There are lots of ways to get people to comment on your blog. Commenting is always nice because it lets people know what to improve on and what they should keep doing. Here are some ways to get people to comment on your blog and what comments could include.

If you want someone to comment on your blog your should try adding a picture. People like commenting on cool pictures. Write about something you are passionate about because the readers will hear your interest in the subject. You can also add a joke in your post because some people like to comment and laugh at your joke or tell you it’s funny.

If you are commenting here are some of the things you could include in your comment. You should try to say something nice about the blog post first. But you should also give them feedback on what to improve so they can become better writers. These are just some ways though and there are many other ways too.


The Hooded Figure – Sobia

Jeremy and Matthew were walking into the fair when they first noticed the hooded figure walking near them. He walked over to a booth and unpacked a bag that he pulled out from under a table. He moved slowly and when he was done Matthew and Jeremy were on the other side of the fair, on the ferris wheel.

The boys played a few games and slowly made their way to the hooded figure’s booth. He called out saying, ”Come play to win a blue bear.” Jeremy told Matthew that he had to go to the bathroom and left. Curious about the figure, Matthew walked over to him and told him he’d like to play a game. He was handed 3 rings and told how to play, though sadly Matthew lost. The hooded figure took the rings out of Matthew’s hands and started calling out to other people. As Matthew walked to the bathrooms he had a weird feeling but he ignored it.

“So did you win?” Jeremy asks. He shakes his head. “Next time” Jeremy says. All of a sudden Matthew starts feeling dizzy. He falls to the ground and starts screaming. Jeremy notices Matthew holding his arm. He grabs his arm and sees a 3 circles burned into his skin and quickly remembers the hooded figure, so he goes over to his booth. Without thinking, he gives the hooded figure a dollar and tells him he would like to play the game.

The figure gives him the rings and Jeremy tosses them at the cones. All of the rings go on the cones so Jeremy is handed a blue bear but Jeremy says he wants a different prize. Understanding, the hooded figure waves his hand and Matthew walks over to Jeremy and says “I don’t know what happened but I’m better now.” They walk away and go home happily.