Choice Post-To Promises By Sarah

Around the year nineteen thirty I was at a party in Paris where the most amazing singer was at the piano. It was a captivating song. I fell in love with his voice, the way he sat the piano, how he grazed the keys with his fingers and the mischief in his eyes.
“Milly, who is that singing?’’ I asked without taking my eyes off him.
“Why that’s Cole Porter,’’ she said as if everyone knew.
I walked over mystified by the sound. He looked up, gave a little wink, then went back to his magic making. When the song was over, he stood up and introduced himself with a bow. “I am Cole Porter, and who might you be?” He had a way with words, they flowed out of his mouth and danced in the air before disappearing into history. His words had a rhyme and a rhythm to them almost like he was singing.
“I am Rita Govern.”
“Well Miss Govern, I am done for the night. Would you like to go have a night you will never forget?”
“You can call me Rita, but why not.”
“Why not what?’’ he asked as if wanting me to make a promise.
“I will go with you for tonight. I promise I will never forget,” I flirted.
At the exact moment waiter walked by, he gracefully snagged two wine glasses. It was very smooth, almost as if he had planned it. “To promises we may not keep and a night of adventure.”
“To the night.” I said as we raised our glasses till they met with a clink.

The Reflection – By Sarah

I linger in bed longer than I should. Reluctantly, I leave the warm cocoon that is my blankets and mosey my way to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and give an inspirational speech for changing out of my pajamas. So far a normal day. I take the baseball bat that my nephew left here and put it in my room. I change into jeans and an oversized sweater. I look in the mirror and realize I’m not getting to class on time.

I look in the mirror and see my room, yet it’s not my room. It’s crumbling. The picture of my sister and I is ripped, the blankets are bleeding down feathers and everything is a mess. I see a girl, she looks up and I see that it’s me. The “mirror me” smiles. I’m not smiling. Then she starts tearing, smashing and breaking everything. I haven’t moved an inch. She comes back and smiles.

The reflection smiles at me again and petrified in shock, I’m staring back. She looks directly at me, but not at me… it’s like she’s staring past me. Then she walks through the mirror. I try pushing her back but she is stronger than me, and she pushes me out of the way like pushing aside a certain. I follow her into the kitchen. She grabs a knife gives a twisted smile then stabs herself in the stomach, I begin to bleed. The smile laves her face. She drags me back to my room. I’m falling over in pain. She’s grabbing at me but I run. I smash the mirror. I feel as if I’m falling apart, but I manage to turn around and watch her smash into a thousand pieces.