How to write a good comment ( Challenge #2 )

Many people want to share their opinion about what they think about what other people write, but sometimes they just don’t know how to write it. I have some tips and suggestions for people who don’t know how to comment or just want to get better.Tip number one do the compliment sandwich. The compliment sandwich is when you give someone a  compliment, then constructive criticism and then another compliment.Tip number two don’t be afraid to give some constructive criticism. People like to hear what they need to improve on. Tip number three state your opinion, people like to read other peoples opinions. I hope this helped you or taught how to comment on other peoples blogs.

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All About Me- By Leah

Hi! my name is Leah and this is my school’s seventh grade English blog. I live in the great state of New York,and I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley. I live with my mom, my dad and my twin sister (she is also on this blog). My mom and dad are both lawyers so I know a little bit about law. I use to do lots of sports and now I have narrowed it down to one. That sport is horseback riding. I have been doing it all of my life but I have been doing it competitively for six, going on seven years.
Growing up around horses made me love animals, and I can proudly say that so far I have never spent a day of my life without an animal. Speaking about animals, I have three dogs and three horses. I go to PDS which is an independent school, and the students and staff do almost all of their work using computers. My favorite subject is history, and I love reading. I will be blogging more this year so check out my page on the stupendous 7th grade :)!

Challenge #1 Avatar

 Week #1


Hi! My name is Leah and this is my school’s seventh grade English blog. I created this avatar for several reasons. One reason is that it kind of  looks like me, I think the whole purpose for an avatar is for it  to look like you or say something about your personality and identity. The reason I picked this background is because I love the beach. A reason why I love the beach is  because I have so many good memories there. I think this avatar really represents me and my personality.  ( there is a link below to the site which I created my avatar on. If you want to create your own click the link below!:))  

Stormy Night – By Leah

The Sunday before Halloween the Ruth family was playing in their backyard. Their house was in a small village called Walden, on a tree lined street with old victorian houses. Their dogs Thunder, Lighting and Bolt were in the woods digging around. The skies were becoming dark and filling up with clouds so they decided to go inside.

 The dogs went up the creaky stairs and found the oldest room.  They started sniffing around and came across an old trunk. The Ruth’s were watching the news, There was a big thunderstorm about to hit them. Once they heard about the storm they said, “Girls you need to find the dogs.”

 The girls heard a loud thud from upstairs and they walked up, but they were too late. The trunk had released spirits.The dogs tried to run away but they had been possessed. When the girls got to the old room they found the old trunk on the floor. “What’s that?” Rubey said, as she looked in the other corner. There were three pairs of glowing eyes. The dogs walked out of the corner and looked strange, as their eyes were bloodshot. A second later they lost power. The girls screamed and shouted, “We found the dogs.”

The dogs charged down the stair growling like wolves. The spirits then possessed the entire Ruth family. They went in search of victims. They went next door, and grabbed the next door neighbor and started burying him alive. During the day everything was normal. This routine keep happening for the next week. On Halloween there was a big thunderstorm a huge bolt of lightning struck the Ruth house and the spirits vanished. However the lost people were never found.