Identity Project about Eden

I sit there, wondering when I will fall. It is dark and there is tension in the air. Silence. Whispers. Screams. We are falling, falling so fast. I sit there in shock. I start to see light. We move up slowly and drop once more. All the way down and now we are on the ground. On my right sits my moms, then to my left, my dad has a red face and gives a reassuring smile. When I start to walk away from the ride I stumble a couple times. Then I catch my balance again. I look back and see the ride I was just on, The Tower of Terror. I really don’t want to go on again but my parents want me to. I argue with them but then they bring out the Teddy Grahams and I give in.

 After the second ride I think to myself, “I can’t believe I have been coming to Disney and Universal parks for about ten years and have never been on this ride.” When I was younger I would always go on the teacups. I enjoyed it so much I would continue to go like ten times in a row. When I finally grew out of the teacup phase my first “real” roller coaster was Expedition Everest. Ever since my first thrill ride on Everest, I’ve loved roller coasters.

I have a fear of Stitch and I didn’t really know why until my mom reminded me. When I was six, my family and I were eating breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. My mom decided it would be funny to tell me that Stitch would roll on the floor, grab my foot and bite my toes. Now keep in mind I was only six. The thought of a Disney character biting my foot wasn’t the funniest thought in the world, especially because mom was telling me, and I believed my mom. Apparently I had a HUGE fear of Pluto as well. My dad said that I was put into his mouth. I know I may have phrased that wrong, but I was.

As I got older I was not really into characters, but into pins. I LOVED my pins. There was a very wide variety of pins… Goofy pins, to Puffle pins from Club Penguin. Whenever my friends came over I always used to show them my amazing pins. I ended up putting them on boards. I also got to walk around different countries in Epcot and get stamps from “all around the world”.

 I have been going to Disney for a very long time as you may have noticed. I have also had so many amazing memories here. I look forward to going to Disney every year. There has been so many things I have done between stamps, rides, food and memories. I am now twelve years old and I leave tomorrow for my twelfth trip.




Scary Story- The iPhone

I was twitching and I couldn’t help it. I started to shake. I couldn’t help that either… It all started on a foggy night. My mom and I drove to the Apple store to get my iPhone 5s. When got it, I loved it so much I loved scanning my finger, and I felt so powerful. After a while, everytime I would scan my finger I would be shocked… it stung. But now since I have been doing it so often it doesn’t hurt anymore… I then started getting headaches more often.

 One night, I woke up at 3am aching so much. My hands hurt the most. I looked at them and saw that they weren’t mine. I had never seen these hands before. They were different. I got out of bed and walked to my sister’s room. I looked around and felt like there was something that needed to be done. I walked to my kitchen and got a sharp utensil. Then back to my sisters room.

I looked around and saw something. It was on my sister’s bed. That was what I was waiting for. I walked towards it. Then I did what needed to be done. The stuffing fell to the ground and then after that its fluffy body. Then I feel normal. I looked down and what I had seemed to kill was trying to kill me. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know anything right now. All I know is that the body I thought was dead is alive, and it is chasing me with a knife. I run and look for the phone. I try to log in with my finger but it doesn’t work. I get mad and throw the phone. It smashes. The stuffed animal is dead. Just dead.