Poetry – Rhyming

The snow falling like ashes one by one on my eyelashes.

The wind lashes me like a car crashing into me.

Walking down the with no gloves and my toes falling off because of the cold.

While myself and my friend sold candles for the winter weather.


Our hands were freezing, we had no gloves and no hot cocoa.

We sold five candles with handles.

That’s when the blizzard came in, the snow blinding us from the world



Digital Footprint Activity 2 – Week #4 -Googling Myself – Georgia

Digital Footprint Activity 2 – Googling Myself

When I looked up “Georgia Marshall” I found on the web pages the “Georgia Bulldogs” which are a football team. Google found a football player called “Keith Marshall”. So they came up with his last name and the team he played on. Keith Marshall is a very famous football star as he is the tail back on the Georgia Bulldogs Football team. One thing that I found that was sad was that a girl called “Georgia Marshall” died getting electrocuted when holding on to a ladder while her dad was on getting the Christmas decoration from a loft. When the dad was getting the decorations, an extension chord fell and electrocuted the ladder. When I was looking at images I found a lot of pictures of “Georgia Marshall” and “Keith Marshall”.  I found out that the University of Georgia is a very famous College in Georgia.

Choice Post – Tiny Tins – Georgia

Once upon a time there were people called “Tiny Tins” They were tiny, and they lived in old abandoned shoes in basements of houses. There were many of them all around the world. They were exactly like humans, same features and everything, just tiny. Once there was a family and they were their a shoe and a HUMAN came in. If you saw humans they were terrifying to them. They thought that they would get crushed.

They were so scared of getting crushed they always had an escape plan. They would have a hole in the bottom of the shoe to escape from. They nearly got out but didn’t have enough time, so they got squashed. Soon enough every “Tiny Tin” in the world was gone. That’s why they are Humans instead of “Tiny Tins”. It’s their anniversary today and people say on their anniversary one “Tiny Tin” comes back.

Scary Stories – Georgia

The Woods

There were once two best friends named Libby and Amy who loved coming into the woods. They loved climbing trees and running in the forest. They saw an enormous tree that they had the urge to climb. When climbing the tree, they heard something crackle like something stepping on sticks. They were worried at first but they forgot about it a little later.

 When they were climbing to the top of the tree, they found that there was blood on the tree. They got nervous but kept on climbing because they wanted to climb to the top. Then out of nowhere they saw two dead bodies hanging from the tree. They screamed and scampered as fast as they could and when they got to the bottom something came behind them and patted them on the back. Nobody saw the two girls until it happened again a couple years later.

 A couple years later the two girls who were friends with Libby and Amy came into the woods to film a movie that they were making for school. They were a bit nervous because it was the anniversary of Libby and Amy disappearing. When they found the tree it was perfect for the film. It was a scary film and it was a scary tree. It was perfect! They climbed the tree nearly got to the top when they saw Amy and Libby hanging from the tree. Then they jumped from the tree and they felt a pat on their backs. And nobody saw them ever again.

 One day, three boys were exploring when they found a camera with the names of the two girls on it and they ran home. When they turned on the camera they found the video of the girls and the man killing them. When they screamed something patted them on their backs.