Eighth Grade Super Zero

Eighth Grade Super Zero is a story mainly about a boy named Reggie. There are many typical aspects that you would find in many stories about middle school. For example, there’s that kind of crazy/rude girl everyone knows about, Vicky. Then the principle in the story comes up with many “interesting” ideas for the school. Reggie doesn’t let these things faze him though. He is a very quiet kid in the beginning of the story, but as it goes along it seems he starts getting comfortable with who he is and you’ll begin to see changes. He’s a nice kid and was always willing to help out, even when him, himself, didn’t want to. The one place Reggie wasn’t very quiet was when he was around his close friends. However, when he started going to the shelter and began the little buddy program his quietness began to change.


In this story you see many relationships and bonds between different people. There is the relationship between Reggie and his sister, Monica. Relationships between both Reggie, Monica and their parents. Relationships between Monica and her friends or Reggie and his friends. The list continues even further. It just goes into many situations that are relatable and happen in everyday life.

I wonder why the author chose some of the details she did. Making the main character a guy? Having the setting where it was? I wonder if those little things were different, would it have made the story different? Although I am not completely finished with the novel, I have a pretty good understanding about it so far. The one thing that confuses me is the story line. I have no prediction or idea for where it will go.

Winter Theme Epic Poem – Eden


I wake up and begin training just in time to see the sun peek out above the horizon,

I am a strong warrior.

Just like my father I’ve trained all my life to save my town in case of a certain event.

I prepare for the fire ball extravaganza.

My father told me about this event when I was young girl.

Explained how he stopped this event and soon later hurled.

I couldn’t understand why he had hurled,

He told me he couldn’t explain and it was just a complicated world.

This event only occurred once before.

The next time it arrived however I’d have to stop it some more.

Begins during winter with the sun rising at an unusual pace.


Today I sit again and watch the sun rise.

A thick layer of snow covered the ground in front of my eyes.

The sun rose at a quick speed.

Brutal heat was being propelled toward the snow,

Like fireballs.

The heat from the sun struck the snow like a blazing fire hitting a leaf,

Snow began to melt as the sun rose at this rapid pace.

I didn’t understand what I was seeing.

Until extravaganza was imprinted in the snow from where the fireballs hit.

This could only be one thing,

The fireball extravaganza.


It was years of training that would pay off today.

Jumping to my feet I grabbed my ice gun and set off on my way.

I knew exactly what to do,

I had to stop this so winter wouldn’t leave.

With my ice gun and shield I was prepared

Ten levels on this ice gun and I began on level five

Shooting at one fireball after another and turning them to snow

I was on a roll

I turned the ice gun up to eight

Then nine

It was time for ten


I lost control and missed the fire ball.

I hit the sun, and I saw the sun become weak all of a sudden.

No longer feeling healthy and proud I felt sick and ashamed.

I failed to succeed but the heat quickly stopped and the sun began to turn to snow.

Fireballs no longer flew,

The sun no longer shined.

I could only hope that someone’s been training for this extravaganza,

Otherwise summer won’t ever arrive.


Identity Memoir – By: Eden Greene

This is a story about my friend that has been written in first person,

December 31st 8:22pm Austin was born. Four minutes passed, meanwhile I remained home asleep as it had become 8:26pm. That was the time Dylan was born. My brothers and I are practically three years apart. Only having a three year age difference is nice. It’s made my brothers and I very close and we share many memories.

It’s now almost ten years later from the day they were born. They are twins so it’s not just one little annoying brother, it’s two. Two whole crazy brothers. Growing up with them I could tell the difference between both of them so easily. If I couldn’t, I think that might be an issue since they are such a big part of my life. When meeting someone new I always have to remember they haven’t met my brothers, and that they don’t know the difference. I tell them it helps to look for the freckle on their cheek. If you see one, that’s Austin, if not that’s Dylan. As much as they might get on my nerves, I’ll almost always have a good laugh when they’re around.


I remember this day while I was Skyping my friends, and the two of them decided it was a great time to “spy on Jade”. When they were younger they had an earlier bed time then me so it was never an issue. Then they turned nine and bedtime became 9:30. Now with the later bedtime they are always watching me and around when I’m Skyping. This being the case I can no longer sneak food because Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum are always around. (Mom, if your are reading this I’ve never done that). During this specific Skype call, my brothers were so determined to hear what was going on. They would come in, spill coins all over the floor and slowly pick it all up. Eventually on the fourth time they dropped it, I got up and picked it all up faster and said “these are mine now”. I felt like a billionaire. Soon that was ruined when the “that’s mine” fight occurred. After that they left me alone. As irritating as they get sometimes, it seems there are only positive and funny memories that come to mind.


There are lots more memories that come to mind in fact; like dressing them up as girls. My friends and I would do this quite often. Austin and Dylan would wear skirts, dresses, scarves, glasses, blouses, but most importantly… wigs. These are the funny things that tend to go on in our home. Why they let my friends and I do this, I don’t know. However it was so funny I’m glad they did. We also had a store between the three of us. They would sell little knick knacks to me, and sometimes I’d sell the things they sold me back to them, but for more. (Austin and Dylan if you are reading this I never did that). We would find anything imaginable and sell it, even rocks.


My brothers and I really liked music when we were younger and we would even have mini concerts. The three of us would dance, play instruments and sing. These are just some memories and I can’t wait for many more. I’m very lucky to have my brothers in my life because of their humorous ways. Whenever I need a laugh I know where to go, so thanks to Austin and Dylan.

One For The Murphys – Heroes – By Eden G

This book has many characters. If I think about each character, I think they each have something that makes them “special”. Carley had a pretty rough life when she was younger. When Mrs. Murphy decided to take Carley in, it was definitely going to change Carley’s life. If I think about Carley, I would think that Mrs Murphy is her hero. She is a very kind person and continues to help Carley out, even when she doesn’t ask for it. Constantly caring, constantly treating her like her own child, and constantly doing everything she can for her.

Then theres Carley herself. I also think she is a hero. She isn’t a hero for the same reasons as Mrs Murphy, but she has a lot on her plate and continues to get through it. She isn’t a hero like batman or superman. She’s just Carley; but Carley’s life is definitely one I wouldn’t want to have to go through, and is very tough and rough. She might not be the kindest, or sweetest person while getting through her life, but she still finds a way to get through it.

There are also new people in Carley’s life that she is slowly becoming friends with. I think that in some ways they can be heroes as well. Carley is new and being the new kid is never fun. Having people open to talking with Carley is helping her out, even if it takes a bit of time before they are “friends”. I think there is never just one hero, just like theres not just one marvel super hero. If all the “hero’s” come together in one story something great can happen, and that’s exactly what’s happening in One For The Murphys.

Week 4, Activity 2, Blogging Challenge – Eden G

 Week #4 Activity 2:

It’s always fun to look yourself up online and try to see if there are any results. When I was younger there had never been any results. One day after going to a magic show and image was published of me online. I went to this magic show with my friend and her family. At the magic show they took pictures of all the guests and published the images with our full names. Other than this one image nothing comes up of me online. I have many different social media accounts; if you looked up my name on these different sites, my accounts would probably come up. I have made sure all my accounts are private and everything I post is nothing I would regret in the future. Going to a school that uses technology quite often, I’m aware of all the consequences that could occur, if I wasn’t aware of what I posted. I am happy with the results that show up and that nothing inappropriate appears. I hope it remains this way.

Free Write – Eden G

Every school morning it’s the same routine. Alarm goes off, I click snooze, go back to sleep and my mother comes in and has to wake me up.  However, today was different. Instead of my mother coming in at 6:00am like usual, I opened my eyes to see it was 11:00am. My mom has some pet peeve about my brother and I missing school, because for four generations we’ve had “perfect attendance records”. I painstakingly got out of bed and go see why my mom didn’t wake me. I go check my mom’s room but she isn’t home and neither is my brother, Austin.

I was in absolute shock that my mother didn’t wake me up today. My brother is probably already at school, because he gets up on his own and takes the bus. Where my mother might be is unknown. This is only my 1st year at this high school so I don’t know how to get there. I suppose I can pull up directions on my phone. I find it is only a twenty-minute walk. I eat something quickly and grab my bag.

I finally get to school and see no cars, by this point I am so confused. I go to the front door and it’s locked. Now the day is more than halfway over and I’d best just go home.  I get back home and my mom is sitting on the couch. “Where did you go?” I explain how I went to school and ask why she didn’t wake me. She then tells me it’s the weekend and to go back to sleep.

Blogging Challenge Week 2 – By: Eden

Week #2

Activity: Write a really interesting post that you think will get a lot of comments.

I began thinking about different writing pieces that might get a lot of comments, and I figured I’d write a controversial piece. That writing piece is written below.

President Barack Obama exits off the helicopter of Marine One in New York to Speak about climate change. A Marine stood on either side of the president, and both were in official saluting position. The President is seen buttoning his coat with his left hand. His right hand is holding a coffee cup. He then salutes casually, with the coffee cup in his hand, as he walks down the stairs. The question at hand, is whether this was appropriate presidential behavior, or was this lazy and disrespectful to our nations military.

In my opinion, he should have put down his coffee and saluted them properly. I believe it showed a total disregard to our men and women in military service. Our President is supposed to lead by example. He did nothing of the sort. I was very disappointed in President Obama and embarrassed that my president could be so callous.

Blogging Challenge Week 1- By: Eden G

Screenshot 2014-09-26 15.46.10.png

Week #1

For this first blogging challenge I decided to make an animation that looks like me. I tried to make my features as similar as possible. For starters I made sure it had brown curly hair and brown eyes. I chose the purple pants because that’s my favorite color. I chose the beach background because going to the beach is something I really enjoy. To create this avatar I used Doppleme.

Scary Story – Through the Looking Glass – By: Eden


Through the Looking Glas

 Sheila is sitting by the fire on a cold, raw, rainy night. She’s alone in her simple barn style home. She has no children, never has. A year ago today her husband passed from tuberculosis. She’s never been more alone. She begins thinking about her childhood, around the time her beloved dolly went missing. In that same moment something crashes behind her. She jumps to her feet, turning around to see the mirror smashed on the ground. One sliver, left on the wall. She looks into that sliver and suddenly she is inside. No longer by the fire but alone in her reversed childhood home.

 Sheila is on the sofa of her childhood home. She tries to move, but realizes she has no control of her body. She looks down at her hands and recognizes them immediately; they’re the hands of her beloved childhood doll. In shock, Sheila realizes she is the doll. In the next moment, Sheila as her doll is suddenly in her childhood bedroom. Sound asleep in her childhood bed, is Sheila as a child. Sheila is very aware that the doll and herself are possesed. It is most definitely an evil spirit. Maybe even Satan himself.

Suddenly the mirror in the bedroom explodes off the wall. Sheila finds herself being flung across the room from the shelf she sat on. The child in bed awakens and screams just before the doll lands on her face. Sheila the child becomes aware that this is her doll that was missing. The hands of the doll were wrapped around her neck. The child through her on the floor, next to a broken shard. Suddenly Sheila is back in her home by the fire. Her doll now stares at her from the fireplace mantel. She won’t ever be alone again.