Challenge 1 by Bud

All about me

My life is sometimes very interesting and this is a small bit. My favorite sports are tennis, squash and soccer. I play all of them a lot because at my school we have a lot of soccer games and I live close to some squash and tennis courts.

I have a sister and her name is Phebe and we live in New York. My family and I have lived here all of my life. I also have a dog named Hattie. My cousins live around the corner and I see them a lot. This is snapshot of where I live and my life.


The House – By Bud

The House –

One day in Philadelphia, New York, three brothers, John Bill and Jeff were looking for something to do. John said, “We should go to the abandoned house.” They grabbed a switchblade, a flashlight and a hammer and headed downtown. They jumped the fence and picked the lock on the back door. When they got inside they heard a moan and the door slammed. They ran to the front door but it was locked. They heard another moan and hid.

That night their mom was worried and called the police to report three missing boys.

At the abandoned house the boys knew that their life depended on getting out. “ Did you hear that?” said Jeff.
“No,” said Bill.
“It sounded like foot steps,” said John. He got up and rounded the corner but did not come back. After five minutes Jeff took the hammer and Bill got the switchblade out of his pocket. They rounded the corner and found a hole in the floor. They climbed into the basement. They found the remains of a boiler. They thought that they were out of luck until they found a flashlight. They heard a bang and so they went upstairs. Suddenly someone said, “I will get you Jeff,” and they ran for the door.

Jeff fell to the ground and yelled out in a deep and raspy voice, “I got your brother now I have you,” and he disintegrates into dust. Bill heard approaching sirens. He knew it was the cops so he tried to pick the lock and get out. The deaths of Jeff and Bill were the headline of the newspaper the next day. The town dismantled the building and a new house was built. The boys were said to have been seen wandering the streets at night.