Aydin ~ Winter Triolet Poem


 Snow falling from the white sky

 Skating and Skiing on a nice winter day

 Be careful of the black ice on the roads

 Snow falling from the white sky

 Winter night sky and festival shows

 Snow falling into my eyes as I lay

Snow falling from the white sky

Skating and Skiing on a nice winter day


 On the ski lift looking at the beautiful mountains

 Warm and toasty in the ski lodge

Skiing with friends is oh, so fun

 On the ski lift looking at the beautiful mountains

 Ice in the snow glistens as it gets shined on by the sun

 Pro skiers on the double blacks as I watch

 On the ski lift looking at the beautiful mountains

  Warm and toasty in the ski lodge

Photo on 1-19-15 at 6.25 PM #2

Chains Reflection/Thoughts *SPOILERS* ~ Aydin

My thoughts on Chains so far, is that it’s a very well written historical fiction book. I say this because even though it is fiction, the author does a very good job of making it sound nonfiction by tying Isabel and Ruth’s experiences to real historical events. I also like how accurate the way slaves’ lives are portrayed. All of the horrible things that happen to the slaves or around the slaves always seem to always have a deep meaning, and what makes it even better is that the story is told from a slaves prospective.

As for the part of the book the class is currently reading (around page 240), there have been some pretty insane things happen. For instance, there was a HUGE fire in New York, and  everyone was freaking out. Isabel sadly lost (and practically set ablaze) her sister Ruth’s doll, which was the only memory she had left of Ruth after they were separated. Another sort of depressing thing that has recently happened in the book is that Curzon (Boy with red hat that really likes Isabel) was captured and put into prison. Isabel later visited him, and when she did so she saw the horror he had become. Curzon was now pale and extremely thin. His used to be bright red hat now is a very dark red covered in mud.

All in all, Chains has been a great book so far, and I am so excited to read what happens at the end (the class is very near done with the book). I feel that Laurie Halse Anderson (the author) did a very good job on this book, and I think I might even read another one of her books.

DON’T YOU WORRY By Aydin (Scary Story)


 It was the end of the school day, and never in a million years could I’ve guessed how downhill my curiosity was going to bring me. Right after school ended, I stuffed all my things in my locker and proceeded to do what I’ve wanted to do for all my years of being at this school, venture into the basement.

 In my school the only way to get to the basement was by going through the principal’s office. I made my way to the principals office, and when I got there I noticed that she wasn’t there, which was pretty convenient. The hatch that leads to the basement is always locked, but I was prepared for that as I had already re-arranged a paper clip in a way that would make me able to pick a lock. Knowing how fast I had to act, I quickly got the paper clip out and started picking the lock. When I opened the hatch, I got this weird feeling. It was a bit… unsettling.

 When I plopped down into the basement, unsurprisingly, it was pitch black. Being prepared for this as well, I got a small flashlight out of my pocket and turned it on. I looked around, and came across a box labeled ‘DON’T YOU WORRY’. Being curious I bend down and tore the box open. What I saw when I opened the box was nothing but a piece of paper that read: ‘DON’T LET IT FOOL YOU’. I was a little puzzled at this point, but when I started looking around more, the basement turned to the school, but with a gloomy blue overlay. There was nobody there… but everything still seemed active. A teacher started coming my way, with a… knife and she keeps chanting, “Don’t you worry!” I was scared to death….



Absolute Nonsense By Aydin (Choice Post)

Absolute Nonsense

One day, a male brown sea cucumber was on top of a building, looking as if he was about to jump. Coming to that conclusion, a nearby female orange elephant ran right into the building that the cucumber was on, and looked for some way of getting to the higher levels. Upon looking, the pink elephant found an elevator, went in and pushed the button for floor 50, which is the highest level. This is where the elephant assumed the sea cucumber was going to be.

 When the orange elephant got up to the highest floor he ran toward a short flight of stairs that lead to the very top surface of the building. The elephant ran up the stairs on to the top of the building to find that the brown sea cucumber wasn’t there anymore. Had he jumped? the elephant asked himself. Upon further inspection of the top of the building, the elephant saw a luscious rainbow dog. The dog had a straight face. The elephant went up to the dog and simply greeted it with a soft “Hello,”

The dog then looked straight into the elephants eyes and said, “Illuminati.”

The elephant was puzzled. Then, just seconds later, the elephant blacked out.

 The elephant woke up to notice that she was falling from the same building she was standing atop of just a minute ago. What had happened? How did it happen? All of this was racing through her mind right before she hit the ground. The last thing she heard before she died was a blue duck saying, “I think she’s done for, mate.”