Eighth Grade Super Zero

Eighth Grade Super Zero is a story mainly about a boy named Reggie. There are many typical aspects that you would find in many stories about middle school. For example, there’s that kind of crazy/rude girl everyone knows about, Vicky. Then the principle in the story comes up with many “interesting” ideas for the school. Reggie doesn’t let these things faze him though. He is a very quiet kid in the beginning of the story, but as it goes along it seems he starts getting comfortable with who he is and you’ll begin to see changes. He’s a nice kid and was always willing to help out, even when him, himself, didn’t want to. The one place Reggie wasn’t very quiet was when he was around his close friends. However, when he started going to the shelter and began the little buddy program his quietness began to change.


In this story you see many relationships and bonds between different people. There is the relationship between Reggie and his sister, Monica. Relationships between both Reggie, Monica and their parents. Relationships between Monica and her friends or Reggie and his friends. The list continues even further. It just goes into many situations that are relatable and happen in everyday life.

I wonder why the author chose some of the details she did. Making the main character a guy? Having the setting where it was? I wonder if those little things were different, would it have made the story different? Although I am not completely finished with the novel, I have a pretty good understanding about it so far. The one thing that confuses me is the story line. I have no prediction or idea for where it will go.

Superzero Project by the 7th graders

We began our Superzero project by having a three way Skype call with Shirley (our teacher) who was in Scotland, Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich (the author) in Brooklyn, New York and us (the students) in Poughkeepsie, New York. We were able to ask the author many questions about the book and its characters and discussed how and why she wrote this novel. We will have another Skype call with Olugbemisola when we finish the book only this time we will be in small groups to have discussions with her.

This book, Eight Grade Superzero is about an eighth grade boy called Reggie and his ups and downs in his school and home life in Brooklyn.  He has many problems to deal with, including being bullied in school, his father losing his job and problems dealing with the elections for school president. How he deals with each of these difficulties helps us understand how Reggie is growing up and developing his own opinions and personality. We have written blog posts about this book and would love your comments about our posts.

8th grade Superzero by Sidney

In school my class we are reading a book called 8th Grade SuperZero by Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich. This book is about a boy named Reggie and his life in and outside of school.


I  think Reggie is really nervous for his big speech as a president candidate. Also with the humiliating reminder that he puked all over the stage in the beginning of the year, which was where he got his nickname, Pukey. Not just that horrible reminder but what will happen if he actually did it again or completely humiliates himself in front of everyone. I think Reggie is unsure of himself and is afraid he will make the same mistake and everyone would laugh at him. I can’t even imagine the feeling of what he was feeling at the time and for him to experience that same feeling again would just be dreadful.


Reggie is the type of kid who is shy, but during the course of the book he has grown to being this kid who just doesn’t want to stand around but make a difference. After seeing George and Charlie at the homeless shelter he realizes there is so much more people could do to help. Also I think Reggie is tired of watching and wants to do something and thats why he’s running for president.

Before my class started reading the book I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the book but after getting into it, I realized there is more than meets the eye. In 8th grade SuperZero there are many twists and turn that will really grab and pull you in. There are many characters that help make the story what it is and bits of humor tied into the book. 8th Grade SuperZero by Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich is a great read that I recommend to all of you. It will leave you hanging and making you want to read more.

Superzero Sonnet By: Zack

Reggie feels small and alone

Donovan bullies him all the time

Joe C. is the only one who calls him on the phone

Reggie thinks bullying should be a crime

He joins the olive branch, a homeless shelter

He meets george a homeless guy on the streets

He sees kids who in the heat, swelter

He feels sorry for everyone he meets

there’s an election, he wants to run

He doesnt want to puke again, on stage

vickies hope dies, like the setting sun

Donavon makes fun of him, he’s full of rage

Reggie is like charlie’s brother

Because charlie likes him like no other

Superzero Blog Post – Julian

My favorite character in the book is Reggie. He is himself and likes to express himself. He cares for the community instead of just caring for a certain group of people. Also when he get made fun of he chooses to ignore it, that is a good thing. I do wish Reggie would man up and go on stage but, he does have his reasons not to.


In the book Reggie has two main focuses, the Olive Branch and his presidential work at school. He definitely puts more work into the Olive Branch rather than putting equal work into both. I can see why he puts more work into the Olive Branch but he still has the time for both. His campaign manager Ruthie helps him a lot, without Ruthie he definitely wouldn’t of even done the campaign.

So far i’m starting to like the book even though i’m really close to the end. In the beginning it was kind of boring but, now its getting a lot more intense. I want to see Reggie win the campaign in the end, it may have a twist though.  

Super Zero Poem Charlotte

Laughter fills the school,

There’s puke on the ground.

A boy runs from embarrassment,

And leaves with a frown.

He was trying to have a good year,

But only carries fear.

The boys name is Reggie and hes trying to make a stand.


People don’t see the real him.

But he writes comics with an old friend.

He dabbles a little in trying to help out in homeless shelter.

Meets a guy named George.


Reggie runs for class president,

With tough competition.

He struggles and has many challenges.

Justin, the popular, is stealing all the votes,

But Reggie is fighting with little hope.


A boy in 8th grade trying to make a difference.

He’s starting at rock bottom,

Trying to reach to the top,

But struggles because bullies won’t stop.

But with people helping him,

And people supporting,

He might be able to do it!

8th Grade Super Zero

This book 8th Grade SuperZero by Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich  is draining the life out of me, I can’t take it. It’s just a series of impossible events. Once you do something like puke on the floor. Everyone stops talking about it after a few weeks. If you talk about the same thing for the whole year no one would really care after a few weeks. This is how we work we lose interest even if it’s something that big. Reggie might still be an outsider and people would tease him about it every so often. It really wouldn’t be as bad as it was in the book.


I also really don’t think Reggie is going to win the campaign. In the book everyone says it’s not about popularity, but we all know it really is about that. It’s not like the school president actually does much. They can’t really change much at the school and the teachers are just selfish. All the teachers want is the money for the school challenge we learnt about in the beginning of the book. I really think the author tried to make a good representation of middle schoolers. She did do good in some parts, but bad in others.


In conclusion I would just like to say this. Eighth Grade Super Zero is a good story and I give it props for that. I just have alot of criticism of it. Not that it’s a bad book, it’s just that sometimes it’s an unrealistic book.


Some thoughts on Superzero! By Ava!

These past chapters have been getting brighter and brighter. Reggie is finally getting his confidence back, from being asked out by his crush, to getting votes for the election. This is so great! I am excited to see how Reggie begins to convince people to help the Olive Branch, because I really think that he’s going to win here, or at least make a huge difference in the school and the Olive Branch. Reggie is figuring out his own ways to help the Olive Branch, one of them being just hanging out with the kids and people there. I love how he is starting to realize that just helping people in the moment is just as important as helping them later. Reggie is developing a sense of responsibility over Charlie and helping the Olive Branch, and I can’t wait to see this brought to the school.

I like how Superzero is so relatable to a middle school kid’s life. It is like the author knows and remembers exactly what it was like to be a middle schooler. Olugbemisola told us that, unlike most authors, she didn’t really take her own life experiences and put them into the book. She just took the feeling of being a middle school kid and turned it into a complete story. I want to write a book like that, because it’s like making up a whole life for someone, your main character.  I can totally relate to the Authors love of writing, and I hope that she writes more books in the future!

Popularity – 8th grade super zero – By Hannah

Popularity is a slippery slope. It can hurt a lot of feelings or make you feel like you’re on top of the world. But how is it measured? What does it mean? How is it achieved? Popularity brings up a lot of question, it also is left to opinion. Some people think it’s measured by the number of friends you have, others think it’s measure by how loyal your friends are. Or is it just what clothes you wear and the table you sit at? Who gets to decide how popular you are? You? Your friends? The “popular” kids/people or is there just some popularity fairy the comes and lets you know your popular? Is the number of friends you have or the closeness and trust count more? If your friends are just your friends because you’re pretty or you have nice clothes or your mean to them if they’re not, are they really friends. Can I ask more questions in one paragraph?


In a school called Clark from a book call 8th Grade Super Zero , popularity is a big part of life. You got your classic popular group. Nice good looking Justin, and mean sporty side kick Dovan. Then you also have your different groups, the smart ones the actors the do gooders etc. But there are always those few kids that don’t really fit in to a “group”. They normally form a group. That kinda where Reggie, Ruthie and Joe C. fall. They are their own group, not “popular” and not, not popular.  This is following their schools idea of popular. And that basically is one of those if you’re cool you’re popular. Reggie could be popular even had a chance to make a new for himself. He did end up making a name for himself, just not a good. Puking in front of the whole school does not make you popular. It does however give you a name like “Pukey”.

Thats one schools version of popularity but not all schools. At my school there aren’t really enough kids to be popular or not popular. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone might not like everyone but no one is more “popular” than anyone else because more people like them. I guess I shouldn’t say my school. It’s more my grade. Some of the grade care more about being popular. So they categorize themselves with it. My grade doesn’t really care about popularity. The few that do put themselves out of the “popular” group they think there is. So in my opinion I would say popularity is a mind game. If you play you could get hurt or win big. But if you and the people around you choose to sit out. You’re going end up being happier and your going to win bigger. It’s a win, win for everyone if we don’t play the game of Popularity.

8th Grade Superzero – Paavo

In English class we are reading a book called 8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich. The book is about the life of a boy in a public school in New York City. His name is Reggie. He is in 8th grade, and he isn’t doing that well. The day he was going to read the pledge to his school, he spilled his guts in front of the whole school, aka, he threw up. Which in turn, made him have a low social standing and only having two loyal friends.


The book overall is pretty good, even though some chapters drag on, and then in others it seems to come and go in a blink of an eye. The book is getting more and more interesting as it gets closer to the end. I would spoil things for you, but I can’t, just read the book and find out! Anyways, my favorite character overall is Joe C. He was the guy that would be next to Reggie no matter what. Joe has always been his friend, and I think that is a good attribute that a person can have. I think the most interesting character is Justin, some people that have read the book might think, WHAT? But I have a reason. He is probably the most spoiled kid in the book. He is the most popular in the school, and all the girls want to be his “friend.”


He is the most interesting because, SPOILER ALERT, Reggie is running for school president and so is Justin. It’s Reggie against the most popular kid, I predict that it will be close match, because Reggie isn’t that popular, but he has been doing things outside of school. For Justin’s end I think it going to be just from the popular vote. If Reggie wants to win the popular vote, he has to try to get popular. But, like I said, its probably going to be a close one, I’m voting for Reggie, GO REGGIE!


Question – Who would you vote for, Justin or Reggie?