Service Learning

At our school on D day we do really fun activities. One of the things we do on  D day is service learning. Service learning is when your go out and you do helpful things to places that are looking for volunteers and that need help on things like gardening, cooking, or servicing. Some of the places we go are slabsides, Vassar, a childrens place where you get to hang out with children, and a senior home. My favorite place was slabsides. Slabsides was built by John Burroughs who was famous for his writings. He wrote about nature in a very creative different way. Our school learned a lot about him. What we did at slabsides was we helped clear the dirt path where people walk to see slabsides. We picked up big sticks and branches and brought them to a pile where they would get taken away by a truck.

When our group finished picking up the leaves it looked really nice. It felt good to know that I was helpful. After we were done we actually went inside slabsides. It was really cool to know that all of it was handmade. It was really nice inside. When you walked through the front door, on your left there was a desk with an enormous dictionary. I have never seen a dictionary that big. On the right side there was a wall. Straight across there was another door. There was also a kitchen, a bed, a really nice fireplace where he heated up things, and there was an upstairs, but we didn’t get to go up there. Service learning day is fun especially when you get to do it with your friends.

Head Start -Sidney

In our school (Poughkeepsie Day School) we do community service learning in the fall. Service learning is where we go to different places near and far to go and donate our time to help places in our community. There was a series of places we went and we got to choose our first second and third choice for places we wanted to go. Some of those places are: Queens Galley, Head start, Slabsides, Locust Grove, People’s place and many other ones too. One of the places I went to this fall was Head Start.


Head Start is a very helpful place and a nice place for little kids to learn. Head start offers free preschool for children to prepare for kindergarten. Head Start is a great place where kids can have a chance to express learning in different ways. I had a chance to see the kids learn in action while I was there for service learning. I interacted with them and supported them. It was just amazing and I had a wonderful time.


While I was there I got to help them out and play with them. When I was there all the kids were wonderful and played and talked to me as soon as I got through the door. I helped them put together puzzles, I read with them,  drew with them,  played with them and had lunch with them too. I even played with them outside,where  I ran around with them played tag, ghostbusters, basketball and hide and go seek. I had a really fun time and I got to do lots and lots of fun things there. The teachers were nice, the kids were great, the food was good and overall I just had blast!


Service Learning

In the beginning of the year all the students in the PDS middle school go out into the community once every eight days. It’s called service learning. Service learning is where you go and help your school or your community in some way. Some people such as myself have gone to places like Queen’s Galley in Kingston NY. Queen’s Galley is a soup kitchen where people can go and get for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They provide things like soup, salad, sandwiches, and many more.


The student that go to Queen’s Galley do things like wait tables, put together salads, and ladle out soup. Before we start working one of the people who works there tells what to do and how to do it. Before people come in we had to clean the table cut bread and butter and get to our stations. Some Days at Queen’s Galley some days are busier than others, but all we can do is work our hardest.


PDS only does service learning for three days in the fall but every time we go we do our best to help our community and keep places like Queen’s Galley open. If you would like to make a donation please click here. $10 buys over 60 lbs of food at the Food bank, $25 buys over 150 lbs of food, $50 buys over 300 lbs of food, $100 buys over 625 lbs of food, and $500 buys over 3000 lbs of food.


Service learning

In school we do service learning every 8 days(work/school days).  I like it. It’s fun to go out into the community and help others. There are some places I like better, than others. Just because of what you do. I like working with people more than clearing paths or trails. I think it makes it all worth it, just to see the faces of the people you’re helping!

I really enjoyed going to Leading to Reading and Head Start. At leading to reading they put two books in a big ziploc bag and decorate the bags. Then they give the bags to children of all ages(different books for different ages). They rely on donations and grants so any money helps and volunteers are always welcome. When I went there for a service day we made some bags. They were actually fun to make and decorate. I realized how important it was for kids to have stories read to them at a young age. I hope I get to go again some time soon!

When I went to Head Start I spent time with what I thought was a shy girl. She was 2 or 3. But what I learned once I sat down and started  working with her, was she mainly spoke Spanish. Now I’m not great at Spanish but I can speak it.  She, language wise is basic. So I could understand mostly everything she said and could talk to her. It was fun because instead of pointing to a cow and saying, “This is a cow right?” I said, “Es una vaca, si o no?” She lit up once I started talking to her and she was very happy, out there and not shy. It was amazing to see how happy she was when I understood her and she understood me. It was really fun! I had a really great time and hope she did to.

Overall I really like helping my community in anyway possible. Being part of you community and helping others out is important. I hope we continue to keep helping others.

Service – Queens Galley

Service Day’s

I enjoy helping people who need it. I like it because when you get home you know that you did something to help someone or something. I am happy that Poughkeepsie Day School does service learning days so that people can experience what it is like to help people. Anyone can do service activities. One time, I went to Queens Galley, a food kitchen, to help people who do not have enough money for food. Also, my good friend Ava goes to a cat shelter to help around the place. Service does not always mean to go to certain places, it can also mean to be in your neighborhood to help around there too.


Service is great for everyone, not just certain people. I suggest to try going to places, or being around your neighborhood and help out, if you haven’t. The best part is when you get home and know that you have made a huge difference.


Astor Headstart

Head start is a non-profit organization that lets kids whose families don’t have a lot of money to send their kids to preschool. Head start gives the kids there, healthy meals, education, and fun toys to play with. When I went to head start, I had a great time playing with the kids. The first room that I went to was the toddlers room. There were about six little kids, and they loved visitors. Their environment was clean and fun, with lots of toys and things to place with. When we went outside to their mini-playground, I was amazed at how they still had so much energy, running around and around their playhouse. I guess it made sense though, because after their lunch, they flopped down for nap time. Since they were taking a nap, the next room I went to was the three to five year olds. They had a lot of energy too, and by the end of the day, I was so tired. I was also really happy that they had such a good place for kids to play and have fun, especially since the parents didn’t have to pay for it. Head Start is a great place to volunteer and donate, because it’s fun, and you know that the kids are looking up to you and you’re setting an example for them.

Servise Learning

I’m going to be completely honest right now I just don’t think you can teach kindness and compassion in school. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time during service learning, but I think that stuff can’t be taught but has to be learned through early attempts at success. I’m also not saying that what we did was wrong I just say that it’s great that the school was thinking about other people and all, and you’re trying to teach us stuff but again you just can’t teach that. There could have been learning that could help us (the students) to get a job and all that stuff that parents are always saying you need to go to school for. I also know for a fact that not everyone shared my views on how fun it was to help other people and get out of school work for the day. Said people would have probably rathered to put their head in a test for the same amount of time.

Service Learning

At Poughkeepsie Day School we have been doing service projects around different areas in our community. We get into groups and each group goes to a different place to do service. Most schools I know about don’t have something like this, where all the kids in one section of the school go and help out in the community. I think It’s a nice opportunity for us to do things like this.


I like when I’m chosen to go places where you can be with younger children. Places like the Head Start located in Poughkeepsie, or even at my own school. I played with the younger kids and got to know them, and we had lots of fun. We stayed inside sometimes to play with blocks, or put together puzzles. Sometimes we would go outside and play on the playground. We had lots of fun together, and I’m looking forwards to more times where we can do this.

I think it would great if other schools participated in something like this, so all communities could be better. With local programs being helped with service from nearby schools, everything would be much better, and more easily run. Service is great of people to do and is a great help to businesses and communities.

Slabsides By Michael

In West Park, New York, I visited Slabsides this year and I got to touch history. One of the coolest things I saw was John Burrough’s house. The trail to his house needs a lot of work and I helped clear trail to his house. It also needs maintenance work, which costs lots of money. It is open everyday, even holidays. It would help a lot if you could donate some money to help keep John Burrough’s house a nice, clean environment. The trail on Slabsides is breathtaking. Some people go to Slabsides just to relax. If I went there right now, I would feel peace from the nature around you.


Going to Slabsides showed me interesting things that John Burroughs had there. There were some plants there and other stuff in his house. There are some different things in his house that are genius. I could hear and see the things that lived there too. We need this place to survive because people need to know about this place and the animals need to live. Please donate to Slabsides!


While I was at Slabsides, I was assigned to cut down any trees that needed to be trimmed or was blocking the path. The group of people I worked with got to carry wood planks to help the path It was really fun but really tiring. It is worth going there though because there is so much to see and so much to do.


Service learning- Joanna

Every eight days at my school the entire middle school goes out into the community to help different centers and locations that need help with some jobs. When I went to the Community Family Development center (or CFD) in Poughkeepsie, NY, I realized that some families are not as lucky as I am. The kids there were shy, but they were all special. They all had this little fire in them that made themselves unique. When we went outside they wanted to play games and run around with us. They thought that we were awesome and wanted to play with us more before they had to eat lunch and take their nap.


The parents have long work hours, but I ask myself, “What happens with the kids while their parents work?” They still need the love and care that every child needs. CFD offers six different programs: some that are only in the summer, but others that are all year round. They have the normal toddler and the preschool and kindergarten classes that are held all year long. They also have the after and before school program and a summer program for older kids.

CFD is only able to continue to operate by the donations they receive. In order to help more kids to go through the same program and have the same quality of education they need donations to keep them afloat. Please, look in your heart to find space, to donate to help more kids have the same education.