Scary Story- Ouija By Mira

It’s Regina’s and Christina’s 13th birthday party. They are best friends and it happened to be that their birthdays were on the same day, Halloween! At their party, everyone went to carve pumpkins. Later that night they went inside. Christina asked her mom for a good game the group could play. Her mom gave them a Ouija board. They started to play and all of a sudden everything went wrong.

 Nobody knew what happened. It was all a blur to Christina and Regina. They went to ask their friends what happened but they looked brain washed. That’s when it hit them that a spirit from the Ouija board came and  possessed all their friends. They started to panic. They went upstairs and  found Christina’s mom who was also possessed.

Christina asked Regina, “ What do we do? Everybody we know is possessed and we should have never played that game.”

Regina thought and said, “Wait, let’s go see if we can find any help.”

The police went back to the house after the girls explained what happened. But out of nowhere something came up behind one of the policemen and killed him. Every twenty minutes one of the police would get killed by the spirit. After all the policemen were killed, Christina and Regina went upstairs in hope that all the friends would return back to normal tomorrow.

In the middle of the night Christina woke up to go to the bathroom. She turned around and saw the spirit right there in front of her. When Regina woke up she went to the bathroom to see Christina’s body on the floor. When she turned around she saw a note written on the mirror in Christina’s blood that said, “Don’t worry about me. I will see you again.”


Scary Story – Camp Glendervill – Will

Camp Glendervill

 When we got on the bus, Cole told us a scary story about a clown and a babysitter… It was just Diego, Cole, Bud, and I. Next thing we knew, we were already at Camp Glendervill! The camp was under a cliff with a giant waterfall into a lovely lake. Every different cabin had a different setting. Some cabins were in the forest, some at the top of the cliff, some on the lake, but we were set behind the waterfall in a cave about forty feet in the air.

We were really happy because we had a view of the lake and the rainbows in the waterfall. We settled in and went right to the activities. After a long day of swimming, making new friends, canoeing, and telling stories at the camp fire, we went up to our cabin and made our way to bed

Cole and Bud were fast asleep. Diego was on his phone, and I was lying in bed just thinking about the story Cole had told us. “Dang, there is no reception here”, Diego said.

“I know,” I said. Suddenly we heard an ear piercing noise.

“Did you hear that?” Diego said.

“Yeah,” I said. Then we heard a loud scream from the lake cabin.

“AHHH!” Diego screamed, and jumped into my bed.

Cole and Bud then woke as well, and before you knew it, everyone was in my bunk. We then heard whispers, next thing we knew, Cole fell onto the ground and started talking to himself and crawling to the waterfall.

“Cole,” we all called. No answer. “Cole,” we all said, and then he reappeared into our bed holding a knife. “HI” Cole yelled, and then everything was dark.

Suddenly, we all woke up and Cole was lying dead on the floor. Standing next to him was a giant clown holding a bloody knife.

The Reflection – By Sarah

I linger in bed longer than I should. Reluctantly, I leave the warm cocoon that is my blankets and mosey my way to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and give an inspirational speech for changing out of my pajamas. So far a normal day. I take the baseball bat that my nephew left here and put it in my room. I change into jeans and an oversized sweater. I look in the mirror and realize I’m not getting to class on time.

I look in the mirror and see my room, yet it’s not my room. It’s crumbling. The picture of my sister and I is ripped, the blankets are bleeding down feathers and everything is a mess. I see a girl, she looks up and I see that it’s me. The “mirror me” smiles. I’m not smiling. Then she starts tearing, smashing and breaking everything. I haven’t moved an inch. She comes back and smiles.

The reflection smiles at me again and petrified in shock, I’m staring back. She looks directly at me, but not at me… it’s like she’s staring past me. Then she walks through the mirror. I try pushing her back but she is stronger than me, and she pushes me out of the way like pushing aside a certain. I follow her into the kitchen. She grabs a knife gives a twisted smile then stabs herself in the stomach, I begin to bleed. The smile laves her face. She drags me back to my room. I’m falling over in pain. She’s grabbing at me but I run. I smash the mirror. I feel as if I’m falling apart, but I manage to turn around and watch her smash into a thousand pieces.

Scary Story- The iPhone

I was twitching and I couldn’t help it. I started to shake. I couldn’t help that either… It all started on a foggy night. My mom and I drove to the Apple store to get my iPhone 5s. When got it, I loved it so much I loved scanning my finger, and I felt so powerful. After a while, everytime I would scan my finger I would be shocked… it stung. But now since I have been doing it so often it doesn’t hurt anymore… I then started getting headaches more often.

 One night, I woke up at 3am aching so much. My hands hurt the most. I looked at them and saw that they weren’t mine. I had never seen these hands before. They were different. I got out of bed and walked to my sister’s room. I looked around and felt like there was something that needed to be done. I walked to my kitchen and got a sharp utensil. Then back to my sisters room.

I looked around and saw something. It was on my sister’s bed. That was what I was waiting for. I walked towards it. Then I did what needed to be done. The stuffing fell to the ground and then after that its fluffy body. Then I feel normal. I looked down and what I had seemed to kill was trying to kill me. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know anything right now. All I know is that the body I thought was dead is alive, and it is chasing me with a knife. I run and look for the phone. I try to log in with my finger but it doesn’t work. I get mad and throw the phone. It smashes. The stuffed animal is dead. Just dead.

DON’T YOU WORRY By Aydin (Scary Story)


 It was the end of the school day, and never in a million years could I’ve guessed how downhill my curiosity was going to bring me. Right after school ended, I stuffed all my things in my locker and proceeded to do what I’ve wanted to do for all my years of being at this school, venture into the basement.

 In my school the only way to get to the basement was by going through the principal’s office. I made my way to the principals office, and when I got there I noticed that she wasn’t there, which was pretty convenient. The hatch that leads to the basement is always locked, but I was prepared for that as I had already re-arranged a paper clip in a way that would make me able to pick a lock. Knowing how fast I had to act, I quickly got the paper clip out and started picking the lock. When I opened the hatch, I got this weird feeling. It was a bit… unsettling.

 When I plopped down into the basement, unsurprisingly, it was pitch black. Being prepared for this as well, I got a small flashlight out of my pocket and turned it on. I looked around, and came across a box labeled ‘DON’T YOU WORRY’. Being curious I bend down and tore the box open. What I saw when I opened the box was nothing but a piece of paper that read: ‘DON’T LET IT FOOL YOU’. I was a little puzzled at this point, but when I started looking around more, the basement turned to the school, but with a gloomy blue overlay. There was nobody there… but everything still seemed active. A teacher started coming my way, with a… knife and she keeps chanting, “Don’t you worry!” I was scared to death….



The Blindfold – Scary Story – By Lexie


I’m in a dark room right now, it’s pitch black and I can’t see a thing. I’m not really sure how I got here, everything happened really fast. I was in my room when someone came behind me and covered my mouth. Then they tied my hands, put a blindfold on me and drove me somewhere. They took me out of the car and they led me into a room, then left.

Now I’m sitting in a hard, cold, plastic chair. Why am I here? I didn’t do anything to upset anyone, at least nothing bad enough to kidnap me. My emotions are going to an extreme where they’ve never been before. I just hope that I get out of here soon and safe. Kidnapping has always been my worst fear.

I realize I hear talking from somewhere outside the room, then I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder. I scream, and they whisper to me to be quiet. My hands are untied, my blindfold is taken off and I get up. Whoever untied me is gone and they opened the window. It’s at least a 15 feet drop, so I brace myself, and jump.

I land on my feet, but immediately fall on my side from the impact. I look up and the window, it’s being closed by someone. Who would help me? I try to get up, but I realize my leg is really hurting,  I think the jump broke it. I try to get up once more. I am standing now, so I bear the pain and run as fast as my legs can move me. I look back at the building they were holding me in, only it’s a building I’ve seen before. It’s my house.

Where Are The Monsters In My Closet? – Corinna

When did you stop believing about the monsters in your closet? Do they ever really leave? Were they ever there in the first place? Once I turned 6, I stopped believing in them. Eight years later, after school one day, my best friend Haley was talking about her little sister being scared of that monster.

 “Melanie came running into my room last night saying she saw a “monster in her closet”! Jason I can’t believe we were scared before!” Haley said.

“I know right! Well I hope Melanie gets over that!”

 I came home from school thinking about the monster. Monsters are fake. How does Haley remember that we were scared? My parents got home late so I was home alone in the quiet house. It felt like someone was there trying to be extra quiet with me. Once my parents came home and my mom said, “JASON! GO TO BED!” I got into bed at 11:00pm.

 Once I was in bed, I heard something strange. The hum of my fan was interrupted by a slam. It sounded like a door. After sitting up to look, I lay back down. There was so much quietness, that if I moved, I would disturb it. The silence then broke when a loud scratch came from my floor. I sat up panicked as I looked around. No it couldn’t be… That’s so stupid just sleep already. I then nearly drifted off, but there was one last noise. Although it now sounded like it was under me, I stood up and looked around my room, scared to death. It was about midnight and I was exhausted so I collapsed on my bed.

 Before I was asleep, I thought I saw my closet open, but I ignored it. I heard a raspy voice behind me.

“Hello… Jason.”

Scary Story – Through the Looking Glass – By: Eden


Through the Looking Glas

 Sheila is sitting by the fire on a cold, raw, rainy night. She’s alone in her simple barn style home. She has no children, never has. A year ago today her husband passed from tuberculosis. She’s never been more alone. She begins thinking about her childhood, around the time her beloved dolly went missing. In that same moment something crashes behind her. She jumps to her feet, turning around to see the mirror smashed on the ground. One sliver, left on the wall. She looks into that sliver and suddenly she is inside. No longer by the fire but alone in her reversed childhood home.

 Sheila is on the sofa of her childhood home. She tries to move, but realizes she has no control of her body. She looks down at her hands and recognizes them immediately; they’re the hands of her beloved childhood doll. In shock, Sheila realizes she is the doll. In the next moment, Sheila as her doll is suddenly in her childhood bedroom. Sound asleep in her childhood bed, is Sheila as a child. Sheila is very aware that the doll and herself are possesed. It is most definitely an evil spirit. Maybe even Satan himself.

Suddenly the mirror in the bedroom explodes off the wall. Sheila finds herself being flung across the room from the shelf she sat on. The child in bed awakens and screams just before the doll lands on her face. Sheila the child becomes aware that this is her doll that was missing. The hands of the doll were wrapped around her neck. The child through her on the floor, next to a broken shard. Suddenly Sheila is back in her home by the fire. Her doll now stares at her from the fireplace mantel. She won’t ever be alone again.

Stormy Night – By Leah

The Sunday before Halloween the Ruth family was playing in their backyard. Their house was in a small village called Walden, on a tree lined street with old victorian houses. Their dogs Thunder, Lighting and Bolt were in the woods digging around. The skies were becoming dark and filling up with clouds so they decided to go inside.

 The dogs went up the creaky stairs and found the oldest room.  They started sniffing around and came across an old trunk. The Ruth’s were watching the news, There was a big thunderstorm about to hit them. Once they heard about the storm they said, “Girls you need to find the dogs.”

 The girls heard a loud thud from upstairs and they walked up, but they were too late. The trunk had released spirits.The dogs tried to run away but they had been possessed. When the girls got to the old room they found the old trunk on the floor. “What’s that?” Rubey said, as she looked in the other corner. There were three pairs of glowing eyes. The dogs walked out of the corner and looked strange, as their eyes were bloodshot. A second later they lost power. The girls screamed and shouted, “We found the dogs.”

The dogs charged down the stair growling like wolves. The spirits then possessed the entire Ruth family. They went in search of victims. They went next door, and grabbed the next door neighbor and started burying him alive. During the day everything was normal. This routine keep happening for the next week. On Halloween there was a big thunderstorm a huge bolt of lightning struck the Ruth house and the spirits vanished. However the lost people were never found.

The Countdown – Diego

The Countdown

 It was 7:00am when Darrel, Josh, and Ryan got on the bus. Oddly there was no one there except the bus driver who sat in his seat not moving. He had a blood red hoodie with 10 in bold black letters right across the back. They got to school late, and when they got to class Mr. Almondo told them to stay after school for detention, and sent them to the back of the class. There was also another kid there who wore a blood red hoodie with 8 on the back.

 In detention that afternoon the monitor sat in the corner of the room, he had on a bright red hoodie that said 7. After detention, they walked home and talked about the strangeness of seeing all those numbers. Food was out when each boy got home, but where their parents usually sat, there was just two blood red hoodies. One, said 6 the other 5. Trembling they all ran for the door, but tripped and fell hard on the floor. When they regained consciousness there were three pools of blood each one was crafted into a 4. They gave up, and slowly walked upstairs to go to bed.

 As soon as they fell asleep, all they could see was red. Ryan saw the number 3, Darrel saw the number 2, and Josh saw the number 1. They couldn’t take it, and they all ran outside in front of Ryan’s house. Before anything was said, the sky turned red and there was lightning and thunder. They looked at each other then up at the terrifying sky. The number 0 was there in bold black letters, everything flashed, and their worlds went black.