Observation By Michael

My friends Brian and Sai go with me to the movie theater. My friends bought a 106 oz bag of popcorn and a few bottles of water. I could remember how big the theater is and how calm the setting was. We were about to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire. I was really excited because I hadn’t seen a movie in forever. I could feel the noises of all the areas between other movies. I was really nervous though because I didn’t read the books and see the first movie so this was all new to me. It was two hours and twenty six minutes so we were going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. When my friends and I walked in, we could see there were tons of open seats. I could imagine this happening because we are watching the movie a week after it came out. The smell of the popcorn was amazing, but I’m not aloud to eat it because I have braces. After about ten minutes, my neck felt stiff and I felt like I couldn’t move.

As we start getting deeper in the movie, my neck starts to shiver from bad things that happen to the characters in the movie. It was at the part where the names get picked out to see who would have to play in the Hunger Games. What made it most special for that year of the hunger games is that it was the 75th. As a special, some people who were in different districts who had won before would play to survive. Two people are picked from each district. There are Twelve districts. My mood starts to swing back and forth from suspense and shock. I now felt nervous because the Hunger Games were about to start. The timer said “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” The horn beeped and the games started…

The Forest By: Zack

It’s windy.

I feel the cold blow on my face.

I sit on the damp stump of an oak tree.

I hear my stream flow past.

I smell my swamp, a smell of rotting wood and old mushrooms in the distance.

The ground is colorful, covered with leaves of every size and color.

I hear a sound to my left.

I slowly turn my head and I see a deer standing in a bush.

It’s only there for a few seconds.

Ten feet from where I sit.

Then it turns and walks off.



It’s silent.

Then I notice the birds are still reciting song after song in the canopy above my head.

And my stream is still gurgling on by my side.

I sit there.

Minutes fly past me, as fast as the wind.

The birds sing, stopping now and again and then picking up again, still as beautiful as ever.

The leaves rustle in the trees, falling to the ground in beautiful waves of color.

I see deer, but never as close as before.

Squirrels are rushing around eating, climbing trees, and looking for food.

I feel tired



These are signs that I should leave.

I stand and the songs stop.

I walk down the hill.

Balance across the log over the stream.

And run out of the woods and into the clearing.

I am home.

Observation Writing

I look up and see the tall, dark, trees covering the sky. The sun tries to get in, but it is blocked. The small pond I stand on is solid frozen and is dark brown. There are many bushes and shrubs around me and I see deer hiding in them. I am the only one here, except for the animal watching me. I slide around, the freezing weather makes my fingertips sting. The sky is dark and my feet are cold.


I wear a purple sweater and skinny jeans, from my toes to my head, I am cold. There is no wind, and there is no sun, the temperature is fifteen degrees. I feel like leaving, but the sights are so amazing that I can’t take my eyes off of it.


My throat feels dry, and my teeth chatter. I sit on the ice and look up at the sky. The tall trees make a dome over the pond, so my eyes look around, trying to find clouds. I hear squirrels scurry up trees, making homes. I try to find them, matching the movement of the trees with the sounds.


I turn on my stomach and look at the ice. It is brown and is hard to see anything under it. There are some plants that were growing in it and floated up to the top. Frozen. There are some bubbles too, they have also froze on there way up. I smell the dense scent of the moist trees, rain has made there bark very soft.


I take my green knitted gloves off, they tingle as they mix with the extremely cold air. My heart beats slowly as I stare at my feet. My feet, they tingle and ache because of how cold it is. Even though I am wearing furry boots and two layers of socks. I stand up, my vision weary, and walk deeper into the woods.


Exiting the dome was hard  weird, you start to miss the view. I kept walking, I thought if I kept my body moving I would get a little bit warmer. There were many dead leaves on the ground, and many small and big trees that have fallen and been hollowed by bugs.


I take a breath in. It smells like fresh pine trees. I’ve never snuck out of home like this, but it was worth it. The sun shines on my skin, and my feet are wet. I feel like I could run a marathon, I keep walking. I see some movement in a bush, and I quietly sneak up to it.


My hands reach for the bush, trembling but silently, and push the two sides open. My heart drops, I fumble back, I need to run but I am frozen. A wolf, it takes a step towards me. It bares its teeth at me, it’s gray fur is covered in dirt. Why did I have to sneak out? What am I going to do? I look to the side of me, nothing. I look behind me, there is a bush with berries on it.


Do I get them as a distraction? I’ll give it a shot – just then I started to run. I stick stuck out my hand to grab the berries. I am able to grab just about three. I look back at the wolf. It is closer to me, I put my hands out and show the berries. I move my hand around, swaying back and forth. I throw the berries far away. The wolf looked at them, then looked back at me. It lunged.


A silence filled the warm room. “See kids, the moral the story is at ask for permission first.” The old man chuckled.

Observation Blog Post Ava

“Oh Adrienne, I am so happy for you!” Ashley gushed as she secured Adrienne’s veil into place. Adrienne smiled, her happiness too hard to disguise, especially since she had planned a no-makeup wedding. Besides, the humid Florida air would just make the eyeliner drip. This is it! She thought. Excitement bubbled in her head and fizzed through her body. I’m finally getting married! Adrienne held her breath as her maid of honor turned her chair around so that it faced the mirror. She gasped at her reflection. Her thick, soft brown hair had been curled and let down just below her shoulders. White flowers dotted it, their thin stems twisting into her hair. Her veil was long and white, reaching to where her knees would be if she could see them. Adrienne had picked out her dress after many hours of looking at pictures of wedding dresses on the internet, and she was sure that she had made the right choice. It was sleeveless, and fanned out at her waist. The fabric was white, soft, and smooth. There were two layers, the inside one, and the taffeta outside. Adrienne sighed and twirled, feeling like a princess. She and her prince were going to live happily ever after!

“Adrienne, watch out!” Ashley yelped. Adrienne’s veil had caught on a coat hook and had ripped up the middle.

“Omg, omg, omg!” Adrienne shrieked, holding the tattered veil in her hands. It’s elegant fabric was now jagged and ripped. Ashley was freaking out.

“It’s okay! There’s nothing a little duct tape can’t fix!” She said, rummaging through a drawer and coming out with a roll of zebra striped duct tape. Peeling off a strip, she took the broken veil from Adrienne’s trembling hands and pressed it onto the rip. Then, she secured it back onto Adrienne’s head. “There!” She said, plopping down.

“Oh thank you Ashley!” Adrienne cried, throwing her arms around her friend’s shoulders.

Casper sat on the balcony over looking the bay. A cool breeze whispered around him, and he wriggled uncomfortably in his tuxedo. It was way too small for him, and it captured and kept the hot air inside, making him annoyed. Looking over the balcony, his eyes widened at the breath taking drop into the water. It didn’t look like water though. It was beautiful, with the sinking sun spreading shimmering waves over the calm grey water. All of a sudden, soft music began to play. A girl was walking toward him. Casper looked around. There was no way out!


“Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today, on behalf of Adrienne Galler and Casper. I welcome you all to this marriage ceremony. We are here today to encourage, celebrate and support the agreement these two, um, beings, Adrienne Galler and Casper are going to make and to share in the joy that Adrienne Galler and Casper experience as they pledge their love and commitment to each other,” Tears of happiness filled Adrienne’s eyes at the sight of her handsome beloved. Soon, it was time for the vows.

“Adrienne. Do you take Casper to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and behold from this day on, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?” Adrienne swallowed and took a deep breath. Tears still welled in her eyes.

“I do!” She declared, her voice strong with love and emotion. The Official turned to Casper. “And do you, Casper, take Adrienne to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and behold from this day on, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?” Casper looked up at the official. “Raurw!” He meowed. The official looked at Adrienne, and she nodded her approval. They were presented with two golden rings, one of which Adrienne slipped onto her own finger, and the other she slid onto Casper’s paw. “In that case,” Said the official, looking a little baffled at the exchange. “You may kiss the bride,” Adrienne’s tears spilled out, and she lifted Casper off the ground. Holding him close, she puckered her lips, but Casper clearly had other ideas. Hissing, he scrambled out of her arms and slipped over the balcony’s edge. He landed with a mighty splash in the bay. “Nooooooooooooooooo!” Adrienne cried, leaning over the balcony. After a couple of seconds, Casper reappeared, and scrambled out of the water. Shaking the cold wetness that seeped into his pelt, he looked up at Adrienne on the balcony. “I am waaay, too old for you!” He spat, before running off into the distance. Turning around, Adrienne spotted a brown tabby cat. She smiled, and ran to it, her arms outstretched. It was love at first sight.

Observation Story

Christmas is overrated. Too many lights, too much snow and too much cold. But there is one thing I do like about Christmas. I love the wintery rides with my horse. When I ride, I feel weightless. Her gentle movements match mine as we gallop bareback along the snow covered trails, dodging trees and jumping fallen logs.


On Christmas morning, I slid out of bed, threw on sweat pants and a jacket, and hurried down to the barn. Sugar greeted me with a whinny and a snake of her head. Her ears pricked up, and her nostrils flared. She looked powerful, As if she had just claimed her victory in a battle, and nothing could tear her down. I hugged her warm neck and kissed her soft nose. I offered her a frozen peppermint from my pocket. She loves peppermints. I made my way to the tack room where I grabbed my bag of grooming tools. I began vigorously brushing away at the dust spots on her mostly shiny coat. I’d finally finished as I ran back to the tack room to grab my tack. I decided I was going to ride bareback, today. I took my bridle off the dusty hook above my saddle. I ran back, eager to get on, and I draped the reins over Sugar’s head. As I held the bit to her teeth, nudging her to open her mouth, I slipped her ears into the browband. Then, I tightened the throatlatch and noseband. Finally, I slipped her reins back over her head and led her back out of the barn.


Fortunately, Sugar was in a good mood, so she didn’t try to move around while I was trying to get on. I clutched her mane in one hand, standing at her shoulder. I felt her warm breath against my arm. As I took a step back, my heart started beating faster. I took all of my energy and used it to leap up as high as I possibly could. At the same time, I swung my leg over her snow dusted back, and comfortably landed on her withers. Our adventure had begun.


We started at a walk, strolling along the dirt road leading to the field. When we reached our destination, I asked her to pick up a trot. She answered willingly as her leisurely gait became a bouncy, quick one. At last, after we did a couple circles, back-ups, and walks and trots in both directions, we started a canter. It was slowish at first, but I pushed her forward as she picked up her pace. At a gallop, I made a big circle and headed toward my first jump. It was a pile of logs in a hollowed out area of a, now leafless hedge. I felt the first snowflake land on my nose. I tasted coldness and the cool breeze swooshed around me as if I were flying. We gracefully flew over the jump. Now, as we cantered up the hill towards the second jump, everything was easier. I let go of my reins, careful not to let them fall. I raised my arms out by my sides and, off we went. I could tell that Sugar wanted to go, So I let her. But once you get Sugar going, you can’t stop her…eh…whatever!

Dashing off at the speed of light, we flew across the field, approaching a stone wall. Woosh! We made it over the rock wall, and headed into the woods. I picked up my reins and slowed Sugar down a bit. I didn’t want her to trip on any rocks. When we finally made it out, I knew what she wanted. I leaned forward and unlatched the throatlatch, and slid the browband off over her ears. The clink clank of the bit on her teeth was a sound I know by heart. I set my bridle down on a nearby rock and lied down in the grass beside her. We just lied there for hours, watching the clouds drift by us like a herd of fluffy sheep. The world started to disappear. Only the two of us were left. Just me and my horse.

Grey Clouds Fill The Heavens- Adrienne

Grey Clouds Fill The Heavens

The clear blue sky whistles with a cool breeze. I looked up as the grey clouds slowly filled the heavens . A freezingly cold mist came and made it uncomfortable to sit around outside anymore. I got up and looked around a little bit. The leaves crinkled after each step I took with my bare feet. I turned my head and saw a young deer run across my path. I kept walking even though there were flies flying around my head and buzzing in my ears.


The bare trees were covered in moss with spiders delicately weaving their webs in between the small limbs. The sun shone brightly above my head almost blinding me, but I kept going. I could smell the cold, it was piercing, but highly refreshing and reminded me of happiness.


As I walked I slowly realized that I was being pulled into a void. In front of me there was simply black. I woke up from my trance and turned around to run. The force was way too strong for me to refuse. My body was slowly pulled into the hole as my vision turned black.

Observational Piece

As I settle myself on my bed, the springs underneath me creek. The first thing I hear is the flowing wind. It howls, shaking the bare trees outside my windows. The next moment, they are thrown to one side and spun around. The last remaining leaves are hanging by a thread on the tips of the trees fall, going down to the ground. The sun is sinking in the sky, a very pretty color. I turn my gaze into my room. The Christmas lights reflect off of the wall, mixing all of the different shades. As the sun get darker, the lights in my room get brighter. Through the walls, I can hear the clanking and banging of unwashed dishes being washed. My brother goes in and out of his room, thinking that no one knows that he is taking snacks from the kitchen. For some reason, I smell flowers. I sniff once more, but I don’t know where it is coming from. A dog is yapping from far away. My dog walks into the room, jumping on my bed. He starts to lick my hand, I am not supposed to move from my spot.  The fuzzy blanket on my legs makes me feel very warm, cozy and content.


Then, I hear the front door gently close as my grandfather leaves. The stomping of his feet go down the stairs, fading with every step. A car doors opens and closes and I hear the loud car engine roar to life. He drives down our long driveway and he is out of sight.My mind starts to go elsewhere. The pricing ring from the phone shocks me back to reality. I urge to get it, but I can not move. My mother yells from upstairs  at my brother to get it, but he just moans and does move from his spot in front of his laptop. I want to see if it is my friend, but it just goes to voicemail. I sigh. As I close my eyes again, I smell delicious chocolate. The thought strikes me and I wonder why I smell chocolate.Then I remember all of the little stashes hidden in my room. Just thinking about the yummy food makes my mouth water. I crave it, yet cannot get it.


I move my legs. That was a big mistake. I feel an itch coming on, right in the middle of my cast! I drives me crazy that I ca not get to it. I shake my whole leg, hoping it will go away. I doesn’t! I try to stay still and wait for it to pass, but just stays put. I also try to stick my hand down my stiff cast, but the cast is too tight. After what seems like forever, it goes away. “Phew!” I think. I move my eyes a little and see that time is up. I stretch and feel calm and relaxed as I start to crawl toward some chocolate.


Observation Writing

I am relaxed, it is so silent that I can hear my own heartbeat. I look around and I see the light showing the dust particles in front of me. They move slowly in the air, and elegantly dance around me. I hear light snores coming from my sleepy dog. I take a breath in, and I smell the crisp smell scent from outside. I focus back inside. I feel the soft couch around me. I hear dogs bark, which wakes up my dog. She paces around the couch and me. Her tiny feet make small echo around the room. They make me laugh.


I look outside the foggy window. I see leaves falling from trees, they are a mix of  colors. Red, brown, and orange. They fall elegantly with the wind and crinkle when they hit the to the ground. I hear the stream outside of the window. It is  gurgling it is quietly, and it sounds peaceful.

My eyes start to feel droopy. To my right ear I hear motorcycles pass, they are loud and once again wake my dog. Behind me, down the hallway, I hear my brother and grandmother talking with giggles, then it stops. I feel my clothes cling to me, and I feel a shock of coldness up my spine.  I look next to me, a big fuzzy blanket. I curl up in it, and I feel warm. I fall asleep.

Thanksgiving Observation (with a twist)

I exit my bedroom and stumble downstairs. I go through the kitchen where my mother has already prepped other foods the previous day. My new pajamas are big and soft on my skin. I settle on the couch where things have already been moved around to accommodate the tables and chairs we rented for the twenty people that would be arriving around three o’clock.


Smells of vegetables, corn bread and latkes are wafted through the air.


The sounds of The Boy In The Striped Pajamas exit the earbuds into my ear as the little German boy, Bruno, sits, separated by an electric fence across from Shmuel, a Jewish boy in a camp. Tears well in my eyes all throughout the movie as my mom  and dad attempt to prepare our twenty eight pound turkey.


Soon, I find myself mushing smooth Sculpey through my hands, creating a tiny snow man with sharp tools, as my brother and sister sit beside me, combining different colors and creating who knows what. But still, I sit and become oblivious to my surroundings, only focusing on the parade on the tv, and my little Sculpey snowman with a santa hat on his head and a red scarf around his neck.


Lots of people march by on the tv screen. Some of them are carrying strings attached to a big balloon Snoopy and Woodstock. Others are waving to the crowd from a float, as Free Willy the whale is in mid jump behind them.


The day goes by and I walk around the house, bored. I change into my dress, black and see through and very lacey. I pair it with black tights, a black camisole, black flats and a vibrant blue cardigan. People begin to arrive and before I know it, everyone is sitting at the beautifully decorated table,


Plates piled with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, latkes, sweet potato casserole, corn bread and vegetables. The adults all have a glass of some sort of liquor in their hands.


But, all good things must come to an end, and this end came too soon. Everyone has gone accept my aunt, my uncle, his girlfriend and my grandpa. This is when we were giving unnecessary, but much appreciated, chanukah presents.


As I gently removed the pretty, wintery wrapping paper, and opened the box, I saw, a sleek, small, blue karaoke machine.


I run my hand over the top of it and smile.


Just as I lean over to give hugs, things started to swirl in my head. I saw a bright white

light. I sunk through the couch cushions. My memory became foggy.


All of a sudden I woke up. I sat up in bed, but, it wasn’t my bed. I was in a small room painted pale green, sitting on a small cot with an itchy blanket that smelled of mothballs. I looked around. A dull gray material was draped over my body.


I lay back and closed my eyes, trying to wake up. I rubbed my eyes and sat up again. I was still in the room. Now there was a figure standing in a doorway I hadn’t noticed. I sat still, hoping the dull light would conceal me. It was no such luck as the figure came towards me.


He reached out to stroke the side of my face. I slapped his hand away and then my head hit the thin pillow. My brain felt like mush. My eyes couldn’t come to focus as the surroundings swirled around me. I rose through the couch in my living room. My family was beside me. Everyone was staring. I looked down at my body. The gray drape began to disintegrate and I was left with my black lace dress I had been wearing before. I rose from the couch, climbed the stairs and laid on my bed, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Observation Post – Petra

Room Poem

A fan is making soft noises while an air purifier is making the air thinner

The smell of toasted marshmallows getting a golden crisp middle while burning the edges

Hearing a loud screechy laugh behind the wall

Spongebob is on like usually

The sound of my keys typing non-stop like, little people stomping on my computer

Spongebob is not as loud anymore

Katie is practicing her gymnastics splits in the middle of the floor

She threw a shoe at me because I was typing too loud

The colorful art work all over the walls makes everything else seem so dull

Gymnastic trophies on her shelves

They’re really….. small shelves

Laying on the bed relaxing doing the homework

Velvet blue and scrunched pillows soft against my back

The bed is covered with rough circular stitches and soft fuzzy blankets

The blue, pink, and green punch candy cane aftertaste is sweet but sour settling in my mouth

White and purple christmas lights brighten the whole room with beautiful spots

Foot steps going down the stairs with keys jangling up and down in a pocket

A cherry lip balm was spreading its sweet smell all over the room

Simple pop music is quiet but still audible

Barely a sound of Spongebob

A rainbow colored lamp is brighter than ever in my face

The candles in the room are smokey

The walls are dull but the creatively shaped shelves in squares make the room look so unique

On each and every shelf is some type of hair accessory

I find it funny because she has a bob, a fashionable bob, but still a bob

The cute big eyed unicorn stuffed animals have big heads but small bodies

A big fall orange leaf balloon with wrinkles on each point of each leaf is floating in the corner

A halloween glass set is sitting on mini table

Whenever I see it all I can do is want to change it……. It’s almost christmas

The more I go in her room the more I think she should update her season room theme

Cute Black kitty ears swinging on her movable lamp from halloween

The colorful lamp shades are burning hot

A desk filled with pencils, markers, crayons, stamps, stickers and all the art you could imagine

The only thing she doesn’t have is printer but yet has so many printed pictures

For an eleven year old her room is great

The whole room is one fuzzy pop out picture

With no sound of Spongebob