One For The Murphys Heros- By Corinna

In One For The Murphys by Lynda Mullaly there are many main characters that also double as heros. Some heros help people in their town. Other heros might help around the world. In One For The Murphys, most of their heros are in the town. Jack is a local fireman and Mrs. Murphy is a hero in her own way. Even though some people aren’t technically heros, they can be heroic in their own special ways.

For example, Mrs. Murphy could be considered a hero in certain ways. When Carley needed a home, Mrs. Murphy was able to give her one. She cared so much for Carley when she was in such a bad time. When Carley needed a caring and loving family, Mrs. Murphy gave her one. Jack is also a hero. He hasn’t really personally helped the Murphys, but he is a fireman. Firemen help crazy amount of people everyday since he is risking his life for other peoples.

Many people are heroes whether they are being heros for the world, or for small amounts of people. People like Jack Murphy are definitely heros since firemen like him help people all over. They put out fires and help save peoples lives. People like Mrs. Murphy are also kind of heroes since they help people in smaller amounts. She was almost like a hero for Carley and for her family. So people like the Murphys are heroes and other people around the world are too.

Heroes in “One For The Murphys” – Alex

So far in “One For The Murphys” there’s been many different heroes. I have to admit that they are all in important in their own way. I think that the biggest hero is Mrs. Murphy. This is because she was the one wanted to help and take care of a foster child. She was also the one who made Carley feel like she was at home and made her feel more welcome. Without Mrs. Murphy the whole book would have been completely different. Her personality sort of shaped Carley to be who she is now.

Mrs. Murphy might have some experience with foster care and maybe was a foster child herself. It could have even been one of her friends going through foster care and told her about the great experience when she bonded with the child. She probably also heard bad things about other foster parents and wanted to make sure that a kid could have a powerful experience that could change their life. There were many hints that Mrs. Murphy wanted to adopt Carley because she cared about her so much and wanted to make sure she was safe.

I feel that Mrs. Murphy is a very powerful and strong person that can change someone else’s perspective. Maybe she could even help Carley get through her tough time. I predict that maybe Mrs. Murphy will find some common interests or different things that have happened in their lives with Carley. Mrs. Murphy could have even been a foster child herself since she said she understood how Carley was feeling. Overall Mrs. Murphy was a hero in my opinion, she was a powerful, smart, strategic, hardworking leader.

One For The Murphys – Heroes – By Eden G

This book has many characters. If I think about each character, I think they each have something that makes them “special”. Carley had a pretty rough life when she was younger. When Mrs. Murphy decided to take Carley in, it was definitely going to change Carley’s life. If I think about Carley, I would think that Mrs Murphy is her hero. She is a very kind person and continues to help Carley out, even when she doesn’t ask for it. Constantly caring, constantly treating her like her own child, and constantly doing everything she can for her.

Then theres Carley herself. I also think she is a hero. She isn’t a hero for the same reasons as Mrs Murphy, but she has a lot on her plate and continues to get through it. She isn’t a hero like batman or superman. She’s just Carley; but Carley’s life is definitely one I wouldn’t want to have to go through, and is very tough and rough. She might not be the kindest, or sweetest person while getting through her life, but she still finds a way to get through it.

There are also new people in Carley’s life that she is slowly becoming friends with. I think that in some ways they can be heroes as well. Carley is new and being the new kid is never fun. Having people open to talking with Carley is helping her out, even if it takes a bit of time before they are “friends”. I think there is never just one hero, just like theres not just one marvel super hero. If all the “hero’s” come together in one story something great can happen, and that’s exactly what’s happening in One For The Murphys.

One for the Murphys Heroes-Lexi

I think that there are 3 main heroes in the book so far. One is Mrs. Murphy, because she is really helping Carley through this tough time. Another is Toni, because she is accepting Carley and being her friend. The last one is Mr.Murphy, because while it wasn’t much of his doing he showed Carley, that there is no need to be afraid of him.

Mrs.Murphy was a hero to Carley in many ways. She took her into her home from a bad situation and gave her a steady roof to live under. She treated her like Carley had never been treated before and showed her love. Some examples are that she bought her easter presents and, protected her from the police officer. I think that Mrs. Murphy really like Carley and would love to adopt her.

Tori is also a hero in the story. She is Carley only friend right now, and is the only one at school being nice to her. Tori is really helping Carley through this tough time. I hope that if Carley goes back to her mom, she will stay friends with Tori. I also hope that Tori forgives Carley and they become friends again.

The last hero is Mr. Murphy, he showed Carley that not all men will hurt her. Mr.Murphy hasn’t been so nice to Carley throughout the book, but he taught her a lesson. When Mr.Murphy was yelling at Carley for skipping school, she said that she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. While Mr.Murphy didn’t intentionally show Carley this, he still proved it to her. I think that later in the book Carley and Mr.Murphy will become closer.

All of those people are making difference in Carley’s current everyday life. Mrs. Murphy is really nice to her and makes her feel special, Toni is her only friend and her best friend, and Mr. Murphy taught her a valuable lesson. I predict that Carley’s relationship with all of these characters will grow.

Global Read Aloud

A few weeks ago, we started the Global Read Aloud. Half of the middle school gets together, lays down, gets comfortable and we listen. The teachers read to us and put lots of emotion into their reading. I like Global Read Aloud because it really gives us time to just lay down and relax. The book is called, Out of My Mind”by Sharon Draper. It is the first time ever the middle school has taken part in a global read aloud. This book is very well written, though very sad.

The main character’s name is Melody and she has to use a pink wheelchair all of the time. Well, most of the time she has to use it. Other times, Melody falls out like liquid. When Melody does, she is like a fish out of water. She cannot move or talk or walk. Most people think that Melody never will. The poor girl is short and little. Her legs are very frail and weak, just like the rest of her body because nothing has ever been used. Melody has brown eyes and is actually very pretty if you get under her one eye that goes kind of out of whack and how Melody sometimes drools a little. Most of the time Melody does not even knowing she is doing it. When people look at her, they feel sorry for her. I think that after reading this book, the next time people look at a person like Melody, they will think about what is on the inside of them, instead on focusing on the outside and their appearance. I think that it does not matter what you look like or how you talk. It matters what’s on the inside.

It is kind of hard for me to look at someone like that because it makes me feel so sad, but at the same time, grateful. We are very, very grateful to be normal and healthy. It is a shame that some people do not realize how hard it is for Melody’s parents and she knows that. They have to pick her up, change her, feed her and much more. I really hope that there is a happy ending to this book. It is such a great book and wonderful outline, that it would be terrible if it did not end well. We should be grateful for what we have are not like Melody and that we can walk and talk.


Global read aloud – Alex

The PDS  middle school is reading Out of my mind by Sharon Draper. We are reading this book like many other schools in the  Global Read Aloud.  Global read aloud is self explanatory. Schools all over the world read a few books then write about them.


Out of my mind is a sad story of a disabled girl named Melody. She has been disabled since birth. She can not walk or talk but she can move her thumbs just enough to point at words to communicate with others. Although this story is fictional, it is accurate. Every disabled person goes through the same  and/or different challenges as Melody. Thoughts never heard, words never spoke, the kind of things that could drive the average person insane. But Melody is tough. She is patient, calm and more. Many of the things I could not be if I were like that.


The emotions brought up in this book are endless. Emotions for Melody like sorrow, how sad it is that somebody has to go through this. Especially such a intelligent girl. Guilt, how we take some things for granted like talking. But those very things we take for granted some people want and need. But then there are good feelings too. When she gets a friend to walk with her to her next class or when someone goes with her on a trip. It brings warmth to my heart when I hear that people are going out of their way to help her.


The way I see it’s that now the whole world has at least a little more awareness and respect for the disabled people.Global Read Aloud is slowly making the world a better place, one book at a time.


Global Read Aloud By Ava

Out Of My Mind is such an amazing story, and it really draws empathy from your heart for people that have disabilities. Melody, an eleven year old girl, has a disability that prevents her from talking and moving. She faces so many obstacles, but every time she somehow figures out how to jump them without being able to move her legs. Besides not being able to communicate, Melody struggles with school girl problems, though they are ten times worse. It’s hard to believe that someone has a brain when they have no way to express it, and when it’s brought up with your classmates, it makes it even harder. But of course, there are the good things that come along in life, and even though it’s harder to enjoy them in Melody’s condition. She is still a kid, and she likes candy and dogs and other things.

Melody is extremely intelligent, but it is hard to communicate it with others. Even though she is almost frozen on the outside, her mind whirs constantly. Out Of My Mind introduces you to what’s inside of Melody’s mind, and it shows that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Out Of My Mind makes me wish that my school had a program for people with disabilities, because I want to be friends with someone like that. When someone becomes friends with Melody, she gets so happy. I want to have the chance to make somebody that happy, even if it means just holding their hand.

Life must have been so frustrating for Melody, and I hope that I have the chance to  help someone with disabilities.


We are reading Out Of My Mind as part of the Global Read-aloud. Global Read-aloud is a technology-run reading. All over the globe, schools are reading Out Of My Mind and talking about the book using Twitter, Skype, and other ways to communicate on a computer. Every day at our school, we read another couple chapters. The book is great, and I can see people getting inspired on every chapter. I think that my middle school might even try and have a school day where we don’t talk for the whole day. I think that it would be cool if we did that, because then we could try and feel like Melody for a day. I love reading the book, even though this is my sixth time reading it.

Global Read aloud

This year we are doing something something new to the middle school. We are doing the global read aloud. The global read aloud is a fun and creative event that a lot of other schools do also. How the global read aloud works is a lot of different schools read a book that the global read aloud picked. Schools do it so kids can get a taste of different styles of writing. The book that the global read aloud participants are reading this year is Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper. She is a very terrific author that makes you think about the main event that is going on in her book. Out of my Mind is very powerful book that makes you think that books aren’t always fiction but not about a true story, books can just be about something that is very much real.


The book is about a girl named Melody. She is not able to walk, talk, and does not have any control on her body. She can make some sounds but not complete words. She is able to point to things with her thumb on her board. You could call her paralyzed in some ways. It is very sad how she can’t do much. I couldn’t imagine being like that. I am happy for her now, she got a new wheelchair that is much more modern. The wheels are thicker and it is an electric wheelchair, too. and make is so that she can not feel as much as a shake when she goes over a bump. It is much heavier than her old one.  Her old one was very plain and wasn’t very comfortable. She finally got something nice to sit in. I am really happy that things are starting to lighten up for Melody, especially when you’re starting school again. You may know someone like Melody but you may not. If you do, you are lucky you get the experience to know someone different like that. Out of my Mind is a very interesting book. To me I feel like Melody is actually in my class, It’s like I am getting to know Melody as a real person with that kind of condition. It’s almost as if she was here in school with me.

I have read the book, so I know what is going to happen. Reading the book is making me think about it more. Before I finished reading the book, my prediction was that Melody finds a way to talk. I like how the book is written and I like how each chapter ends with a cliffhanger or a really good juicy ending. Out of all the books I have read, this book would definitely be one of my favorites. I think that Out of my Mind was a great book for the Global read aloud. For people that want to get into somebodies life that is much different than there’s, I would suggest giving this book a chance.

Global Read Aloud – Julian

In my school the whole middle school is doing a Global Read Aloud on the fictional book “Out of my Mind” by Sharon Draper. It is about a disabled girl named Melody, her life, friends and challenges. It is hard for Melody she can’t speak or walk, so if she wants to say something on her mind or explain something, she can’t.


All the teachers and people Melody had to help her and teach her didn’t understand Melody. There was one person Mrs. Vee, she understands Melody and how smart she really was her parents did too. Its like a blind man being able to hear better than anyone else. Melody loves Mrs. V even though Mrs. V challenged Melody to really try to talk and walk.


Melody relates to Steven Hawking in the book. I think Melody relates to Steven because he is really smart and he can’t talk or walk. He relates to Melody because Melody is smart and can’t talk or walk. I think that Melody will eventually develop some way to talk. I don’t know about walking.xx Ever since Melody joined the inclusion class she has made new friends and that inclusion program has opened new doors for Melody.

I think Melody is amazing from having all that patience not being able to talk or walk and just wanting to say something. Melody shows not only how hard it is to be in her shoes. I feel I would need a lot of patience and control to be in Melody’s position. I also feel that Melody is a strong and controlled. This is as much as I know about the book so far. I tried my best not to spoil the book.



Global Read Aloud-Out of My Mind By: Zack

Global read aloud is where schools from all over the world read one book at the same time. Right now the middle school is reading “out of my mind”, a book by Sharon Draper. Our school really likes it because the book is interesting, and you get to see what life is like for Melody, the main character.

“Out of my mind” is about a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a disease she was born with, it completely takes away all of her everyday abilities that we all take for granted.  She can’t walk, talk, feed herself and she doesn’t have any balance.

Although Melody is physically challenged, her brain is anything but challenged. She remembers everything, sounds, information and smells. Since most of her life she watched nature documentaries, she knows a lot about nature. She can also read some spanish. Imagine knowing so much and not being able to share any of it, knowing so much but the world thinks you’re a retard. Hopefully you now understand how Melody feels.

Global Read Aloud is a great way to learn about people and to connect with people all over the world. It’s fun because sometimes we skype with people who are reading the book at the same as us. I think it’s a really fun way to read a good book.