Choice Post -About my Vacation – By Mira

One thing that I really loved that I did so far in my life is when I went to Africa. This summer in August my grandparents, my mom and dad, my sister and I went to Africa. We went there for my Poppie’s 80th birthday and my dad’s 55th birthday. It was probably the best trip I have ever went of and I will NEVER forget it. In August we left New York to go on an amazing adventure. I have never been out of North or Central America before so this was definitely far away from home.

When we got on the plane our first stop was to Amsterdam for two days and then it was off to Africa. When we got to Amsterdam we got to the place we stayed at and than we started to explore the city. Some places we went to when we were there was we went to the Anne Frank house. It was amazing to go there and see how her and her family lived and what they had to go through. Also I have read so many things about her and to go and see their house and how their lifestyle was it was awesome. Another thing is that we went to the Van Gogh museum and looked at all the beautiful artwork. One thing that really disappointed me was that my favorite painting by him the “Starry Night” and it was not there. Another thing is that Amsterdam was were the movie “ The Fault in our Stars” took place and it was really cool to see some of those places come to life. Something else that you should try if you ever go to Amsterdam is the food. One night we were walking around and we went to this french fry place and it made amazing french fries and dipping sauces. I really loved Amsterdam so much and I hope to go back there soon.

Two days later we left Amsterdam and we were Africa. When we first got there it was night time and the first thing I thought of Was one of my favorite movies the “Li0n King”. It was everything I imagined. Every day when we were there we went to different places almost every night. Most of them were beautiful and it looked like a hotel and I did not imagine it to look like that. When we met our guide who would be touring us through Africa he was really nice and very funny. Already I knew this would be a great trip.

Every day we did a drive in the jeep for a couple or just to look at everything and see the animals. When I first saw the animals all of them were beautiful and looked like nothing I have ever seen before. We saw every animal that you would imagine that would be out there .

On the second day we were on our trip it was my Poppie’s 80th birthday so that night after dinner they brought out a HUGE cake and we all celebrated. It was so much fun. The next day we stayed at a different place and we saw baboons and buffalo right outside our bedrooms. Also when we went to go swimming there were monkeys that came up to the pool and sat down and it was so funny. A few days later we went to the border of Kenya and Tanzania and to see the thousands of wildebeest crossing, unfortunately we saw no wildebeest crossing but we did see a bunch of dead wildebeest.

The next day it was my dad’s birthday so  we had a cake and we sang happy birthday. At the last place we stayed at you could hang out in this center and you could see the animals come up to you. That afternoon something really funny happened. We were sitting and reading and a monkey came down from the branch and took the lime of my mom’s drink out and then the monkey dumped over the glass and started eating to lime and I caught it on video.

Two days later it was time to leave and we were all really sad. We all said it was the best vacation ever and I would never forget it. There are many things I did not write about that I wanted to write but some of those memories will just stay in my thought. I loved this trip and it really brought my family together. I will never forget it!


Choice Post-To Promises By Sarah

Around the year nineteen thirty I was at a party in Paris where the most amazing singer was at the piano. It was a captivating song. I fell in love with his voice, the way he sat the piano, how he grazed the keys with his fingers and the mischief in his eyes.
“Milly, who is that singing?’’ I asked without taking my eyes off him.
“Why that’s Cole Porter,’’ she said as if everyone knew.
I walked over mystified by the sound. He looked up, gave a little wink, then went back to his magic making. When the song was over, he stood up and introduced himself with a bow. “I am Cole Porter, and who might you be?” He had a way with words, they flowed out of his mouth and danced in the air before disappearing into history. His words had a rhyme and a rhythm to them almost like he was singing.
“I am Rita Govern.”
“Well Miss Govern, I am done for the night. Would you like to go have a night you will never forget?”
“You can call me Rita, but why not.”
“Why not what?’’ he asked as if wanting me to make a promise.
“I will go with you for tonight. I promise I will never forget,” I flirted.
At the exact moment waiter walked by, he gracefully snagged two wine glasses. It was very smooth, almost as if he had planned it. “To promises we may not keep and a night of adventure.”
“To the night.” I said as we raised our glasses till they met with a clink.

The Price of Sleep

Have you ever been so uncomfortable that despite your fatigue, you couldn’t sleep? Have you ever tried your very hardest to slip into peaceful oblivion, but have been unable to because you’re being forced to sit up? And, have you ever thought to yourself: how much would I pay for something as simple as a bed?

I know that I have, sitting cramped like a sardine in my economy class seat, with 12 more hours of the flight to survive, and the happy prospect of jet lag when I land. I also know that when I can’t sleep, I always remember what the business seats that I walked past looked like, and how well I would have slept had I been able to just lie flat. Airlines are catching on – accommodations for sleep…and much more are being prepared. From armchairs and beds made by yacht designers to butlers and private chefs, airlines are out to eliminate any discomfort. But the improvements are limited to the very richest and wealthiest.

But how much are you, or anyone, willing to pay for a good night’s sleep? Even if you could afford a trip in Singapore Airline’s Suite class or Etihad’s The Residence, would it be worth it? Would one flight in the lap of luxury be worth a minimum of $23,000?


The median income for an American household is $51,000. A round trip ticket in The Residence costs $42,940.67. So, the average American household could spend 84.196078431373% of their yearly income, choose two family members, and go on a round trip flight in The Residence.


For $42,940.67, you could have approximately 28 hours with your very own butler, gourmet meals on demand, and even a bed – in the sky. And did I mention the bathroom (with shower) and living room?


I can’t explain dining with Etihad, only the picture can…




I can’t explain the bed either…


Or the bathroom…


Bedrooms, butlers, and bathrooms are great, but…


Instead of using your money for 28 hours of luxury, you could use $43,000 to feed 119.399691757741348 people, three meals a day for one whole year.


So, if every time you wish for a bed, and think about how much you’d pay, think twice. Hunger and hunger related deaths kill millions each year. So, the choice is yours:


Luxury for 28 hours, or 119 lives for a year.

– Nachman


Choice Post – Tiny Tins – Georgia

Once upon a time there were people called “Tiny Tins” They were tiny, and they lived in old abandoned shoes in basements of houses. There were many of them all around the world. They were exactly like humans, same features and everything, just tiny. Once there was a family and they were their a shoe and a HUMAN came in. If you saw humans they were terrifying to them. They thought that they would get crushed.

They were so scared of getting crushed they always had an escape plan. They would have a hole in the bottom of the shoe to escape from. They nearly got out but didn’t have enough time, so they got squashed. Soon enough every “Tiny Tin” in the world was gone. That’s why they are Humans instead of “Tiny Tins”. It’s their anniversary today and people say on their anniversary one “Tiny Tin” comes back.

Today Wasn’t Normal- By Corinna

For a free write, I decided to write a story called, “Today Wasn’t Normal”.

Today wasn’t a normal day. It all started awhile ago. I woke up late like always and of course missed my bus. I grabbed my bike and biked to school. Once I got there, I saw I only had 5 minutes so I ran up to the top floor and to my homeroom, sliding into my chair as soon as the bell rang. I continued through the school day half asleep. I definitely remembered everything all my teachers said… not. Once it came to lunch, I sat with my friends and ate without realizing. They talked and gossiped while I just sat there. Tired. Bored. Stressed. It wasn’t like me at all. I was usually the happy one or the one that talked more than I ate. They all kept saying, “Jessica, are you dead?” and of course I responded to every comment but that was all. I wasn’t feeling well or like myself.

I had photography and science after lunch and recess. After taking stupid photos of clouds and flowers, the day was over. I had a few encounters with my friends but then I was off to my wonderful fridge and bed. But something came over me.

I took a left when I was supposed to take a right. I knew where I was and where the road would take me but I tried taking the right route home but I felt like someone was controlling me. Once I was about a block away I got off my bike and walked home. I dropped my bag off, grabbed a bowl of cheerios and went upstairs into my room.

I did my homework, talked to my friends, and of course practiced my dance for the spring talent show. It’s about 3 months away, but I’m a slow learner. I came down for dinner and then my parents went out for date night. Being 14 I could finally stay home alone. I bundled up with my phone and my laptop in the living room. I then got a call, when a smash came from the kitchen. I ran in while telling my mom that I was fine. A vase fell, but something was inside of it. I picked up the piece of paper, and saw 3 words.

“Look behind you.”

I then thought I would die. I got knocked out and was barely awake in the car, but I heard 2 scary men talking.

“What do we do to her?” said the driver.

“I don’t know Dennis! I feel horrible!” said the passenger. Well I knew one thing. The driver was named Dennis. Not a very scary name.

“Let’s put her in the park. I honestly feel bad. She’ll be close to home.”

I then fell asleep and woke up on a park bench.

“Hey! HEY! Little girl!”

“Um excuse me, I’m 14.”

“Okay 14 year old girl, were very sorry. You’re not too far from home. We’re just leaving you here. Bye!”

And that was the end of it. They were gone. I walked home and never spoke of it again to anyone.


Well I hope you enjoyed!

All About Me- By Leah

Hi! my name is Leah and this is my school’s seventh grade English blog. I live in the great state of New York,and I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley. I live with my mom, my dad and my twin sister (she is also on this blog). My mom and dad are both lawyers so I know a little bit about law. I use to do lots of sports and now I have narrowed it down to one. That sport is horseback riding. I have been doing it all of my life but I have been doing it competitively for six, going on seven years.
Growing up around horses made me love animals, and I can proudly say that so far I have never spent a day of my life without an animal. Speaking about animals, I have three dogs and three horses. I go to PDS which is an independent school, and the students and staff do almost all of their work using computers. My favorite subject is history, and I love reading. I will be blogging more this year so check out my page on the stupendous 7th grade :)!

Choice Post-Hitchhikers – By Lexie

You always hear from everyone that hitchhikers are dangerous and to never pick them up. I am usually to person to stay as far away from hitchhikers as possible.  So why had I just picked up a man off the side of the road that was most definitely a hitchhiker? I guess it was all in the moment, he looked nice and he also looked me straight in the eye and made me feel bad. So now a man, who I dont even know is sitting in my back seat.

When I saw him sitting on the side of the road he was asleep on his feet. He looked like he could have fallen asleep right there. So, of course, when he got in my car he was right to sleep. I’ve been driving for around 30 minutes with him sleeping in the back, and i’m not really sure where he wants to go so i’m just driving to where I’m going, that is Montana. I live in Wyoming and I’m visiting my mom in Montana.

He slept for about an hour then woke up and didn’t talk much. I asked him his name and he said it was Andrew. Then I asked him where he was going and he said wherever I was going and that he didn’t care. He didn’t talk much for awhile. Then I song came on the radio and he started singing along. He told me that was his favorite song. He told me when the song was over that the song reminded him he needed to go to Sonora, Mexico. We were in the US, and I wasn’t about the drive to Mexico. “How do you plan to cross the border” I asked him.

“We can illegally cross, I’ve done it before.” He thought he was convincing me. Illegally crossing was not going to happen with me here, so I told him that I was not going to drive him to Mexico. He agreed and said it was a stupid idea to ask me to do that.

“Then I’ll do i,t” he said and quickly climbed into the seat next to me. I was confused what he was talking about, but I decided not to ask.

“Get out!” he said.

“Excuse me?” I asked very confused and scared now.

“Get out or I will shoot you.” He pulled a gun out of his bag that he brought into the car with him. I was panicking now. I will just tell him that driving to Mexico is fine.

“I’ll drive you to Mexico, I promise just get back into the back seat,” I said panicking.

“No,” he said and pulled the hammer of the gun. “Ok fine I’ll make it a little easier. Open your door, he said,” so I did.

“Now drive a little.”

“With my door open?” I asked him, not planning to do that.

“Yes, and unbuckle your seat belt, or we’ll…die.”

“Okay!” I did exactly what he said, my door was open, my seat belt was off and I drove for maybe two seconds before getting pushed out my door.

I tumbled on the road then sat up, nothing really hurt that much but I had a few scrapes and bruises. I watched as Andrew climbed into the drivers seat, and kept on driving to wherever he is going. This is why you should never pick up hitchhikers.


Free Write – Eden G

Every school morning it’s the same routine. Alarm goes off, I click snooze, go back to sleep and my mother comes in and has to wake me up.  However, today was different. Instead of my mother coming in at 6:00am like usual, I opened my eyes to see it was 11:00am. My mom has some pet peeve about my brother and I missing school, because for four generations we’ve had “perfect attendance records”. I painstakingly got out of bed and go see why my mom didn’t wake me. I go check my mom’s room but she isn’t home and neither is my brother, Austin.

I was in absolute shock that my mother didn’t wake me up today. My brother is probably already at school, because he gets up on his own and takes the bus. Where my mother might be is unknown. This is only my 1st year at this high school so I don’t know how to get there. I suppose I can pull up directions on my phone. I find it is only a twenty-minute walk. I eat something quickly and grab my bag.

I finally get to school and see no cars, by this point I am so confused. I go to the front door and it’s locked. Now the day is more than halfway over and I’d best just go home.  I get back home and my mom is sitting on the couch. “Where did you go?” I explain how I went to school and ask why she didn’t wake me. She then tells me it’s the weekend and to go back to sleep.

Absolute Nonsense By Aydin (Choice Post)

Absolute Nonsense

One day, a male brown sea cucumber was on top of a building, looking as if he was about to jump. Coming to that conclusion, a nearby female orange elephant ran right into the building that the cucumber was on, and looked for some way of getting to the higher levels. Upon looking, the pink elephant found an elevator, went in and pushed the button for floor 50, which is the highest level. This is where the elephant assumed the sea cucumber was going to be.

 When the orange elephant got up to the highest floor he ran toward a short flight of stairs that lead to the very top surface of the building. The elephant ran up the stairs on to the top of the building to find that the brown sea cucumber wasn’t there anymore. Had he jumped? the elephant asked himself. Upon further inspection of the top of the building, the elephant saw a luscious rainbow dog. The dog had a straight face. The elephant went up to the dog and simply greeted it with a soft “Hello,”

The dog then looked straight into the elephants eyes and said, “Illuminati.”

The elephant was puzzled. Then, just seconds later, the elephant blacked out.

 The elephant woke up to notice that she was falling from the same building she was standing atop of just a minute ago. What had happened? How did it happen? All of this was racing through her mind right before she hit the ground. The last thing she heard before she died was a blue duck saying, “I think she’s done for, mate.”

My trip to Punta Cana- Alex

2 years ago when I was on spring break, I took an incredible trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I was there for about 2 weeks and it was an amazing experience. The flight wasn’t that bad, it was only about 3 to 4 hours. When we were getting close to land I saw a lot of palm trees and all different kinds of exotic plants. After we got off the plane it was really hot and  it turns out I was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Once we checked into our hotel and got all of our bags unpacked we checked walked around. Whenever you drove around somewhere you use a golf cart and it was a lot of fun. Mainly when we were there I went swimming in the giant pool that went all away around the hotel. One of my favorite activities we did while we were at Punta Cana was snorkeling. I got to feed a lot of different fish and got some amazing pictures. The place itself was so beautiful, all the trees and flowers made the place so warm and tropical. The only bad part was I got really bad sunburn and it hurt for a while after the trip. Overall Punta Cana was a breathtaking trip that I wish I can soon visit again.

This was when I was riding on the golf cart and looking at the view.

This was when I was snorkeling. Pictures taken by me.