Chains Reflection/Thoughts *SPOILERS* ~ Aydin

My thoughts on Chains so far, is that it’s a very well written historical fiction book. I say this because even though it is fiction, the author does a very good job of making it sound nonfiction by tying Isabel and Ruth’s experiences to real historical events. I also like how accurate the way slaves’ lives are portrayed. All of the horrible things that happen to the slaves or around the slaves always seem to always have a deep meaning, and what makes it even better is that the story is told from a slaves prospective.

As for the part of the book the class is currently reading (around page 240), there have been some pretty insane things happen. For instance, there was a HUGE fire in New York, and  everyone was freaking out. Isabel sadly lost (and practically set ablaze) her sister Ruth’s doll, which was the only memory she had left of Ruth after they were separated. Another sort of depressing thing that has recently happened in the book is that Curzon (Boy with red hat that really likes Isabel) was captured and put into prison. Isabel later visited him, and when she did so she saw the horror he had become. Curzon was now pale and extremely thin. His used to be bright red hat now is a very dark red covered in mud.

All in all, Chains has been a great book so far, and I am so excited to read what happens at the end (the class is very near done with the book). I feel that Laurie Halse Anderson (the author) did a very good job on this book, and I think I might even read another one of her books.

Chains – by 7th grade

Seventh graders are almost finished a joint project on Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. We have been working with Jake and Shirley on reading the book and doing a variety of writing pieces connected to the story, setting and characters. We have studied the many quotes found at the beginning of each chapter, connecting them to the story and actual historical events. Each student completed a blog post, a historical fiction story and a sonnet poem. We are now working on large wall  murals depicting scenes from this book.

Chains Sonnet

Chains Sonnet

By: Charlotte Cannan

Our 7th grade is reading a book called Chains,

She works hard in trying to become free,

It’s about a slave girl who has a big brain.

But she is known as the slave who serves madam, tea.

Her name is isabel and she has a sister,

A friend of hers in a red hat,

But her sister got sold by the mean tory mister.

Gets thrown in prison like a dirty rat.

A battle between tories and rebels,

Darkness filled throughout the sky

Nothing is left, besides little pebbles.

Don’t want to make you down but, people do die.

She has a lot of things going on

Isabel is trying to become free by being a spy

She’s want to leave and be gone.

Chains is a heart racing story that you should buy!

The Battle of Freedom

The battle of freedom is a long and grueling one.

One that only the strong at heart can win.

Even when the odds are stacked against you you must believe.

When freedom is farther away then ever remember that it is still in fingers reach, unless it is let go.


You can prevail through the battles and the hardships.

If you can see to the end.

If you can survive in these hard times.

You will go down in the history book as a hero.

A hero who fought for his country.

And a hero who fought for his freedom.


Then when the war ends.

When the battles have been fought.

Will you really be the hero?

Or the one who killed?


Chains – Julian

In the 7th grade we are reading Chains. Chains is a book by Laurie Halse Anderson. In the book it starts out with two slaves Isabel and Ruth. Their master died and in her will it said to free Isabel and Ruth but the lawyer went out of country. It is a great book and I cant wait for the second one.


Chains was a book were the situations went from bad to really bad. For example when Isabel and Ruth had their first master she was nice to her. When that master died in her will it said to set Isabel and Ruth free, but the lawyer left town. Then she ended up with possibly the worst master possible! Thats not a bad thing for the book, it always had me on the edge of my seat with the storyline. Isabel is my favorite character.

When a chapter was assigned I always had to read the next one! When I first ever saw the book I was eager to read it I really like history books. I liked all the characters personalities, especially Isabels. I do wish that their was more of a twist to the end of the story. Even though the ending really leaves you on a cliffhanger it would be nice if their was a twist. What I want to know is how much research went into this book. It seems like a lot unless you are a history teacher. Overall Chains is a really good book, I have nothing bad to say about it.

Chains Sonnet – Julian – 7-1

Ruth and I used to play, but not anymore we are trapped

Our new master is cruel, but we are clever

This is nothing new anymore, we were snapped

I want it all to end, but the end is bitter and forever

Ruth has been sold I want to end this life, I hate this earth

Curzon is my only friend, he is not a good friend

I want Ruth back even if I have to escape she is worth

I will go get Ruth I have a plan but not today it is the end

Maybe their is a life some were for Ruth and I, in my dreams

I do not have to live this life of cruelty, I will leave soon

This is not the end of Ruth an I, it is just too extreme

I do not fear anything anymore, without my sister I am a goon

Ruth is in New Jersey I will travel there, by boat or feet

This journey is no treat, we may not eat

Sonnet By Michael

        Selling Of Ruth And Isabel

By Michael

As Isabel and Ruth get sold

Isabel and Ruth were sad

For a few things of gold

They found out they were not free, and got really mad

There were supposed to be set free

Isabel became a spy

But were sent crying with disagree

But it was a lot of work, she had a sigh

They got sold as a slave

New York City got burnt down

Now they have to work really brave

As the whole town was in a frown

As we thought Ruth got sold

Then we found it, it was just far told

Chains – Ella

In our 7th grade class, we are reading a book called Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. There are many ups and downs in this book and really gets your imagination going. This book is about a slave and being sold, working for a mean master and doing secret things along the way!

Being a slave takes hard work and a large heart. It takes a strong person to be told day after day do this and that. As the story goes on, you met knew characters and they either supported the British or the colonists. Some people lie about who they support or switch side.

Last year, the 6th and 7th graders went on a week sleepaway trip at a place called Nature’s Classroom. While we were there, we did an activity about slavery. The counselors and teachers were slave owners and we were the slaves. The classes learned what it was like to be a slave. I remember having to keep my head down, standing in a straight line around my classmates, being sternly talked to about what we were going to do on this “cotton farm”.

They split us into groups and took us to places around the “farm” and to do work. A teacher, another slave, would lead your group and begin the trek to freedom. We hid in houses and were approached by slave hunters and some good people. Sometimes we had to run and other times we had to wait. When we finally made it to “Canada”, everyone was exhausted.

That night, I experienced what it was like to be a slave. The whole time during this activity, I had this exciting feeling inside of me as we were traveling, but when the counselors were talking down to us, I was feeling a little shocked that slaves were treated like this for such a long time. Never could you look up when told not to. Never could you have any taste of freedom or not do the job any lower than perfect.

Slavery was such a horrible thing and went on for such a long time in history. These people might have been one of the strongest people in history. They had to go through so much and were so brave. Sometimes, it is hard for me to really believe the fact that the american people would do such horrible things to their equals, even though they were not in their minds. Even after the war, people did not seem to get the fact that what they were doing was wrong. But the good thing is that people did realize what was right and fought for what they believed in!


Chains Blog Post By Michael

The story Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson is a sad buy detailed story. Check the book out here. Isabel and Ruth are two slaves from Rhode Island in 1776. Their master Missus Finch died during the start of the book. She said that when she died, they would have freedom and not have to work for anyone else. Mr. Roberts (their new owner) still sold Isabel and Ruth. The two were sold to the Lockton family, and then were shipped to New York City. They would go through a rough time from being branded to them being split apart.

 I think that the book starts off as a sad story that turns for the worse. I really like the details that the author had put in to show the sad emotion. I am really looking forward to the things that will happen farther into the book.

 My 7th grade class is making a mural about some scenes in the book that are important and were interesting. My friends and I are talking about the part where Isabel and Ruth arrive at New York Harbor. We might paint some parts of the Harbor. This will be challenging because we weren’t alive during the time. Our class is also drawing some of their favorite ideas. Our class has other projects to do like writing a historical fiction, sonnet, and blog post on the book. I am really enjoying the book and hope to read the other books in this trilogy!


War – By Aaron S



The land is torn apart by war

Person after person is killed in the fight

It doesn’t end, there is always more

We truly have a dire plight

The British ships pull into port

Cannons and guns rain death from the sky

Washington barely keeps his fort

It seems to me we’ll surely die

Tories welcome the British fleet

Patriots try to make them leave

As more soldiers march down the street

We close our doors with a mighty heave

As the fight becomes brother against brother

I fear the days end will not herald another