Identity Project about Diego – By Will

It was a cold, windy, autumn day. Our team had beat all the other teams and this was the finals. The finals, in our baseball league. We were down 5-3. Our team was up for bat, and my friend Peter was up. I could see the nervous look in his face and the sweat dripping from his forehead as he prepared to hit. The other teams pitcher threw the ball. I could see the ball shoot in the air towards the bat. I held my breath as he took a step forward, and swung.

Peter hit a home run. My eyes widened with excitement as I popped the bubble from the gum I was chewing in my mouth. The crowd started to holler and cheer. All I could here where people screaming Peters name. I watched as peter ran at the same time as the ball, which was spinning rapidly in the air. By the time the ball landed, Peter had ran home. Everyone in my team, including me, yelled with excitement when he arrived. Then I was up.


I looked at the pitcher and I saw a confident look in his face. But he couldn’t be as confident as me. I was ready. Ready to win this game. I looked back and saw Peter. He gave me a thumbs up. After that a rush of excitement and energy came down my spine. I knew I could do it, so when the other teams pitcher pitched the ball, everything in me was ready as I swung the bat.


I hit the ball so hard that everyone in the bleachers went, OHHHH. I ran, not paying attention to the crowd, or my teammates. This was my moment and I was going to own it. When one of the outfielders got the ball and threw it to the cutoff man, I kept running. Finally right as the cut off was going to throw it to the player guarding third base, I knew I had to get there before the ball did. I ran and dove. I dove into the base right as the ball did. I held my breath doubting if I should have gone for third base. But, I arrived a half a second before. Next up was my friend Gabriel. He hit a double which gave me a chance to run. I ran and ran and right before I dove onto the home plate. I saw the pitcher. He looked at me with such anger that even three years later, now. I still remember the look on his face.


Gabe ended up running back into home plate which concluded our game. The score was 6-5. We were so happy and the crowd was yelling and cheering. It’s one of the happiest times I felt in my life. After this, the coach declared me MVP and this moment, or this game really made me discover my love for baseball and sports.


Lexi’s Week 5-Activity 3



I found this picture on a website called Pixabay, and the owner, did not require attribution.


The eyes glow in the dark

The fur blends into the white blanket

The pink nose is wet and brushes you

The teeth, like a vampire

The whiskers are usually invisible but on occasion you can see them

The ears twitch when they get touched

The purr makes you pet their soft fur

The cat looks straight at you

And you feel scrutinized

How to write a good comment ( Challenge #2 )

Many people want to share their opinion about what they think about what other people write, but sometimes they just don’t know how to write it. I have some tips and suggestions for people who don’t know how to comment or just want to get better.Tip number one do the compliment sandwich. The compliment sandwich is when you give someone a  compliment, then constructive criticism and then another compliment.Tip number two don’t be afraid to give some constructive criticism. People like to hear what they need to improve on. Tip number three state your opinion, people like to read other peoples opinions. I hope this helped you or taught how to comment on other peoples blogs.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.50.29 PMThis icon was made by Tokyoship

From Wikipedia Commons

Scary Story – Camp Glendervill – Will

Camp Glendervill

 When we got on the bus, Cole told us a scary story about a clown and a babysitter… It was just Diego, Cole, Bud, and I. Next thing we knew, we were already at Camp Glendervill! The camp was under a cliff with a giant waterfall into a lovely lake. Every different cabin had a different setting. Some cabins were in the forest, some at the top of the cliff, some on the lake, but we were set behind the waterfall in a cave about forty feet in the air.

We were really happy because we had a view of the lake and the rainbows in the waterfall. We settled in and went right to the activities. After a long day of swimming, making new friends, canoeing, and telling stories at the camp fire, we went up to our cabin and made our way to bed

Cole and Bud were fast asleep. Diego was on his phone, and I was lying in bed just thinking about the story Cole had told us. “Dang, there is no reception here”, Diego said.

“I know,” I said. Suddenly we heard an ear piercing noise.

“Did you hear that?” Diego said.

“Yeah,” I said. Then we heard a loud scream from the lake cabin.

“AHHH!” Diego screamed, and jumped into my bed.

Cole and Bud then woke as well, and before you knew it, everyone was in my bunk. We then heard whispers, next thing we knew, Cole fell onto the ground and started talking to himself and crawling to the waterfall.

“Cole,” we all called. No answer. “Cole,” we all said, and then he reappeared into our bed holding a knife. “HI” Cole yelled, and then everything was dark.

Suddenly, we all woke up and Cole was lying dead on the floor. Standing next to him was a giant clown holding a bloody knife.

Week 4 Challenge 2

Week #4

When I Googled myself not much came up. I was really surprised that it told me I apparently spelled my last name wrong even though I didn’t. I was even more surprised when there was a link to my you tube account. I haven’t posted any you tube videos or anything but when I made a gmail account I also made a google+ account and a YouTube account. Other stuff that came up was a few prezis that I made a while ago but I was okay with that because the prezis were about schoolwork and they weren’t able to be edited by anyone except me. Everything else that came up was about other people who had the same first name as me but my last name was different. On images it came up with 2 pictures of my teacher and a picture of an agents of change thing I did when I was in 5th grade. The results don’t show any of my private information which is good. I am pretty okay with the results and I want to keep them the same.

Edublogs challenge 4 – License to Ride … Free!


Activity Four

I love to bike, and I’m sure that there are many people in the world who share my passion (other than my friends). One of the biggest reasons why people don’t commute by bike: it’s not safe. One of the most efficient, not to mention most fun, modes of transportation can be ruled out just because of a few incautious drivers and the lack of a bike path. I wrote this post to try to convince more people to bike, and to try to convince everyone else to accommodate for cyclists by lobbying for bike paths.


Bikes are healthy, but don’t actually slow one down. If one commutes to work using a bike, he/she achieves two things at once: he/she get exercise and get to work. To burn the same number of calories burned biking, one would have to spend extra time exercising – except running around a track doesn’t get you anywhere!


Despite what many people may think, bikes actually can help one to use his/her time more efficiently. I ran a few calculations, using a made up situation.


If person A has to commute 10 miles to work, and gets to work by biking at an average speed of 12 mph, he/she spends 50 minutes commuting and burn 363 calories.


If A drives to work at an average speed of 35 mph, he/she will get to work after 17 minutes, but burn no calories. A will have to run at a speed of 5mph for forty minutes to burn 363 calories, spending 57 minutes total.


Other than being healthy, bikes can build communities. Having bike paths or sidewalks around a neighborhood can make a big difference – younger children can go out on their own, and even farther apart houses become interconnected, leading to frequent travel to and fro and more friendship between just about everyone.


As more people “commute” between houses, the neighborhood will accommodate more for the “commuters”. Cars will be more cautious, and the bike path will become just like another road – albeit one where you don’t need to be 18 to drive!


Finally, bikes help everyone – even those not riding – because they minimize traffic jams (who doesn’t hate a traffic jam?) and are good for the environment. Cars are a huge contributor to global warming, and bikes can help you avoid driving your car everywhere.

Look at Amsterdam …


everyone is happy there!


– Nachman

Week 4- Activity 3

I downloaded Ghostery on my Google Chrome and I found many companies were tracking my activity online. I visited my 5 favorite sites, Amazon, Bebe, Bcbg, Instagram and Twitter and found the number of companies tracking my activity ranged from 1-15. I realized that on sites like Bcbg and Bebe, which are both websites for clothing shopping there were many more companies tracking me. I had 15 companies on Bcbg and Bebe, 2 companies on Amazon and Twitter and 1 company on Instagram. I think I found less on social media sites because companies don’t want to know your personal business that you post on social media sites. I think there were more on shopping sites because companies want to know where you shop so they can put ads up when you are on the web for those shops. This won’t change the fact that I go on these sites a lot, and I was not that shocked about all the companies that were following my activities. I mostly found that some Google sites, Facebook sites and a site called DoubleClick  were following my activity.

Digital Footprint Activity 2 – Week #4 -Googling Myself – Georgia

Digital Footprint Activity 2 – Googling Myself

When I looked up “Georgia Marshall” I found on the web pages the “Georgia Bulldogs” which are a football team. Google found a football player called “Keith Marshall”. So they came up with his last name and the team he played on. Keith Marshall is a very famous football star as he is the tail back on the Georgia Bulldogs Football team. One thing that I found that was sad was that a girl called “Georgia Marshall” died getting electrocuted when holding on to a ladder while her dad was on getting the Christmas decoration from a loft. When the dad was getting the decorations, an extension chord fell and electrocuted the ladder. When I was looking at images I found a lot of pictures of “Georgia Marshall” and “Keith Marshall”.  I found out that the University of Georgia is a very famous College in Georgia.

Week 4, Activity 2, Blogging Challenge – Eden G

 Week #4 Activity 2:

It’s always fun to look yourself up online and try to see if there are any results. When I was younger there had never been any results. One day after going to a magic show and image was published of me online. I went to this magic show with my friend and her family. At the magic show they took pictures of all the guests and published the images with our full names. Other than this one image nothing comes up of me online. I have many different social media accounts; if you looked up my name on these different sites, my accounts would probably come up. I have made sure all my accounts are private and everything I post is nothing I would regret in the future. Going to a school that uses technology quite often, I’m aware of all the consequences that could occur, if I wasn’t aware of what I posted. I am happy with the results that show up and that nothing inappropriate appears. I hope it remains this way.