Eighth Grade Super Zero

Eighth Grade Super Zero is a story mainly about a boy named Reggie. There are many typical aspects that you would find in many stories about middle school. For example, there’s that kind of crazy/rude girl everyone knows about, Vicky. Then the principle in the story comes up with many “interesting” ideas for the school. Reggie doesn’t let these things faze him though. He is a very quiet kid in the beginning of the story, but as it goes along it seems he starts getting comfortable with who he is and you’ll begin to see changes. He’s a nice kid and was always willing to help out, even when him, himself, didn’t want to. The one place Reggie wasn’t very quiet was when he was around his close friends. However, when he started going to the shelter and began the little buddy program his quietness began to change.


In this story you see many relationships and bonds between different people. There is the relationship between Reggie and his sister, Monica. Relationships between both Reggie, Monica and their parents. Relationships between Monica and her friends or Reggie and his friends. The list continues even further. It just goes into many situations that are relatable and happen in everyday life.

I wonder why the author chose some of the details she did. Making the main character a guy? Having the setting where it was? I wonder if those little things were different, would it have made the story different? Although I am not completely finished with the novel, I have a pretty good understanding about it so far. The one thing that confuses me is the story line. I have no prediction or idea for where it will go.

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