Once in a lifetime – About Will by Diego

Once in a lifetime

 People, the more people the line seemed to go on forever. The sign that said hour long wait should have said, “life long wait.” I felt so happy to have passes that let us skip all the lines, but the hundred or so people on my left didn’t think it was that great. I started running

“Finally,” I said very abruptly, as I skidded to a stop

We walked through a clown’s mouth into a back room. On the wall there was a TV with some sort of movie thing playing. I watched it while we waited in line.  I heard screams from the back, then more screams. We were first in line and I was getting impatient, excitement and anxiety were bubbling up inside me. I was about to burst when we were let in, we all ran to a roller coaster cart in the center. Screens came down around us from all sides. Looking around I saw my brother and my dad on one side of me, and my friend Aydin on my left. I felt a jolt in the cart and I looked up, only to realize I was falling.

 I was falling fast, but I wasn’t falling. My heart was beating 100 miles a minute. It seemed so real, but it wasn’t I knew that. Up, down, around we went. Whenever there was a bump in the projected ride, the real court would jolt with it, making it seem even more real. If we went through water, water would be splashed on us. I had doubted this ride at first, after all I’d never even dreamed of this kind of ride coming to life. I looked at my dad who seem to be enjoying himself, he smiled at me. After an epic finish, we all decided to go to lunch.

The rest of the day was action packed fun. I went on the transformers ride, the Jurassic park, and the mummy ride. It was awesome and I was so exhausted at the end of the day. I was driving back to the hotel when I fell asleep

 It was late summer, the warm breeze was perfect, with just a small touch of chill the air. I was on this trip of a lifetime, and it was the perfect time to be at the Beverly Hills Hotel. My room had an amazing view of the pool outside. Downstairs there was a big room where people could gather to eat and talk. The first time I went in that room, I looked around and saw a few celebrities. Every time I went into that room, I would need to be calmed down because of all the cool celebrities.

 As we boarded the plane. I thought I only came on this trip because my dad has his movie coming out, but it turned out to be the ultimate L.A experience. Between screaming for my life on the rides at Universal Studios. Meeting a bunch of cool celebrities. Seeing all the cool new movie premiers. I found my love for rides….. movies…… Acting….. And a whole lot more. I may have changed during this trip, but I changed for the better.


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