Identity Project about Diego – By Will

It was a cold, windy, autumn day. Our team had beat all the other teams and this was the finals. The finals, in our baseball league. We were down 5-3. Our team was up for bat, and my friend Peter was up. I could see the nervous look in his face and the sweat dripping from his forehead as he prepared to hit. The other teams pitcher threw the ball. I could see the ball shoot in the air towards the bat. I held my breath as he took a step forward, and swung.

Peter hit a home run. My eyes widened with excitement as I popped the bubble from the gum I was chewing in my mouth. The crowd started to holler and cheer. All I could here where people screaming Peters name. I watched as peter ran at the same time as the ball, which was spinning rapidly in the air. By the time the ball landed, Peter had ran home. Everyone in my team, including me, yelled with excitement when he arrived. Then I was up.


I looked at the pitcher and I saw a confident look in his face. But he couldn’t be as confident as me. I was ready. Ready to win this game. I looked back and saw Peter. He gave me a thumbs up. After that a rush of excitement and energy came down my spine. I knew I could do it, so when the other teams pitcher pitched the ball, everything in me was ready as I swung the bat.


I hit the ball so hard that everyone in the bleachers went, OHHHH. I ran, not paying attention to the crowd, or my teammates. This was my moment and I was going to own it. When one of the outfielders got the ball and threw it to the cutoff man, I kept running. Finally right as the cut off was going to throw it to the player guarding third base, I knew I had to get there before the ball did. I ran and dove. I dove into the base right as the ball did. I held my breath doubting if I should have gone for third base. But, I arrived a half a second before. Next up was my friend Gabriel. He hit a double which gave me a chance to run. I ran and ran and right before I dove onto the home plate. I saw the pitcher. He looked at me with such anger that even three years later, now. I still remember the look on his face.


Gabe ended up running back into home plate which concluded our game. The score was 6-5. We were so happy and the crowd was yelling and cheering. It’s one of the happiest times I felt in my life. After this, the coach declared me MVP and this moment, or this game really made me discover my love for baseball and sports.


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