Eighth Grade Super Zero

Eighth Grade Super Zero is a story mainly about a boy named Reggie. There are many typical aspects that you would find in many stories about middle school. For example, there’s that kind of crazy/rude girl everyone knows about, Vicky. Then the principle in the story comes up with many “interesting” ideas for the school. Reggie doesn’t let these things faze him though. He is a very quiet kid in the beginning of the story, but as it goes along it seems he starts getting comfortable with who he is and you’ll begin to see changes. He’s a nice kid and was always willing to help out, even when him, himself, didn’t want to. The one place Reggie wasn’t very quiet was when he was around his close friends. However, when he started going to the shelter and began the little buddy program his quietness began to change.


In this story you see many relationships and bonds between different people. There is the relationship between Reggie and his sister, Monica. Relationships between both Reggie, Monica and their parents. Relationships between Monica and her friends or Reggie and his friends. The list continues even further. It just goes into many situations that are relatable and happen in everyday life.

I wonder why the author chose some of the details she did. Making the main character a guy? Having the setting where it was? I wonder if those little things were different, would it have made the story different? Although I am not completely finished with the novel, I have a pretty good understanding about it so far. The one thing that confuses me is the story line. I have no prediction or idea for where it will go.

Once in a lifetime – About Will by Diego

Once in a lifetime

 People, the more people the line seemed to go on forever. The sign that said hour long wait should have said, “life long wait.” I felt so happy to have passes that let us skip all the lines, but the hundred or so people on my left didn’t think it was that great. I started running

“Finally,” I said very abruptly, as I skidded to a stop

We walked through a clown’s mouth into a back room. On the wall there was a TV with some sort of movie thing playing. I watched it while we waited in line.  I heard screams from the back, then more screams. We were first in line and I was getting impatient, excitement and anxiety were bubbling up inside me. I was about to burst when we were let in, we all ran to a roller coaster cart in the center. Screens came down around us from all sides. Looking around I saw my brother and my dad on one side of me, and my friend Aydin on my left. I felt a jolt in the cart and I looked up, only to realize I was falling.

 I was falling fast, but I wasn’t falling. My heart was beating 100 miles a minute. It seemed so real, but it wasn’t I knew that. Up, down, around we went. Whenever there was a bump in the projected ride, the real court would jolt with it, making it seem even more real. If we went through water, water would be splashed on us. I had doubted this ride at first, after all I’d never even dreamed of this kind of ride coming to life. I looked at my dad who seem to be enjoying himself, he smiled at me. After an epic finish, we all decided to go to lunch.

The rest of the day was action packed fun. I went on the transformers ride, the Jurassic park, and the mummy ride. It was awesome and I was so exhausted at the end of the day. I was driving back to the hotel when I fell asleep

 It was late summer, the warm breeze was perfect, with just a small touch of chill the air. I was on this trip of a lifetime, and it was the perfect time to be at the Beverly Hills Hotel. My room had an amazing view of the pool outside. Downstairs there was a big room where people could gather to eat and talk. The first time I went in that room, I looked around and saw a few celebrities. Every time I went into that room, I would need to be calmed down because of all the cool celebrities.

 As we boarded the plane. I thought I only came on this trip because my dad has his movie coming out, but it turned out to be the ultimate L.A experience. Between screaming for my life on the rides at Universal Studios. Meeting a bunch of cool celebrities. Seeing all the cool new movie premiers. I found my love for rides….. movies…… Acting….. And a whole lot more. I may have changed during this trip, but I changed for the better.


Identity Project about Diego – By Will

It was a cold, windy, autumn day. Our team had beat all the other teams and this was the finals. The finals, in our baseball league. We were down 5-3. Our team was up for bat, and my friend Peter was up. I could see the nervous look in his face and the sweat dripping from his forehead as he prepared to hit. The other teams pitcher threw the ball. I could see the ball shoot in the air towards the bat. I held my breath as he took a step forward, and swung.

Peter hit a home run. My eyes widened with excitement as I popped the bubble from the gum I was chewing in my mouth. The crowd started to holler and cheer. All I could here where people screaming Peters name. I watched as peter ran at the same time as the ball, which was spinning rapidly in the air. By the time the ball landed, Peter had ran home. Everyone in my team, including me, yelled with excitement when he arrived. Then I was up.


I looked at the pitcher and I saw a confident look in his face. But he couldn’t be as confident as me. I was ready. Ready to win this game. I looked back and saw Peter. He gave me a thumbs up. After that a rush of excitement and energy came down my spine. I knew I could do it, so when the other teams pitcher pitched the ball, everything in me was ready as I swung the bat.


I hit the ball so hard that everyone in the bleachers went, OHHHH. I ran, not paying attention to the crowd, or my teammates. This was my moment and I was going to own it. When one of the outfielders got the ball and threw it to the cutoff man, I kept running. Finally right as the cut off was going to throw it to the player guarding third base, I knew I had to get there before the ball did. I ran and dove. I dove into the base right as the ball did. I held my breath doubting if I should have gone for third base. But, I arrived a half a second before. Next up was my friend Gabriel. He hit a double which gave me a chance to run. I ran and ran and right before I dove onto the home plate. I saw the pitcher. He looked at me with such anger that even three years later, now. I still remember the look on his face.


Gabe ended up running back into home plate which concluded our game. The score was 6-5. We were so happy and the crowd was yelling and cheering. It’s one of the happiest times I felt in my life. After this, the coach declared me MVP and this moment, or this game really made me discover my love for baseball and sports.


Aydin ~ Winter Triolet Poem


 Snow falling from the white sky

 Skating and Skiing on a nice winter day

 Be careful of the black ice on the roads

 Snow falling from the white sky

 Winter night sky and festival shows

 Snow falling into my eyes as I lay

Snow falling from the white sky

Skating and Skiing on a nice winter day


 On the ski lift looking at the beautiful mountains

 Warm and toasty in the ski lodge

Skiing with friends is oh, so fun

 On the ski lift looking at the beautiful mountains

 Ice in the snow glistens as it gets shined on by the sun

 Pro skiers on the double blacks as I watch

 On the ski lift looking at the beautiful mountains

  Warm and toasty in the ski lodge

Photo on 1-19-15 at 6.25 PM #2

My Winter Poem- Alex

A cold morning awakens.

The snow falls off the trees,

into piles on the ground.

Behind a cloud,

is a warm, bright sun.

Not making the air warmer.

Wind blows through the air,

making a whistling sound.

A river, nearby.

Rushing cool water,

that never has an end.

Snow everywhere.

It makes the air cold.

Every second it gets colder.

The breeze becomes faster.

The river water rushes faster,

turning to ice slowly.

A girl stands alone,

waiting for who knows what.

The snow softly touches her hair.

Every second she moves one step forward.

No one knows,

no one cares.

Only a shadow left of her.

A short, dark shadow,

moves away from you.

Taking the last step,

Going home.

She was the only one to know where home is,

but everyone knows where she’s going.

Far but close.

You watch.

The girl stops,

looks around,

and sees one thing.



Poetry – Rhyming

The snow falling like ashes one by one on my eyelashes.

The wind lashes me like a car crashing into me.

Walking down the with no gloves and my toes falling off because of the cold.

While myself and my friend sold candles for the winter weather.


Our hands were freezing, we had no gloves and no hot cocoa.

We sold five candles with handles.

That’s when the blizzard came in, the snow blinding us from the world



Chains Reflection/Thoughts *SPOILERS* ~ Aydin

My thoughts on Chains so far, is that it’s a very well written historical fiction book. I say this because even though it is fiction, the author does a very good job of making it sound nonfiction by tying Isabel and Ruth’s experiences to real historical events. I also like how accurate the way slaves’ lives are portrayed. All of the horrible things that happen to the slaves or around the slaves always seem to always have a deep meaning, and what makes it even better is that the story is told from a slaves prospective.

As for the part of the book the class is currently reading (around page 240), there have been some pretty insane things happen. For instance, there was a HUGE fire in New York, and  everyone was freaking out. Isabel sadly lost (and practically set ablaze) her sister Ruth’s doll, which was the only memory she had left of Ruth after they were separated. Another sort of depressing thing that has recently happened in the book is that Curzon (Boy with red hat that really likes Isabel) was captured and put into prison. Isabel later visited him, and when she did so she saw the horror he had become. Curzon was now pale and extremely thin. His used to be bright red hat now is a very dark red covered in mud.

All in all, Chains has been a great book so far, and I am so excited to read what happens at the end (the class is very near done with the book). I feel that Laurie Halse Anderson (the author) did a very good job on this book, and I think I might even read another one of her books.