My Winter Poem- Alex

A cold morning awakens.

The snow falls off the trees,

into piles on the ground.

Behind a cloud,

is a warm, bright sun.

Not making the air warmer.

Wind blows through the air,

making a whistling sound.

A river, nearby.

Rushing cool water,

that never has an end.

Snow everywhere.

It makes the air cold.

Every second it gets colder.

The breeze becomes faster.

The river water rushes faster,

turning to ice slowly.

A girl stands alone,

waiting for who knows what.

The snow softly touches her hair.

Every second she moves one step forward.

No one knows,

no one cares.

Only a shadow left of her.

A short, dark shadow,

moves away from you.

Taking the last step,

Going home.

She was the only one to know where home is,

but everyone knows where she’s going.

Far but close.

You watch.

The girl stops,

looks around,

and sees one thing.




Winter Theme Epic Poem – Eden


I wake up and begin training just in time to see the sun peek out above the horizon,

I am a strong warrior.

Just like my father I’ve trained all my life to save my town in case of a certain event.

I prepare for the fire ball extravaganza.

My father told me about this event when I was young girl.

Explained how he stopped this event and soon later hurled.

I couldn’t understand why he had hurled,

He told me he couldn’t explain and it was just a complicated world.

This event only occurred once before.

The next time it arrived however I’d have to stop it some more.

Begins during winter with the sun rising at an unusual pace.


Today I sit again and watch the sun rise.

A thick layer of snow covered the ground in front of my eyes.

The sun rose at a quick speed.

Brutal heat was being propelled toward the snow,

Like fireballs.

The heat from the sun struck the snow like a blazing fire hitting a leaf,

Snow began to melt as the sun rose at this rapid pace.

I didn’t understand what I was seeing.

Until extravaganza was imprinted in the snow from where the fireballs hit.

This could only be one thing,

The fireball extravaganza.


It was years of training that would pay off today.

Jumping to my feet I grabbed my ice gun and set off on my way.

I knew exactly what to do,

I had to stop this so winter wouldn’t leave.

With my ice gun and shield I was prepared

Ten levels on this ice gun and I began on level five

Shooting at one fireball after another and turning them to snow

I was on a roll

I turned the ice gun up to eight

Then nine

It was time for ten


I lost control and missed the fire ball.

I hit the sun, and I saw the sun become weak all of a sudden.

No longer feeling healthy and proud I felt sick and ashamed.

I failed to succeed but the heat quickly stopped and the sun began to turn to snow.

Fireballs no longer flew,

The sun no longer shined.

I could only hope that someone’s been training for this extravaganza,

Otherwise summer won’t ever arrive.


Identity Project about Eden

I sit there, wondering when I will fall. It is dark and there is tension in the air. Silence. Whispers. Screams. We are falling, falling so fast. I sit there in shock. I start to see light. We move up slowly and drop once more. All the way down and now we are on the ground. On my right sits my moms, then to my left, my dad has a red face and gives a reassuring smile. When I start to walk away from the ride I stumble a couple times. Then I catch my balance again. I look back and see the ride I was just on, The Tower of Terror. I really don’t want to go on again but my parents want me to. I argue with them but then they bring out the Teddy Grahams and I give in.

 After the second ride I think to myself, “I can’t believe I have been coming to Disney and Universal parks for about ten years and have never been on this ride.” When I was younger I would always go on the teacups. I enjoyed it so much I would continue to go like ten times in a row. When I finally grew out of the teacup phase my first “real” roller coaster was Expedition Everest. Ever since my first thrill ride on Everest, I’ve loved roller coasters.

I have a fear of Stitch and I didn’t really know why until my mom reminded me. When I was six, my family and I were eating breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. My mom decided it would be funny to tell me that Stitch would roll on the floor, grab my foot and bite my toes. Now keep in mind I was only six. The thought of a Disney character biting my foot wasn’t the funniest thought in the world, especially because mom was telling me, and I believed my mom. Apparently I had a HUGE fear of Pluto as well. My dad said that I was put into his mouth. I know I may have phrased that wrong, but I was.

As I got older I was not really into characters, but into pins. I LOVED my pins. There was a very wide variety of pins… Goofy pins, to Puffle pins from Club Penguin. Whenever my friends came over I always used to show them my amazing pins. I ended up putting them on boards. I also got to walk around different countries in Epcot and get stamps from “all around the world”.

 I have been going to Disney for a very long time as you may have noticed. I have also had so many amazing memories here. I look forward to going to Disney every year. There has been so many things I have done between stamps, rides, food and memories. I am now twelve years old and I leave tomorrow for my twelfth trip.




Sarah’s Identity Story- by Lexi

The 1920’s- by Lexi

I have always believed that I was born in the wrong generation. From the stories I’ve heard, the 1920’s was the age to live in. I love everything about that decade, everything was new, every one had a open mind about new ideas, new standards, the cities roared and the world just seemed to be one big party. It was the age of flappers and the beginning of Jazz music. Rona, my great grandma had been a flapper when she was younger and she always told fascinating and hilarious stories. I remember this time when I was four or five and I visited her. I was very excited to hear another story of hers. Whenever she told me stories it gave me a warm feeling inside, and I would always say to my parents “When I’m older, I want to have stories like great grandma Rona’s” they would always laugh in response. Now that I am the age that my great grandma was when she told me stories, I cant wait to tell my great grandchildren the stories that I have.

The last time I remember seeing my great grandma was around 2007. My family and I were going to visit her in her nursing home. On the way my sister and I would ways count the stop lights to pass time. I remember arriving at the nursing home. I ran all the way to her room only stopping to get a strawberry candy from the front desk and ask what room she is in. “Ms. Lewit is in room 20” the lady at the desk had replied. I was beyond happy that I got to see her that day. I ran so fast, that I passed her room and had to backtrack and find room 20. I burst into the room with a big smile on my face. She was sleeping, which is what she had done most of the time. I stole some chocolate from her sock drawer before I woke her and got one for my sister. I woke her up and her eyes opened very slowly. She turned her head and said “Sarah” she got out of her bed and gave me hug “Oh Sarah, you’ve grown” the door behind me opened as she said this. I turned around to see my family walking in. At the time, I had not wanted my family there because I wanted my great grandma all to myself, I remember feeling that so clearly. “Hello” my family hugged my great grandma. We all talked for a little bit until Rona said, “I have a story to tell you” my sister and I leaned toward her and waited in suspense for her to start.

“I was around 20, and girls as you know at this time I was considered a flapper. Drinking was also illegal, so the people who wanted to have a little bit of fun, would go to something called a speakeasy. At a speakeasy people would go, drink, and usually go home without getting caught. This night, was different. It was late at night, we were all drunk and we suddenly heard loud sirens and saw flashing lights. I heard someone call out ‘Its he fuzz! Lets go!’ I ran toward the bar and ducked down right as the police rammed through the door. I hoped they didn’t see me hiding behind the bar. I took a peek into the room and saw some getting arrested and other fleeing quickly out the door. I looked around and saw a door behind the bar. I slowly crept toward the door and then quickly opened it and ran out”

“Tell us more!” Rebecca, my older sister had said.

“Okay” said my great grandma. “Just give me one second, my memories aren’t as fresh as they used to be.”

“So, i’m outside, and i’m drunk, tired and I feel horrible. I started to run down the street in the direction I had thought my house was. After hours of searching for my house I still couldn’t find it, I had no idea what to do. I ended up calling some friends at a phone booth and they came to pick me up. Anyway girls, the lesson is you shouldn’t go to a speakeasy and hide behind a bar when the police come.”

“Very funny grandma” I said in a sarcastic tone, I was that age I tended to be very sarcastic about everything.

“It a very valuable lesson Sarah.” she said trying to act serious but still having a slight smile on her face.

“Yeah sure it is grandma” I smiled at her and chuckled a little bit.

After her story was over we chatted for awhile and eventually it was time to leave. We all said goodbye and hugged her. This was my favorite memory with her. Awhile after that visit she died, ever since then I have always kept a picture of her in my room to remind me of her at all times. Even today, in my nursing home in Scarsdale I still have the picture of her. I hear my great grandchildren running down the hall right now.

“Mom what room is great grandma Sarah in!?” I hear my youngest great grandchild say.

“I’m pretty sure she is in room 20” his mom replied. The door to my room opened and in came in my two great grandchildren and their parents.

“Hi grandma Sarah!” the older girl said.

“Hi Rona, Hi Jonas” I said to my great grandchildren. My child and her husband has named their daughter after my great grandma Rona, after a request from me. We all talked for a little bit until I said, “I have a story to tell you” Rona and Jonas leaned toward me and waited in suspense for me to start.

Identity Memoir- Alex

A quote comes to my mind, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” I never expected to have such an experience on the last week of September. Seeing it, many times before, I never thought it would be so unbelieveable. Standing there with 4 other shadows, thinking. Living here all my life, I finally get to see what is behind my house in Montgomery, NY. The Wallkill river.


I was with 4 people that made the whole experience life changing. Leah, my twin sister, one of the most important people in my life. Kayleigh, one of my best friends since I don’t know when. Rilee, the oldest of the group, 19, has been my friend for a few years now. Last but not least Alison, the spontaneous and adventurous one, who led all of us through the paths. All of my friends have made this adventure in my backyard amazing.


So now lets go back to how it all started…During September I was hanging out with Rilee and Leah. We didn’t have any idea of what we were going to do. Rilee suggested calling Kayleigh and ask if she wanted to come over, since we are practically neighbors. So we did. We found out that Allison was at her house and invited her too. After a while of figuring out what to do, I realized after twelve years of living here I haven’t been to my backyard. Kind of strange most people would think, but to us it wasn’t. Our backyard consisted of the wallkill river, thorns, woods, and rocks.


As we were walking down the hill, I could see the different colored scenery from the leaves on the trees. Even though it was pretty to see, I was disappointed since I knew summer was officially over. We all could see millions of ways to go, different paths full of different adventures. Out of all the paths we could have followed we went through the water, luckily we had boots on. At least we thought we made up the name, water hiking but later realized it was a real thing. As we hiked through the cold, rushing water, we saw many waterfalls flowing into the river. One by one the leaves fell into the water, from the serene wind blowing. Alison led the way most of the time, since she has hiked many times before.

I’m still sitting here with my friends, on top of a giant rock, thinking. Thinking about how this experience would have been different if they weren’t here with me. To me, the small things in life make a huge difference. That’s why this was such a life changing experience, it’s small but big at the same time. My friends, the scenery, and just being there was incredible. If I went down to my backyard again it wouldn’t be the same…it would be different. The same quote comes to my mind as before, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” William Feather

How Dance Changed Striana’s Life- By Corinna

I wrote an identity memoir about my classmate, Striana and her story of dance.

I used to not dance. That was 3 years ago. Now all I want to do is dance. I have to thank my best friend Bella. She showed me dance as a way to help our failing friendship. She convinced me to go to a dance week. I was so skeptical. I’d always wanted to dance but I never got around to it. One week though, I had the perfect opportunity. I went and had the best class of my life (of course compared to my academic classes). Today, I have friends from my dance class, one night of dance a week, and lots of fun. It all started 3 years ago on January 17th.

Ever since the beginning of my dance classes, I’ve loved dance. That one week of dancing changed my life. Originally, I wanted to try every single type of dance. My mom said I was only allowed to do one. I wanted to compromise and do hip hop and jazz like Bella. Once again my mom said I could only do one so I just decided to do hip hop. I was so excited since the bring a friend classes were so fun. My first classes were lively and full of brand-new dance moves. I was so inexperienced with the interesting dance moves so I had a bunch of learning in the classes I had.

In 4th grade Bella and I were drifting away from each other. She was making other friends and was drifting away from me. We weren’t talking and weren’t hanging out as much. Of course I was worried. Worried about losing her. I was afraid she would move on and our great friendship would be gone. Luckily, I was worrying for nothing. When she asked me to go to the bring a friend dance week we both knew why. One reason was since I secretly always wanted to dance. The other was so we could become closer again. We both knew we were drifting and after that week, we knew that the drifting was over. I continued to do dance ever since that and our friendship has only gotten better. Now she’s one of the closest friends from my dance class and from my old school. I do have other friends from dance, but no one very close to me.

My first recital was so fun. I turned over to Bella,

“So this is a fancy practice.” I said pretty nervous.

“What do you mean? This is a recital!” Bella said.

I stood there in shock not knowing what to do. Everyone else was so prepared, ready for the recital to start. We walked onstage ready to preform. We were performing a remixed version of Diamonds by Rihanna. I wasn’t prepared at all as the curtains went up. Everyone else was so much better than me and unfortunately I knew that. I had that thought in mind. Luckily, it didn’t stop me from trying as hard as possible. I wasn’t very good and everyone else was but I did fine. I didn’t mess up too badly and no one noticed how bad I was. Of course I was completely unprepared. I had been dancing around 6 months but I still felt sloppy. I  didn’t really care since I tried and had a fun time dancing anyway.

In the end, I’m so thankful Bella showed me dance. Now shes one of my best friends. If anyone had said that in 4th grade I would disagree and say that we weren’t close. Not only do I now have an amazing best friend but I also have an amazing dance studio. Dance Expression has changed my life. Ever since I had that one week of classes, everything changed. One second I wouldn’t even think of dancing and the next all I want to do is keep dancing. I’ve now been dancing for 3 years and I’ve loved every single time. I used to not dance. That was 3 years ago.

Aydin’s Memoir: To Belong

The house sat on a lane of peace and serenity, encased by luscious, green trees. There was no room for peace in the house; there was only joy.

My hand gripped the racquet, tensing as the white birdie flashed before the blue sky. A graceful stroke later, the birdie lay on the ground, on the other side of the net. An arm reached down, and a racquet raised. My hand tensed again…

The cold water tickled my skin as I sliced through it. My feet kicked, my arms pulled, and I surged forward, navigating a tangled crowd…

Shouts of joy and laughter filled the air.

I knew each voice. Hands lashed out at the beachball.

I knew each one.

I belonged.


I was starving, and life was taking great joy in giving me a tour of my very own, personal, famine. Filet mignon, juicy and tender, sat before me. Challah bread, irresistible, called to me. The green beans waited.

Finally, the last person sat down. The broken rectangle was now complete; the table was walled in by a cocoon of family.

Conversation rose and fell. Stories were exchanged; jokes told; years were forgotten and remembered alike. The sun was setting outside, but the house was a haven of light and warmth. I dug into my meal, and that, too warmed me.

I savored my steak; and the green beans made my taste buds tingle with excitement. A hearty bite of challah bread banished my last memory of hunger.

Finally, I realized. Finally, I understood.

I felt the huge, powerful, aura of love that each member of my family emitted. I heard a thousand well wishings, and I understood that they all came from the heart. I felt the hopes, and the desires of my family; and all that they gave: supporting me.

I also wished them well; let my hopes, and desires, stand by them. We, a family, were not only connected by blood: we were connected by love. As I gave a hundred gifts, and accepted a thousand more, I belonged.

Goodbyes were exchanged; figures shuffled away from the warmth and light of the house, into the darkness. Joy and sorrow mingled; and in the end joy prevailed. A gift given by each family member: a parting wave, accompanied by a smile.

I lay in bed; the covers hugged me. Fondly, I sifted through memories of the past day.

My hand gripped the racquet, tensing as…

I knew each voice.

Now the voices were gone; the conversation they made, always rising and falling: silenced.

Hands lashed out at the beachball…

I drifted into sweet sleep, promising myself that I would one day see all of my family again; knowing that I would always belong.

That was the day I realized. In the house that sat on a lane of peace and serenity, encased by luscious, green trees. Where there was no room for peace in the house; there was only joy.

That day, I truly understood. That day, when I felt the huge, powerful, aura of love that emitted from each member of my family, I was empowered. They gave me new strength; prepared me to go into the world with fresh mind and heart.

That was the day I belonged.

Identity Memoir – By: Eden Greene

This is a story about my friend that has been written in first person,

December 31st 8:22pm Austin was born. Four minutes passed, meanwhile I remained home asleep as it had become 8:26pm. That was the time Dylan was born. My brothers and I are practically three years apart. Only having a three year age difference is nice. It’s made my brothers and I very close and we share many memories.

It’s now almost ten years later from the day they were born. They are twins so it’s not just one little annoying brother, it’s two. Two whole crazy brothers. Growing up with them I could tell the difference between both of them so easily. If I couldn’t, I think that might be an issue since they are such a big part of my life. When meeting someone new I always have to remember they haven’t met my brothers, and that they don’t know the difference. I tell them it helps to look for the freckle on their cheek. If you see one, that’s Austin, if not that’s Dylan. As much as they might get on my nerves, I’ll almost always have a good laugh when they’re around.


I remember this day while I was Skyping my friends, and the two of them decided it was a great time to “spy on Jade”. When they were younger they had an earlier bed time then me so it was never an issue. Then they turned nine and bedtime became 9:30. Now with the later bedtime they are always watching me and around when I’m Skyping. This being the case I can no longer sneak food because Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum are always around. (Mom, if your are reading this I’ve never done that). During this specific Skype call, my brothers were so determined to hear what was going on. They would come in, spill coins all over the floor and slowly pick it all up. Eventually on the fourth time they dropped it, I got up and picked it all up faster and said “these are mine now”. I felt like a billionaire. Soon that was ruined when the “that’s mine” fight occurred. After that they left me alone. As irritating as they get sometimes, it seems there are only positive and funny memories that come to mind.


There are lots more memories that come to mind in fact; like dressing them up as girls. My friends and I would do this quite often. Austin and Dylan would wear skirts, dresses, scarves, glasses, blouses, but most importantly… wigs. These are the funny things that tend to go on in our home. Why they let my friends and I do this, I don’t know. However it was so funny I’m glad they did. We also had a store between the three of us. They would sell little knick knacks to me, and sometimes I’d sell the things they sold me back to them, but for more. (Austin and Dylan if you are reading this I never did that). We would find anything imaginable and sell it, even rocks.


My brothers and I really liked music when we were younger and we would even have mini concerts. The three of us would dance, play instruments and sing. These are just some memories and I can’t wait for many more. I’m very lucky to have my brothers in my life because of their humorous ways. Whenever I need a laugh I know where to go, so thanks to Austin and Dylan.