Scary Story – Camp Glendervill – Will

Camp Glendervill

 When we got on the bus, Cole told us a scary story about a clown and a babysitter… It was just Diego, Cole, Bud, and I. Next thing we knew, we were already at Camp Glendervill! The camp was under a cliff with a giant waterfall into a lovely lake. Every different cabin had a different setting. Some cabins were in the forest, some at the top of the cliff, some on the lake, but we were set behind the waterfall in a cave about forty feet in the air.

We were really happy because we had a view of the lake and the rainbows in the waterfall. We settled in and went right to the activities. After a long day of swimming, making new friends, canoeing, and telling stories at the camp fire, we went up to our cabin and made our way to bed

Cole and Bud were fast asleep. Diego was on his phone, and I was lying in bed just thinking about the story Cole had told us. “Dang, there is no reception here”, Diego said.

“I know,” I said. Suddenly we heard an ear piercing noise.

“Did you hear that?” Diego said.

“Yeah,” I said. Then we heard a loud scream from the lake cabin.

“AHHH!” Diego screamed, and jumped into my bed.

Cole and Bud then woke as well, and before you knew it, everyone was in my bunk. We then heard whispers, next thing we knew, Cole fell onto the ground and started talking to himself and crawling to the waterfall.

“Cole,” we all called. No answer. “Cole,” we all said, and then he reappeared into our bed holding a knife. “HI” Cole yelled, and then everything was dark.

Suddenly, we all woke up and Cole was lying dead on the floor. Standing next to him was a giant clown holding a bloody knife.

2 thoughts on “Scary Story – Camp Glendervill – Will

  1. I really like this story, its very scary! Though, I think you could have stayed away from the clown part. Write on!

  2. D: Well that was freaky….anyway I really enjoyed the story it was very scary. Also I think you should make more scary storys. If you happen to want to come to my blog go to 😀 bye

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