Comment Conversation- Week#2 – Corinna

Week #2

Hi, it’s me Corinna again! This week I’m making a blog post to start a conversation in the comments. My question is, how has the school year been so far for you? Have you enjoyed it more than last year or is it worse?

For me, I’m enjoying it more than last year. We’re getting better projects and everyone is so close now. I thought last year was pretty awkward for me since I was new and felt so uncomfortable with everyone and everything. This year has been fine so far and I’m excited to see how school will be later in the year.

So how is your school year so far? Comment with your response, and talk with other people about your response!

2 thoughts on “Comment Conversation- Week#2 – Corinna

  1. I am enjoying my school year more than last year, too! Last year I moved school districts and started teaching at a high school, so it was a lot of work to learn everything new! Did you go to a new school in your district or did you move?

    When I was growing up, I moved several times because my dad was in the Navy. I have lived in over 7 states! Moving can be hard, but it is also fun to meet new people. I enjoyed last year because I got to know a lot of amazing people at my new school! Now, I am having fun doing more creative things in my classroom.

  2. Corinna
    I think that the answer would depend what country you are from. I am a school teacher from New Zealand, so for us the school year is nearly finished, of course in the Northern Hemisphere it has sort of just started and won’t finish until June. We have had most of our major events already this year, with our school production still to come. Last week we had our School Calf and Lamb Day, that’s a day when half our school (100 out of 200 students) brought in a pet. As it was my first one (I used to teach in the city) I would say that its been my favourite so far!

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

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