Should kids have iPhones? Week #2 – Alex

Challenge #2

A lot of people agree and disagree that kids should have iPhones. Not every kid has a phone but a lot of them do. Some parents believe that kids should have phones for different reasons. One reason they should is because you can use them for educational reasons. Kids can do homework on the phone or use certain apps to help them learn. They could also use it for emergencies, if they had to call their parents during school because something is wrong they could call them. Parents are also able to track their kid and see what they’re doing on the phone. It also keeps them busy so they won’t bug you.

Another group disagrees with the idea, even with the Internet the parent needs to be able to trust the kid to be able to have a phone. This goes along with responsibility, as they need to be responsible and not do anything they’re not supposed to do. They could call anyone or even look up anything they want to. Another reason people are saying they shouldn’t is that they get distracted too easily and are always on their phone. It distracts them from school work. People also want their kid to be outside playing or doing something active  instead of being on the iPhone all the time.

We can conclude that people have different opinions about the question “Should kids have iPhones?” That is an question for you to answer. Do think they should have iPhones?

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2 thoughts on “Should kids have iPhones? Week #2 – Alex

  1. G’day Alex,
    I might be a bit biased about this. I personally don’t have an iPhone of any sort only the landline going into my house. I can see the value of having a phone at school if you have a teacher who uses it for polling and surveys during lessons, but otherwise if you have a laptop or tablet in class you can do all computer work on those. If parents want to contact you at school they should ring the front office and not interrupt you while you are in class.

    I am going to tweet out about this and see if you get any other replies.

  2. Hello, my name is Avery and I sort of agree with you, I think thta kids under the age 12 shouldn’t have iphones. If there is a problem with being picked up at school or something else thats an acception. Usually kids over 12 or middle schoolers have extra ciricualar activities and have to call for being picked after sports and 12 year olds could have a phone just not an iphone.

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