One For The Murphys Heros- By Corinna

In One For The Murphys by Lynda Mullaly there are many main characters that also double as heros. Some heros help people in their town. Other heros might help around the world. In One For The Murphys, most of their heros are in the town. Jack is a local fireman and Mrs. Murphy is a hero in her own way. Even though some people aren’t technically heros, they can be heroic in their own special ways.

For example, Mrs. Murphy could be considered a hero in certain ways. When Carley needed a home, Mrs. Murphy was able to give her one. She cared so much for Carley when she was in such a bad time. When Carley needed a caring and loving family, Mrs. Murphy gave her one. Jack is also a hero. He hasn’t really personally helped the Murphys, but he is a fireman. Firemen help crazy amount of people everyday since he is risking his life for other peoples.

Many people are heroes whether they are being heros for the world, or for small amounts of people. People like Jack Murphy are definitely heros since firemen like him help people all over. They put out fires and help save peoples lives. People like Mrs. Murphy are also kind of heroes since they help people in smaller amounts. She was almost like a hero for Carley and for her family. So people like the Murphys are heroes and other people around the world are too.

Heroes in “One For The Murphys” – Alex

So far in “One For The Murphys” there’s been many different heroes. I have to admit that they are all in important in their own way. I think that the biggest hero is Mrs. Murphy. This is because she was the one wanted to help and take care of a foster child. She was also the one who made Carley feel like she was at home and made her feel more welcome. Without Mrs. Murphy the whole book would have been completely different. Her personality sort of shaped Carley to be who she is now.

Mrs. Murphy might have some experience with foster care and maybe was a foster child herself. It could have even been one of her friends going through foster care and told her about the great experience when she bonded with the child. She probably also heard bad things about other foster parents and wanted to make sure that a kid could have a powerful experience that could change their life. There were many hints that Mrs. Murphy wanted to adopt Carley because she cared about her so much and wanted to make sure she was safe.

I feel that Mrs. Murphy is a very powerful and strong person that can change someone else’s perspective. Maybe she could even help Carley get through her tough time. I predict that maybe Mrs. Murphy will find some common interests or different things that have happened in their lives with Carley. Mrs. Murphy could have even been a foster child herself since she said she understood how Carley was feeling. Overall Mrs. Murphy was a hero in my opinion, she was a powerful, smart, strategic, hardworking leader.

One For The Murphys – Heroes – By Eden G

This book has many characters. If I think about each character, I think they each have something that makes them “special”. Carley had a pretty rough life when she was younger. When Mrs. Murphy decided to take Carley in, it was definitely going to change Carley’s life. If I think about Carley, I would think that Mrs Murphy is her hero. She is a very kind person and continues to help Carley out, even when she doesn’t ask for it. Constantly caring, constantly treating her like her own child, and constantly doing everything she can for her.

Then theres Carley herself. I also think she is a hero. She isn’t a hero for the same reasons as Mrs Murphy, but she has a lot on her plate and continues to get through it. She isn’t a hero like batman or superman. She’s just Carley; but Carley’s life is definitely one I wouldn’t want to have to go through, and is very tough and rough. She might not be the kindest, or sweetest person while getting through her life, but she still finds a way to get through it.

There are also new people in Carley’s life that she is slowly becoming friends with. I think that in some ways they can be heroes as well. Carley is new and being the new kid is never fun. Having people open to talking with Carley is helping her out, even if it takes a bit of time before they are “friends”. I think there is never just one hero, just like theres not just one marvel super hero. If all the “hero’s” come together in one story something great can happen, and that’s exactly what’s happening in One For The Murphys.

One for the Murphys Heroes-Lexi

I think that there are 3 main heroes in the book so far. One is Mrs. Murphy, because she is really helping Carley through this tough time. Another is Toni, because she is accepting Carley and being her friend. The last one is Mr.Murphy, because while it wasn’t much of his doing he showed Carley, that there is no need to be afraid of him.

Mrs.Murphy was a hero to Carley in many ways. She took her into her home from a bad situation and gave her a steady roof to live under. She treated her like Carley had never been treated before and showed her love. Some examples are that she bought her easter presents and, protected her from the police officer. I think that Mrs. Murphy really like Carley and would love to adopt her.

Tori is also a hero in the story. She is Carley only friend right now, and is the only one at school being nice to her. Tori is really helping Carley through this tough time. I hope that if Carley goes back to her mom, she will stay friends with Tori. I also hope that Tori forgives Carley and they become friends again.

The last hero is Mr. Murphy, he showed Carley that not all men will hurt her. Mr.Murphy hasn’t been so nice to Carley throughout the book, but he taught her a lesson. When Mr.Murphy was yelling at Carley for skipping school, she said that she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. While Mr.Murphy didn’t intentionally show Carley this, he still proved it to her. I think that later in the book Carley and Mr.Murphy will become closer.

All of those people are making difference in Carley’s current everyday life. Mrs. Murphy is really nice to her and makes her feel special, Toni is her only friend and her best friend, and Mr. Murphy taught her a valuable lesson. I predict that Carley’s relationship with all of these characters will grow.

Lexi’s Week 5-Activity 3



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The eyes glow in the dark

The fur blends into the white blanket

The pink nose is wet and brushes you

The teeth, like a vampire

The whiskers are usually invisible but on occasion you can see them

The ears twitch when they get touched

The purr makes you pet their soft fur

The cat looks straight at you

And you feel scrutinized

How to write a good comment ( Challenge #2 )

Many people want to share their opinion about what they think about what other people write, but sometimes they just don’t know how to write it. I have some tips and suggestions for people who don’t know how to comment or just want to get better.Tip number one do the compliment sandwich. The compliment sandwich is when you give someone a  compliment, then constructive criticism and then another compliment.Tip number two don’t be afraid to give some constructive criticism. People like to hear what they need to improve on. Tip number three state your opinion, people like to read other peoples opinions. I hope this helped you or taught how to comment on other peoples blogs.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.50.29 PMThis icon was made by Tokyoship

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Choice Post -About my Vacation – By Mira

One thing that I really loved that I did so far in my life is when I went to Africa. This summer in August my grandparents, my mom and dad, my sister and I went to Africa. We went there for my Poppie’s 80th birthday and my dad’s 55th birthday. It was probably the best trip I have ever went of and I will NEVER forget it. In August we left New York to go on an amazing adventure. I have never been out of North or Central America before so this was definitely far away from home.

When we got on the plane our first stop was to Amsterdam for two days and then it was off to Africa. When we got to Amsterdam we got to the place we stayed at and than we started to explore the city. Some places we went to when we were there was we went to the Anne Frank house. It was amazing to go there and see how her and her family lived and what they had to go through. Also I have read so many things about her and to go and see their house and how their lifestyle was it was awesome. Another thing is that we went to the Van Gogh museum and looked at all the beautiful artwork. One thing that really disappointed me was that my favorite painting by him the “Starry Night” and it was not there. Another thing is that Amsterdam was were the movie “ The Fault in our Stars” took place and it was really cool to see some of those places come to life. Something else that you should try if you ever go to Amsterdam is the food. One night we were walking around and we went to this french fry place and it made amazing french fries and dipping sauces. I really loved Amsterdam so much and I hope to go back there soon.

Two days later we left Amsterdam and we were Africa. When we first got there it was night time and the first thing I thought of Was one of my favorite movies the “Li0n King”. It was everything I imagined. Every day when we were there we went to different places almost every night. Most of them were beautiful and it looked like a hotel and I did not imagine it to look like that. When we met our guide who would be touring us through Africa he was really nice and very funny. Already I knew this would be a great trip.

Every day we did a drive in the jeep for a couple or just to look at everything and see the animals. When I first saw the animals all of them were beautiful and looked like nothing I have ever seen before. We saw every animal that you would imagine that would be out there .

On the second day we were on our trip it was my Poppie’s 80th birthday so that night after dinner they brought out a HUGE cake and we all celebrated. It was so much fun. The next day we stayed at a different place and we saw baboons and buffalo right outside our bedrooms. Also when we went to go swimming there were monkeys that came up to the pool and sat down and it was so funny. A few days later we went to the border of Kenya and Tanzania and to see the thousands of wildebeest crossing, unfortunately we saw no wildebeest crossing but we did see a bunch of dead wildebeest.

The next day it was my dad’s birthday so  we had a cake and we sang happy birthday. At the last place we stayed at you could hang out in this center and you could see the animals come up to you. That afternoon something really funny happened. We were sitting and reading and a monkey came down from the branch and took the lime of my mom’s drink out and then the monkey dumped over the glass and started eating to lime and I caught it on video.

Two days later it was time to leave and we were all really sad. We all said it was the best vacation ever and I would never forget it. There are many things I did not write about that I wanted to write but some of those memories will just stay in my thought. I loved this trip and it really brought my family together. I will never forget it!


Scary Story- Ouija By Mira

It’s Regina’s and Christina’s 13th birthday party. They are best friends and it happened to be that their birthdays were on the same day, Halloween! At their party, everyone went to carve pumpkins. Later that night they went inside. Christina asked her mom for a good game the group could play. Her mom gave them a Ouija board. They started to play and all of a sudden everything went wrong.

 Nobody knew what happened. It was all a blur to Christina and Regina. They went to ask their friends what happened but they looked brain washed. That’s when it hit them that a spirit from the Ouija board came and  possessed all their friends. They started to panic. They went upstairs and  found Christina’s mom who was also possessed.

Christina asked Regina, “ What do we do? Everybody we know is possessed and we should have never played that game.”

Regina thought and said, “Wait, let’s go see if we can find any help.”

The police went back to the house after the girls explained what happened. But out of nowhere something came up behind one of the policemen and killed him. Every twenty minutes one of the police would get killed by the spirit. After all the policemen were killed, Christina and Regina went upstairs in hope that all the friends would return back to normal tomorrow.

In the middle of the night Christina woke up to go to the bathroom. She turned around and saw the spirit right there in front of her. When Regina woke up she went to the bathroom to see Christina’s body on the floor. When she turned around she saw a note written on the mirror in Christina’s blood that said, “Don’t worry about me. I will see you again.”


Scary Story – Camp Glendervill – Will

Camp Glendervill

 When we got on the bus, Cole told us a scary story about a clown and a babysitter… It was just Diego, Cole, Bud, and I. Next thing we knew, we were already at Camp Glendervill! The camp was under a cliff with a giant waterfall into a lovely lake. Every different cabin had a different setting. Some cabins were in the forest, some at the top of the cliff, some on the lake, but we were set behind the waterfall in a cave about forty feet in the air.

We were really happy because we had a view of the lake and the rainbows in the waterfall. We settled in and went right to the activities. After a long day of swimming, making new friends, canoeing, and telling stories at the camp fire, we went up to our cabin and made our way to bed

Cole and Bud were fast asleep. Diego was on his phone, and I was lying in bed just thinking about the story Cole had told us. “Dang, there is no reception here”, Diego said.

“I know,” I said. Suddenly we heard an ear piercing noise.

“Did you hear that?” Diego said.

“Yeah,” I said. Then we heard a loud scream from the lake cabin.

“AHHH!” Diego screamed, and jumped into my bed.

Cole and Bud then woke as well, and before you knew it, everyone was in my bunk. We then heard whispers, next thing we knew, Cole fell onto the ground and started talking to himself and crawling to the waterfall.

“Cole,” we all called. No answer. “Cole,” we all said, and then he reappeared into our bed holding a knife. “HI” Cole yelled, and then everything was dark.

Suddenly, we all woke up and Cole was lying dead on the floor. Standing next to him was a giant clown holding a bloody knife.