Chains Post By Zack

Chains is a book about slavery in the 1700’s. The main character is a young girl named Isabel. Her parents were taken from Africa, and made into slaves. Her family was sold from a plantation to a farm. Except her father was sold to a different person. Isabel, her sister Ruth and her mother were sold to a person who treated them well, and even taught Isabel to read! Her mother then died, and shortly after that their master died. This all has happened before the book even started. Isabel’s master freed Isabel and her sister in her will before she died.

At the funeral their former masters nephew says that they belong to him now, and denies the very existence of a will. The lawyer has fled the revolution so Isabel has no proof. Isabel and her sister are then sold to two tories, living in New York City, then a patriot city. She is then sucked up into a world of Patriots and Loyalists, soldiers and spies, freedom and slavery, and a sea of confusion.

This is a very powerful and informative book about slavery and life in a colony during the revolutionary war. This book is happy and sad, as well as confusing, and dangerous risks. This a very good book if you want to learn about history, or if you just enjoy reading a good book. This is my second time reading this book, and I have enjoyed it both times. That says alot about the book. It says that it is enjoyable and re-readable. I really recommend this book to anyone who wants a good book to read.

Part of what makes this book so good is the characters. Their are lot of good interesting characters, like Isabel Ruth and Curzon. These characters make me want to read this book again and again.


Chains By Ella

Blog Post:

In our 7th grade class, we are reading a book called Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. There are many ups and downs in this book and really gets your imagination going. This book is about a slave and being sold, working for a mean master and doing secret things along the way!

Being a slave takes hard work and a large heart. It takes a strong person to be told day after day do this and that. As the story goes on, you met knew characters and they either supported the British or the colonists. Some people lie about who they support or switch sides


Last year, the 6th and 7th graders went on a week sleep away trip at a place called Nature’s Classroom. While we were there, we did an activity about slavery. The counselors and teachers were slave owners and we were the slaves. The classes learned what it was like to be a slave. I remember having to keep my head down, standing in a straight line around my classmates, being sternly talked to about what we were going to do on this “cotton farm”.


They split us into groups and took us to places around the “farm” and to do work. A teacher, another slave, would lead your group and begin the trek to freedom. We hid in houses and were approached by slave hunters and some good people. Sometimes we had to run and other times we had to wait. When we finally made it to “Canada”, everyone was exhausted.


That night, I experienced what it was like to be a slave. The whole time during this activity, I had this exciting feeling inside of me as we were traveling, but when the counselors were talking down to us, I was feeling a little shocked that slaves were treated like this for such a long time. Never could you look up when told not to. Never could you have any taste of freedom or not do the job any lower than perfect.

Slavery was such a horrible thing and went on for such a long time in history. These people might have been one of the strongest people in history. They had to go through so much and were so brave. Sometimes, it is hard for me to really believe the fact that the american people would do such horrible things to their equals, even though they were not in their minds. Even after the war, people did not seem to get the fact that what they were doing was wrong. But the good thing is that people did realize what was right and fought for what they believed in!

– Ella


Chains- Adrienne

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson is a book about Isabel who is a slave during the revolutionary war. The book follows her path in life going through all the twists and turns. Isabel doesn’t have any good luck. None to be more precise. Not only is she a slave, but she’s a slave with a bad master and a sister who was sold. Isabel does have a love interest, Curzon. He is another slave who belongs to a patriot rather than Isabel’s nasty Loyalist masters. They seemed to be quite good friends.

Ruth, Isabel’s sister is long gone. Their master sold Ruth because she sometimes has seizures. Her master thought she was possessed the devil and couldn’t bare the thought of that. It left Isabel devastated. But no one knows what happened to Ruth. I want to know and Isabel probably wants to know. I hope she isn’t dead, but I have my own ideas of what happened to little Ruth.

I’m thinking that Ruth was sent to cut cane, but when her new owners saw her, they thought that she was too small to do work so she became the slave of the female master. Probably the wife of the guy who bought Ruth. No one likes to make beds and wash clothing  but it is much better than being outside in the burning heat doing tiring dangerous work. If Ruth ended up a maid, then she much better off than the other slaves there.

Let us all hope that little Ruth is okay. Isabel doesn’t know so even if she dead, Isabel wouldn’t know. That’s mean so I am going to stick the my original thoughts of Ruth being a maid. How can a six year old even do hard labor or make a bed. No offense to Ruth but she is way too young for this stuff and she barely knows anything. Its pretty bad, so Ruth stay fierce.

Slavery Spoken Word Poem By Ava

What was slavery?

Let’s make a list of why human nature hit rock bottom those years

Well, we decided that lighter colors are cooler than dark colors

We decided that we were better than others

We have shown that we couldn’t see further than our own noses

Apparently we need longer noses to see past them

Maybe if we had longer noses to look down, then they would be long enough to give us a good amount of vision

Enough vision to be able to see in more depth of what our actions uncover

Maybe if we had longer noses, we could lift them high enough to fresher air – air to clear our dusty minds

Maybe if we had longer noses, they would look weird and different, and we could have empathy for those who were beaten and chained just because they looked different

So I guess all we needed back then was longer noses, and everything would have been fair


Superzero – Maddie

There are a lot of things going on in Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich. Reggie has announced in front of everyone that he will run for president but now he is having doubts. He is not sure if he wants to go through with what he said. He has never tried to do anything like running for president before and it is all very new to him. Reggie is the type of kid who sits in the back of the class and gets stuck with the nickname ‘Pukey.’ At the beginning of the book he is like a turtle in his shell. I predict that by the end of the book he will finally come out of his shell and express his thoughts and ideas to his school. In his church group he felt much more comfortable in its safe and non-judgemental environment, so much so that he took on a leadership role. He had a lot of great and inspiring ideas to share. If only Reggie felt comfortable enough to share his thoughts with his classmates there might actually be some good changes happening at his school.


I also predict that in the future more will come of Reggie’s and Ruthie’s relationship. They have been friends for a while and I think as they are growing older Reggie is starting to see Ruthie as more than just a friend. The author cleverly puts little hints in the book that lead me to believe that Reggie might be developing a crush on her.


My last prediction is that Reggie is going to make a positive change in his community. Running for president will only be the start of him coming out of his shell. If he wins, which I predict will happen because he is the protagonist in this book, it will give him the courage he needs to share his wonderful ideas. He is smart and thoughtful and it is a pity that he doesn’t speak up. In the beginning of the book he is a character who sits in his room writing about a fictional superhero who makes positive changes and goes around helping people. Slowly throughout this book the author has developed Reggie’s character. Gradually Reggie has moved away from writing his comics about superheros. I think that by the end of Superzero Reggie will become the Night Man character in his comic and be his own version of a superhero by helping the Olive Branch, which is a community for poor people, and making changes at his school.


Chains – Max

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson is a historical fiction about slavery in the year 1776. The main character is a girl named Isabel whose owner has died and is being sold with her younger sister, Ruth, to new owners.

 Chains shows some of the effects of slavery on people, and creates a story that was most likely very similar to the lives of some of the real slaves back in that time. It shows the process of how people bought the slaves, and the way they are punished, which honestly is completely inhuman.

 Punishments for slaves were not uncommon, and medical knowledge was not as good as it is now, so things like being epileptic were considered the work of the devil. However, even though they weren’t as educated, they still should have known that their slaves were people too and despite appearance there was absolutely no reason for them to be treated the way that they were.

 The book takes place in New York City during the time that it was being attacked by the British. The main character, Isabel was owned by a family who were Tories during this time, meaning that they supported the British and the attack on NYC. Isabel is forced to make decisions about which side to take, and what she is willing to lose for the freedom of her and her loved ones.

A Word On Bullying – Rebecca

I’m going to talk about a subject that is somehow, brought up a lot and yet not in the right places and at the right times, or to the right people. This subject is bullying. Bullying is terrible and leads to something horrible, child suicide. It happens all the time, and every child at one point in their lives, is a bully. Even adults sometimes!

 Bullying is a subject that can be found in many things, movies, like Cyberbully, or books, like the book my class is reading, 8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich. Something as simple as a nickname can ruin a kids life. Reggie, the main character in Superzero, is given the nickname Pukey. From then on, his life is really hard, and he gets bullied all the time. The book is all about trying to forget the names and live on, but lets get to reality.

 It’s hard to forget. You remember it always. It’s not simple enough, you can’t just get over it and start anew. Bullying sticks with you forever, even when you grow up, you remember. Even just calling someone stupid could hurt them. You might not even realize you’re bullying someone. You could bully someone by just ignoring them, laughing at them, or not looking at them. Of course, telling them bad things about themselves, hurting them or being rude to them, is the more intense, more obvious form of bullying.

 How you can help, is just try, try with all your might not to say the mean things, just try to be nice to everyone and accept everyone. Try not to call someone names, and try not to spread rumors about someone. If you see someone being bullied, don’t join in, don’t ignore it. You need to stop it before it gets any worse. You have to stick up for the person you see who is being bullied. Stay with reality when it comes to bullying. Remember the reality, and we can work on stopping it for good.

Superzero: Bullying and Name Calling – Kiki

In the book that we’re reading in our English class, 8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Ruday-Perkovich, there is some name calling which leads to nick-names. The main character, Reggie, puked on the first day of school during 8th grade. He then gets the nick-name Pukey. Another girl got called Acid-Face because she had acne. Nick-names can be fun if they’re funny. Names such as: Kiwi, Becky (if you’re name is Rebecca), Liz. They’re good nick-names because they’re shorter than your actual name and they aren’t mean. Mean nick-names are names like the ones I mentioned above, Pukey and Acid-Face. If the name is going to make someone feel bad, then why make it a nick-name. You shouldn’t just call someone something because of something that happened.

 When people tell you that you’re not cool because of something that you did a long time ago, then don’t believe them. Keep thinking that you are cool in every way that you can be. You have your own special ways of doing things and that’s what everyone is like in the world. People at school can be very mean to you when they call you by a nick-name. If it’s a mean one, just try to tell people to call you by another nick-name. Being made fun of isn’t a fun thing to go through. Having the whole school or grade hate you because of a name, is really annoying.

Don’t let a name define you and who you’re going to be. In 8th Grade Superzero, Reggie is scared to get back up on the stage in front of people when he has to make a speech for the election. He’s scared because he thinks he might have something like puking happen again to him. He doesn’t want to re-live the first day of school. He won’t let his nick-name get to him once he get’s on the stage, so when other people are in this kind of situation, they shouldn’t let it get to them either.

Chains Blog Post 2014 – Aaron S

Chains Blog Post  2014

 There are around 129 million books in the world that you could read. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good. Some of them are textbooks, some of them are history books, some are fiction and many other kinds besides. Sometimes in school you will have to read a book for a class and you won’t always like them. This is sadly an unavoidable fact of going to school, so you should just get used to it.

 My class is currently reading a book called Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is a historical fiction story taking place in New York in the year 1776. Those of you more acquainted with history will know that this time period is right in the middle of the revolutionary period. It follows the story of a young girl named Isabel. Oh, and she’s a slave. She and her sister Ruth are quickly sold to the Locktons, two Loyalists who live in New York City, at the beginning of the book.

 As they adjust to life in New York they are pulled into the fight between the British and the Americans and asked to choose a side. As they struggle to survive in their new surroundings with a war brewing, Isabel only wishes to get her and Ruth home. However, that may be harder than it would appear with everyone choosing sides and putting them in the middle of it.

 This may be a book that I have been forced to read but it honestly isn’t as bad as I expected. I actually would go so far to say that it is pretty good. If you like historical fiction, or even if you don’t, you should pick up this book and read it. It is a good book for anyone, and not only is it well written, it’s informative. So in all seriousness, next time you go to the library or Barnes and Noble, you should read this book. You won’t regret it.

Check out Laurie Halse Andersons website at

Chains – Celia

In school, we combined History and English class. In this combined class, we are reading a book called Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book is written in the perspective of a girl portrayed at what seems like the age of twelve. The girl is named Isabel. The book demonstrates different aspects of a slave that people might not expect from someone like her.

Isabel has to face many challenges that change her perspective on life. She makes many friends and enemies. The first few pages of the book might seem boring when you first read it. Even though it starts out dull the book progresses to a book that can be hard to put down. Chains can present people with different types of emotions. Some parts are happy, some are sad.

This book is good for people of almost any age. It is good for learning about the way people said and did things back in those times. It gives a great example of historical fiction. There is a lot for true facts about the Revolutionary War, slaves, and colonial times. It can be hard at times to pick out facts from fiction but that is what makes the book even more fun. I would recommend this book, it is a great read for many people.