One thing I like to do in my spare time is play around with pictures on photoshop. In case you do not know, photoshop is a photo editing program made by Adobe. It is mostly used for design, but I find a way to have fun with it. With photoshop, there is nothing you can’t do to a picture. There is one specific tool that I find amusing – it is called the “liquify tool.” The liquify tool is used to reshape parts of the picture. It’s a tool that most magazine editors use on models. However, it can also be used to distort faces. I personally find it very amusing distorting the faces of celebrities that I hate. You can use the tool to distort any part of the body you want. Eyes, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, anything displayed on the picture. I find it very fun.


If you want to see a photoshop example, here is the link to a blog post I made showing an example of a photoshopped picture.