Service Learning

At our school on D day we do really fun activities. One of the things we do on  D day is service learning. Service learning is when your go out and you do helpful things to places that are looking for volunteers and that need help on things like gardening, cooking, or servicing. Some of the places we go are slabsides, Vassar, a childrens place where you get to hang out with children, and a senior home. My favorite place was slabsides. Slabsides was built by John Burroughs who was famous for his writings. He wrote about nature in a very creative different way. Our school learned a lot about him. What we did at slabsides was we helped clear the dirt path where people walk to see slabsides. We picked up big sticks and branches and brought them to a pile where they would get taken away by a truck.

When our group finished picking up the leaves it looked really nice. It felt good to know that I was helpful. After we were done we actually went inside slabsides. It was really cool to know that all of it was handmade. It was really nice inside. When you walked through the front door, on your left there was a desk with an enormous dictionary. I have never seen a dictionary that big. On the right side there was a wall. Straight across there was another door. There was also a kitchen, a bed, a really nice fireplace where he heated up things, and there was an upstairs, but we didn’t get to go up there. Service learning day is fun especially when you get to do it with your friends.

Halloween Costumes- Petra

Halloween is coming up soon and I am just ready for it already. I know it is a couple weeks away but it seems so close. I already bought my halloween costume. I’m going to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. The costume is blue with a white apron around the waist. The sleeves are short and see through. The sleeves are kind of scratchy but it’s one night a year you get to dress up as anything you want, I think I can survive. The costume came with black and white checkered tights. It also comes with black and white striped arm gloves and a black headband with a bow. The costume didn’t come with shoes but I have plenty of black shoes that can go with it. I got my costume at PartyCity. There were so many costumes to choose from, it took me almost a half hour to pick my costume out. I just can not wait till halloween. If you have not picked out a costume yet, I suggest PartyCity. They have all the halloween costumes you could imagine. If you get a little snackish there is also a Candy City that has a bunch of candy.