Service – Queens Galley

Service Day’s

I enjoy helping people who need it. I like it because when you get home you know that you did something to help someone or something. I am happy that Poughkeepsie Day School does service learning days so that people can experience what it is like to help people. Anyone can do service activities. One time, I went to Queens Galley, a food kitchen, to help people who do not have enough money for food. Also, my good friend Ava goes to a cat shelter to help around the place. Service does not always mean to go to certain places, it can also mean to be in your neighborhood to help around there too.


Service is great for everyone, not just certain people. I suggest to try going to places, or being around your neighborhood and help out, if you haven’t. The best part is when you get home and know that you have made a huge difference.


Astor Headstart

Head start is a non-profit organization that lets kids whose families don’t have a lot of money to send their kids to preschool. Head start gives the kids there, healthy meals, education, and fun toys to play with. When I went to head start, I had a great time playing with the kids. The first room that I went to was the toddlers room. There were about six little kids, and they loved visitors. Their environment was clean and fun, with lots of toys and things to place with. When we went outside to their mini-playground, I was amazed at how they still had so much energy, running around and around their playhouse. I guess it made sense though, because after their lunch, they flopped down for nap time. Since they were taking a nap, the next room I went to was the three to five year olds. They had a lot of energy too, and by the end of the day, I was so tired. I was also really happy that they had such a good place for kids to play and have fun, especially since the parents didn’t have to pay for it. Head Start is a great place to volunteer and donate, because it’s fun, and you know that the kids are looking up to you and you’re setting an example for them.

Servise Learning

I’m going to be completely honest right now I just don’t think you can teach kindness and compassion in school. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time during service learning, but I think that stuff can’t be taught but has to be learned through early attempts at success. I’m also not saying that what we did was wrong I just say that it’s great that the school was thinking about other people and all, and you’re trying to teach us stuff but again you just can’t teach that. There could have been learning that could help us (the students) to get a job and all that stuff that parents are always saying you need to go to school for. I also know for a fact that not everyone shared my views on how fun it was to help other people and get out of school work for the day. Said people would have probably rathered to put their head in a test for the same amount of time.

Service Learning

At Poughkeepsie Day School we have been doing service projects around different areas in our community. We get into groups and each group goes to a different place to do service. Most schools I know about don’t have something like this, where all the kids in one section of the school go and help out in the community. I think It’s a nice opportunity for us to do things like this.


I like when I’m chosen to go places where you can be with younger children. Places like the Head Start located in Poughkeepsie, or even at my own school. I played with the younger kids and got to know them, and we had lots of fun. We stayed inside sometimes to play with blocks, or put together puzzles. Sometimes we would go outside and play on the playground. We had lots of fun together, and I’m looking forwards to more times where we can do this.

I think it would great if other schools participated in something like this, so all communities could be better. With local programs being helped with service from nearby schools, everything would be much better, and more easily run. Service is great of people to do and is a great help to businesses and communities.

Slabsides By Michael

In West Park, New York, I visited Slabsides this year and I got to touch history. One of the coolest things I saw was John Burrough’s house. The trail to his house needs a lot of work and I helped clear trail to his house. It also needs maintenance work, which costs lots of money. It is open everyday, even holidays. It would help a lot if you could donate some money to help keep John Burrough’s house a nice, clean environment. The trail on Slabsides is breathtaking. Some people go to Slabsides just to relax. If I went there right now, I would feel peace from the nature around you.


Going to Slabsides showed me interesting things that John Burroughs had there. There were some plants there and other stuff in his house. There are some different things in his house that are genius. I could hear and see the things that lived there too. We need this place to survive because people need to know about this place and the animals need to live. Please donate to Slabsides!


While I was at Slabsides, I was assigned to cut down any trees that needed to be trimmed or was blocking the path. The group of people I worked with got to carry wood planks to help the path It was really fun but really tiring. It is worth going there though because there is so much to see and so much to do.


Service learning- Joanna

Every eight days at my school the entire middle school goes out into the community to help different centers and locations that need help with some jobs. When I went to the Community Family Development center (or CFD) in Poughkeepsie, NY, I realized that some families are not as lucky as I am. The kids there were shy, but they were all special. They all had this little fire in them that made themselves unique. When we went outside they wanted to play games and run around with us. They thought that we were awesome and wanted to play with us more before they had to eat lunch and take their nap.


The parents have long work hours, but I ask myself, “What happens with the kids while their parents work?” They still need the love and care that every child needs. CFD offers six different programs: some that are only in the summer, but others that are all year round. They have the normal toddler and the preschool and kindergarten classes that are held all year long. They also have the after and before school program and a summer program for older kids.

CFD is only able to continue to operate by the donations they receive. In order to help more kids to go through the same program and have the same quality of education they need donations to keep them afloat. Please, look in your heart to find space, to donate to help more kids have the same education.

Service Learning- Pulling Vines at Vassar College- Sam H

Pulling vines sounds boring right? Well, that depends the way you think of it. Sure it’s hard work and stuff, and that’s what I did. At Poughkeepsie Day School middle school, every eight days would be a special day where we do a special thing for most of the school days. For three days of those special days, we did Service Learning day where we did helped other people/organisations (community service). One of those days, I helped pull vines at Vassar College.

No one is sure how these vines got there, but they are very foreign, and they are repopulating fast. They have berries on the vines that hold their seeds in them, which pour everywhere very fast. That’s why we pulled them and put them in plastic bags. They were everywhere in this section of the Vassar College campus. It was hard work, but the idea of the good deed was satisfying. I did something nice that week. So as hard as it was, it was worth it.


I feel like this isn’t something that most of the other schools would do (community service on school days), but it is interesting. I’m not a big fan of the idea: ‘Service learning,’ but I take part in it anyway. When I pulled vines it was definitely tiring, but I knew that I made a difference, which was my goal. I did complete my goal that day, making a difference.

Service Learning-Head Start

Head Start is a daycare located in Wingdale. Head Start provides young kids, even infants, the education they need and also gives them a place that can be like their second home. I visited Head Start a couple of weeks ago for service learning, which is when every kid in my middle school goes to a non-profit organization and lends a helping hand.


I remember walking into the classroom and being immediately welcomed by curious and smiling faces of young children. The ages seemed to range from three to five. It was an experience I will never forget. These kids were so unique and they were all intent on learning new things, it made me want to teach them and share what I knew with each and everyone of them. They greeted me with shy smiles and I could see the curiosity and interest that filled their faces. As time went on they warmed up to me and eventually they were grabbing at me, telling me to play here and then there. They took me to a kitchen and fed me plastic cake. They gave me a plastic fork and plate. They showed me their block area where they could stack foam blocks and make them into big castles. I remember one of the little boys who was very quiet and spoke little words asked me in a tiny voice if I would play in the block area with him. He didn’t talk much to me but I could tell he was having the time of his life.


From this experience, I now know that when I grow older I want to work with young kids and maybe even open up a place like Head Start. I want to teach them and watch as they grow older. Head Start opened up my eyes to all of these young children that I want to teach. I left Head Start with a good feeling and I took a lot with me from that experience. Head Start needs your money and time to make the program even better. These kids need a place to go to to learn and make friends. So raise a helping hand by giving a donation to allow Head Start to grow.


Service Learning – Charlie

Once every week our school goes around the area, and does a thing we call Service Learning. Service Learning is where instead of having a normal school day, we spend the day with our peers, doing community service. I have done a number of things for service learning.

For example, I have been to a place called Slabsides where we cleaned up the trails. I have also been to a place called Locust Grove where we raked all the leaves out of the way of this garden. Those two were really fun. I have had many fun experiences with friends doing service learning. Even though you can also do really aggravating things, like spending the day at a daycare, with little kids. It may be hard work, but at the end when your done, it feels great to know what you just did.

One memory I have of service learning I will never forget was when our group went to Slabsides and we cleaned up the trails. It was very beautiful there, especially when we were done and went hiking. The trail we cleaned up and was surrounded by a beautiful lake, and I remember walking up to the top of a hill looking over the lake. It was a sight to be seen, and I think that all the hard work we did, was definitely worth it for that one view. I will never forget it.


Service Learning-Aaron

People’s Place


When Poughkeepsie Day School sent me to work at People’s Place in Poughkeepsie,  I realized something. People are always trying to help no matter what. Even in an indirect way people always try to be kind to others. At People’s Place they take donations of clothes, toys, games, just about anything and look through it, clean it, and sell it at a lower price to people who don’t have a lot of money. And the crazy thing was that we kept on getting donations. As soon as one bag was finished another bag would be added to the pile and the work would begin again. This was fun sometimes but at others it was aggravatingly monotonous. Not only was it tiring and repetitive, it gave me an appreciation of two things.


1. The people who do it day after day. It is a lot of hard work and it is very kind of them to do it. They didn’t have to do all of that work and because they made the conscious decision to help people it gave me a newfound appreciation for volunteers. 2. It showed me how much people care. All day long bags of donations were coming in at all hours. People came in and dropped it of, came in and dropped it off. Bags and bags and bags. It amazed me how much stuff we got and it proved to me how much people want to help even if they can’t help a lot. You can help this organization too. Donate some clothing, or maybe some cash. After all, it’s not for the workers, it’s for the people.