The Skittle Story

One day, I awoke to the scent of skittles. I look up to see a huge skittle standing over me. He grabbed me by the throat and picked me up. I tried to call out, but the strength of the skittle was too much and I passed out. When I woke up, I was in a huge underground cavern with huge glowing skittles growing out of the ceiling, providing light for the otherwise dark cave.

I tried to move my hands, but I couldn’t, and when I looked down, I saw that I was tied to a large post.

I looked around and see a circle of living skittles standing over me, looking down menacingly. One comes towards me holding a mushy looking stick made out of a smooshed skittle. He comes towards me, but before he can do anything, a huge living M&M tackles him. They wrestled around and finally the M&M got hold of the skittle stick, and knocks the skittle out! The other skittles run for their lives. The M&M picked me up and took me out of the cavern to my house again.

Suddenly I wake up in my bed. I guess I never was kidnapped by skittles and saved by M&Ms. Oh well… Wait… Is that a giant skittle standing in my doorway? (dramatic music)

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