Global Read Aloud -Sidney

Our school and other schools around the world are participating in a worldwide event called Global Read Aloud. We are reading a book called Out Of My Mind By: Sharon Draper. Many other schools and our middle school are taking part and doing certain activities like discussing the book and Tweeting with other people around the world.

Out Of My Mind is about a girl named Melody with a certain diseases called C.P. She can’t walk or talk and only has use of her two thumbs. It is about her life and the certain challenges she has to go through to get things done. This book is fiction and only kids from grades 4th-9th grades take part and they can be from any school . It is a happy book but also sad, because the things she accomplishes is just amazing but it stinks because she can’t do what other kids can.

I really had enjoyed the book and I was just amazed at what she had done. I really enjoyed reading it and taking part in this event. It was really cool that we got to interact with other schools in this project and discussing it with our school. It was really fun and I would do it again.

GRAOOM post- Joanna

The Global Read Aloud is about a book that is chosen for kids around the world to read. Only certain chapters are read each week. It lets kids talk to other kids around the world and Tweet with other people. By reading a book together at the same time, kids can work together and think about what it is about.

Our entire middle school is reading Out of my mind by Sharon Draper. It is about a girl named Melody who has Cerebral Palsy or CP for short. She can’t walk or talk or move anything except her thumbs and these are all symptoms of her disease. Melody goes to a school that does not allow students like Melody to do much of anything. They all just did the same thing that they did the year before. That is the way it was until the school starts an inclusion program classes with “normal” kids and Melody is now part of it. Melody makes friends and enemies within the classes she takes part in.

I really like this book, I find that books that are almost real or real are really good and it gives me more ability to connect with the characters. In that way I am able to understand the book better.

Global Read Aloud- Lily

The school I go to and schools all around the world are participating in a worldwide event called Global Read Aloud. Global Read Aloud is when schools from all around the world read one book, do activities and talk and discuss within their school or with other schools around the world. The Global Read Aloud is for kids from grades 4 to 9 from any school.

The book we are reading right now for the Global Read Aloud is Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper. It is a fiction book about a girl named Melody. Melody has a bad case of Cerebral Palsy. She can’t speak or move any part of her body except her thumbs. She is extremely smart but everyone else thinks she is stupid and can’t understand a thing. The book is about Melody and her journey through her life: her school, work, and her learning how to communicate and participate with the rest of the world. It is happy at times sad at others, but altogether it is an extremely emotional book and very well written.


I like the Global Read Aloud activity, and it is fun to be doing the same thing and interacting with schools all over the world. Although I think that the book is too sad to be doing it as a read aloud, I think it is a good book.  I think it is not the best book to be reading because some people may find the emotion too much and I just think we should be reading a happier, different book.


Global Read Aloud -Ali

Our middle school is participating in the Global Read Aloud. That is when a whole bunch of different schools, from all over, read one book. The Global Read Aloud book this year is called Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. It is about a girl named Melody with Cerebral Palsy who can not walk or talk. Melody is extremely smart and intelligent, but she can not find ways to communicate her smarts to other people.

Out Of My Mind is a heartwarming book. With every turn of the page, I am uplifted by the courage of Melody. The author did a great job of explaining each character in detail and giving us the chance to get to know them. With this book, your emotions will be all over the place. You will fall in love with Melody’s character and be drawn in by all of the things that she does.

I love reading Out Of My Mind. I read it this summer as well, but re-reading it gives me a chance to look for things that I may have missed or hadn’t understood the first time. I think that the book is a good book for middle schoolers to be reading, because it gives us a chance to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and feel what it might be like. I think that learning about her disease is important, because it reminds us that not everyone in the world is as fortunate as we are.

GRAOOMM -Michael

In our common time at PDS (Poughkeepsie Day School) we are reading a book called Out Of My Mind. This book is part of the global read aloud. It has its ups and downs but is very detailed and emotional. I hope you can start reading this book and share this adventure with everyone you know. I will now talk about what happens in the early stages of the book. Hope you enjoy!

A girl named Melody has Cerebral Palsy. She has a hard time moving and she can’t talk. Also she gets bullied a lot and she is sad a lot of times. Lots of people that try to help here thinks she is a retard and can’t do anything right when she is doing anything. She starts getting more and more intelligent and then she gets a computer that helps her talk. She starts going to different places and learn different things and becomes smarter and smarter. She then gets too smart and starts seeing that teachers are using her as an example for the tests she takes are too easy. Then she was angry the whole day and starts studying anymore for a team that ask questions. She was not allowed in because she was disabled.


It is a really sad story and I didn’t like it in the first place. I think it teaches people a lot of people different lessons on different people. It is good a global read aloud because everyone will learn something from this because this book actually talks about.



We are reading the book Out of my Mind. It is a book about a girl with physical problems that severely limit her ability to go through life normally. Even though she seems rather empty from the outside, she is actually a very smart girl who simply has no way to show it.

I think that the book Out of my Mind is very good and makes you understand on some level what it is like to be disabled like Melody is. She has a disability called cerebral palsy which means she cannot walk or talk, she can only move her thumbs and sometimes her arms. She learns to live life even with her problems, and she tries to make the best out of what she has.

People bully her all the time but she learns to cope with it. It is a really sad book but it has nice, and funny moments. Even though her disability limits her she can find ways to talk to other people, first with a board with words she could point to, and then a computer that talked for her.

GRAOOM- Charlie

Global Read Aloud:

For the global read aloud, where schools from around the world discuss a book, we are reading a book called Out of My Mind. Out of my Mind is a book about a little disabled girl named Melody. Melody can not walk, or talk. Life like that can be pretty hard, and Melody, is no exception. Even though she is disabled, she finds a way to live when she meets a nice Lady named Mrs. V who is willing to take care of her and help her.

Overall, I thought that the book was good, however, very depressing. The book showed some aspects of life that are unimaginable. Although, it also has some parts that are heartwarming, and sweet.

Out Of My Mind- Sam H

I think that the book Out of My Mind is a wonderful book showing us the perspective of a girl who is different than most children. Out of my Mind  by Sharon Draper, is about a girl with a disease where her mind works, but her body doesn’t, so it is a depressing book, but it’s written very nicely. I think that this isn’t usually my type of book, because I enjoy something with action, but the author did a great job keeping the readers attracted on the book.

Melody, the main character, is a very nice girl but is trapped inside her body. So the story tells us all about her disease, and her life. As depressing as it is, her story gets better and better. She finds a device that talks for her, makes friends, proves how smart she is and more! The author has a depressing aspect to the book, yet a dramatic and happiness extension.

My idea of the book is that it is showing that if you are a healthy kid, you are just lucky. This book told my about the unlucky children, having more problems to deal with than normal kids. I would definitely reread this book, because of the intense detail and how it is so un-uneventful. I love this book.

The reason why our school is reading this book, is because we are taking part in a Global Read Aloud project. The Global Read Aloud project is when all school around the world, read a amount of chapters of a book, assigned per week. I find this very cool, because we get to collaborate and share our thoughts of the book with other schools, using skype, twitter, todaysmeet and more!


Our whole middle school is participating in a Global Read Aloud. A Global Read Aloud is basically a global book group where you can connect with kids from different countries. It is a great way to meet people from other places through Skype calls and twitter. Our last Skype call was with a school in Canada. We collaborated and discussed book group questions and topics. Each week we get assigned a couple of chapters to read.


The book we were chosen to read is called Out Of My Mind. I find it to be an intriguingly crafted story through the perspective of a girl, named Melody, suffering from Cerebral Palsy. It is sad to see her struggle as she tries to catch up with the kids in her school and communicate with other people. She can’t move or talk, but that doesn’t mean she has nothing to say. She has a lot on her mind that she wishes to speak, but she is refrained from due to her disease. The book follows Melody through her adventures. This book opened my eyes a lot. I didn’t know how to act around people who have Cerebral Palsy, but as I read this I learn that Melody should be treated as you would treat anyone else. She only wants to fit in.

Global Read Aloud Out Of My Mind-Aaron



Out Of My Mind by Shanon M. Draper is an amazing book that touches the heart of anyone who reads it. It is told by a character named Melody Brooks who has Cerebral Palsy. The condition paralyzes her so that the only thing she can move correctly is her thumbs. She has never spoken a word. Even worse than that, Melody is a genius who remembers every word she ever hears. She also has synesthesia (sin-es-thee-zee-ah) which is a special condition that makes you see or hear or smell or taste stuff when you use a difference sense. For instance, Melody tastes lemons and sees yellow whenever she hears country music. The thing Melody wants to do the most is to talk. Imagine what it would be like to be trapped in your own skin, never able to tell your family you love them, or joke around with a friend, or even answer a question in class. It must be awful.

This book is extremely well written and covers a large swath of Melody’s life. It starts with her as a baby. She remembers everything, even being taken home from the hospital. It then progresses to her childhood and tells about her neighbor Mrs. Violet Valencia, and the trouble she went through. It talks about how she goes to school and how all of the teachers in the special kids classroom learn almost nothing. There is even a teacher that goes so far as to teach them the alphabet every day up until February when she quit. It talks about the other students in her class and her friend Rose who is a normal student. But once again, imagine yourself in her place. Imagine not being able to ever speak ever. You’d certainly go Out Of Your Mind.